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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother, thats why its word of Allah swt. As a general rule important events/concepts are atleast mentioned twice in Quran. So that in case at one place if we understand incorrectly then the other place should correct and explain us. And thats why Quran also dont need any tafsir to explain its basic rules and concepts except only in some rare cases.
  2. Firstly, this is not like your copy paste stuff. I have just shared the relevant part not the entire sermons. My own comments are also included with many questions. But again you are able to answer any one properly. Secondly, its not hypocrisy. I clearly said in one of my previous post that many sermons are authentic and many are not. Here I am just showing the reality of the book you claim to follow and love to read. If you consider the overall contents of this book then most part of it do not support twelver shiism in general, in fact refute it badly. My post is just a teaser of it. Brother instead of answering my post in a academic way you are here behaving like a typical shia who when truth is revealed to him start attacking others by accusing them of being hypocrite or nawasib etc. Whats there in the above link apart from a quranic verse. And the hadith which brother is referring to proves nothing. Such words are not in the other mutawatur similar ahadith. Moreover, compare that hadith to reality. Read my post on nahjul balagha. And use your brain. Job of Imam is to guide people not to misguide by doing taqqiyah or hiding the truth. And yet those who did not accept him will go to hell-fire. what a justice. This is shia logic. No one is being blamed for devoiding ummah. They are shias who believe like this. i.e after prophet saww all turned to disbelief except seven. Is this not the insult of prophet saww. That after his struggle of 23 years only a few remained on truth after him. How can others be held responsible when the Imam himself did not declared his imamah. What kind of logic is that. Brother dont play insult and blame game all the time. When you have nothing significant to say then dont even reply and waste my time. Sermon 3 is well established, because you are saying. So no need to show any proof. See my proofs for the same. This is called a proof. You are nothing but a muqqalid of al-islam.org. Yet shia claim we dont have any sahih book/website. I think you havnt read my post properly. Let me show you again the high points from my post which is full of unanswered valid questions. Nahjul balagha is not only about sermon 3 (which is itself weak in terms of ilm rijal). Consider the book in totality and then see how many sermons support shia beliefs (without twisting their words and using conjectures etc) and how many do not. A small trailer is shown above. Its upto the readers to decide who is biased, ignorant, using insult/blame card and following mere conjectures/theories/double standards etc and who is using and following proofs without being unjust and dishonest. Everything is pretty clear on this thread. Read and think properly before posting anything. And dont play insult and blame card all the time.
  3. This is all you have to say in response to my post where I showed the side of nahjul balagha which badly refutes false shia beliefs. Its not only about proofs of ghadir from nahjul balagha but about how Imam Ali a.s understood from this event. Its very shocking to know that there is no any sermon on ghadir in the entire book of 200+ sermons. And this shows that how much there is difference between beliefs of shias and beliefs of Imam Ali a.s.
  4. There is a big difference between saying he should have became the caliph or he had the more right to caliphate and saying he was divinely appointed by Prophet saww himself in front of all at ghadir. To believe one you have to reject the other. What you believe now after reading my long post? And what Imam Ali a.s had believed for himself?
  5. Exactly ego issues. They all believe truth is only with us. Thats why they dont even listen/read to others stuff properly. And whenever they listen/read they listen only in order to refute them. This is not at all a waseela. But I dont understand how people can fall in this tactic of iblees. While there are hundreds of clear verses on this issue of not invoke others than Allah in the form of dua. Word wasela has been used only twice in Quran. But sadly people doing this are giving only importance to 5:35 and are totaly ignoring the other place 17:57. Those whom they invoke seek means of access (waseela) to their Lord, [striving as to] which of them would be nearest, and they hope for His mercy and fear His punishment. Indeed, the punishment of your Lord is ever feared. It means waseela is something else for which Allah swt is talking about in 5:35. Otherwise He would have not tauted them by saying those to whom you invoke besides Me, themselves seek means of access to their Lord. Many people accept one part of Quran but not the other. May be thats why they fall into the trap of iblees.
  6. So it means Ahlulbayt also used to recieve revelations from Allah swt on their own apart from the inherited knowledge from Prophet saww. Because the inherited knowledge is not only limited to ahlebayt. The job of the prophet is to deliver the message to everyone. Hadith books of ahlul sunnah are full of such knowledge which is directly narrated from prophet saww. Read book Dalail Nabuwah of Imam Bayhaqi which contains thousands of prophecies from prophet saww as narrated by thousands of different companions. Source of the knowledge which was revealed to prophet saww is not only limited to ahlebayt, who according to shia concept also used to do taqqiyah. Thus so many reports from them are false due to just taqqiyah and many others are false due to other reasons related to rijal science and matching with the Quran criteria etc. And in the end we have few authentic reports from ahlebayt. Thats why about 3/4 ot Kitab Al-Kafi is weak/unreliable. Apply the same to other shia hadith books. And thats the major difference between ahle tashayyu and ahlul sunnah. And its due to such reasons some people claimed divinity for ahlebayt but interestingly not for prophet saww himself. No one ever said our prophet is god. According to ahle tashayyu: Out of 73 units of the Greatest Name of Allah ahlebayt possess 72 units. Only 1 is missing. This is how much there is difference between the knowledge of Allah and ahlebayt. Not a big difference. According to ahlul sunnah: Knowledge of Allah swt is absolute and beyond limits, no one can even think about its depth. Forget about knowledge of Allah, no one can even match with the knowledge of prophets given to them by Allah via revelation. Prophet saww himself said, It was narrated that Ibn 'Abbas said: "The Prophet (ﷺ) drew back the curtain when the people were in rows behind Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, and said: 'O people, there is nothing left of the features of Prophethood except a good dream that a Muslim sees or is seen by others for him.' Then he said: 'Verily, I have been forbidden from reciting the Qur'an when bowing or prostrating. As for bowing, glorify the Lord therein, and as for prostration, strive hard in supplication for it is more deserving of a response.'" Sunan an-Nasa'i 1045 Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "A good dream (that comes true) of a righteous man is one of forty-six parts of prophetism." Sahih al-Bukhari 6983
  7. Same to you brother. It was you who started this blame game, and I just answered your copy paste via a simple link. The sunni scholars have also insulted the imams from the progeny of the prophet saww. Anything on above question except copy paste. Before pointing out on others first have a look at your own actions.
  8. Assalam o Alaikum brother, I saw your following post in another thread where you have emphasized on using our own mind. So brother why not you are doing the same in this matter. Just look at the following verses (forget about what tafsir say) and use your brain. And tell em are'nt both are similar. Infact 48:2 is more clear in meaning than 33:33. Therefore if 33:33 proves infallibility then why not 48:2. Either both or none of them. Moreover 33:33 is just a part of verse unlike 48:2 and is continuation of verses from 29-34.
  9. Well said. Epic line. Content is important not the title or who is saying this. Same is the problem with many sunnis like brelvi sufis who also do not accept the truth about tawassul and istighasah since its coming from salafis. This reminds me of following verse. Rum 31-32 [Adhere to it], turning in repentance to Him, and fear Him and establish prayer and do not be of those who associate others with Allah [Or] of those who have divided their religion and become sects, every faction rejoicing in what it has.
  10. Such defense is because many ghullat beliefs are now part of fundamental belifs of shias. Like asking Imams for help, infallibility, divine messages, additon in adhan etc. Shia Allama Mamqani wrote in Tanqihul Maqal (Volume 1, Page 334): قال المامقاني في تنقيح المقال ج1 ص334 : قد نبهنا غير مرة على أن رمي القدماء سيما القميين منهم ، الرجل بالغلو لا يعتنى به ، لإن الاعتقاد بجملة مما هو الآن من ضروريات المذهب ، كان معدوداً عندهم من الغلو ، ألا ترى عدهم نفي السهو عن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله والأئمة عليهم السلام غلواً ، مع أن من لم ينفي السهو عنهم اليوم لا يعد مؤمناً ، ولقد أجاد الفاضل الحائري حيث قال : رمي القميين بالغلو وإخراجهم من قم لا يدل على ضعف أصلاً ، فإن أجل علمائنا وأوثقهم غالٍ على زعمهم ، ولو وجدوه في قم لأخرجوه منها لا محالة We have warned more than once that an accusation from the classical scholars, especially of the ones from Qum, of a man (hadith narrator) being ghali should not be taken into consideration. This is because overall what is considered among the fundamentals of the religion these days was considered Ghuluw by them. Do not you see that they counted denial of the belief that the Prophet (pbuh) and the Imams (as) can forget as Ghuluw, even though one who does not deny that they (as) may forget would not be considered a momin (believer) these days. And Ayatullah Fadhil al Haeri excellently put it, where he said: “Accusation by the classical scholars of Qum, of hadith narrators being ghali and their exiling them from Qum (on charges of ghulu) does not prove in principle their da’f (weakness/unreliability). For indeed, most of our scholars and their most trustworthy ones would have been considered ghali by them, and if they had found them in Qum then they would have definitely exiled them from it inevitably.” Scholars should take the responsibilty and disown themselves from such acts/people and try to correct them from all platforms tv channels, newspapers, website etc. But I think currently they are also under taqqiyah. Because some scholars had raised voices against such acts in the past but were all killed by those extreme shias.
  11. Brother those who are writing letters to Imam are praying and asking him directly, not to Allah. Then he will pray to Allah directly for you. You pray to him then he will pray to Allah for you. This also shows they believe Imam in living under that well thats why they are putting letters to it, hpoing that they will reach to our Imam. Read only books from Al-islam.org. Brother is it not like saying follow al-islam.org blindly and dont read books from other websites. WHY? Is everything that al-islam.org says is true and correct? And whatever others say are wrong?
  12. Its very easy to verify such things, you just need to do a little research without being biased. 1. Its persian Isfahan since the same hadith gives a hint i.e they will be weraing persian shawls. And we know that Isfahan in famous in wolrd for its artwork like shawls, rugs, wall art etc. Isfahan golden era started during the shia safavid danysty. More on Isfahan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isfahan 2. This is how jews feel at city of Isfahan http://edition.cnn.com/2015/03/11/middleeast/iran-jews-esfahan/index.html 3. Hadith is from sahih muslim, so it should be authentic. 4. Many scholars are ahlul sunnah are from persia, whose books are spreading faith all over the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Persian_Sunni_Muslim_scholars_of_Islam
  13. Imam Ali Reza a.s have big objection. Source: Bihar-ul-Anwar vol-25/343. http://dlia.ir/kotob/arabic/531/beharo_al_anvar_025/index.html Prayer of Imam Ali reza a.s Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim. O Allah, verily, i disassociate myself before you from the strength and power. There is no strength and power except with you. O Allah, verily, i seek refuge in you and disaasociate myself before you from those who claim for us what is not true for us. O Allah, verily i disassociate myself before you from those who say regarding us what we have not said about ourselves. O Allah, to you belong the creation and from you is the provision. You do we worship and from You we do seek help. O Allah, You are our creator and the creator of our first fathers and our last fathers. O Allah, lordship is not suitable except with you. and Divinity befits non except for You. O Allah, verily we are your slaves and sons of your slaves. We have no power over ourselves in respect of benefit or harm, nor death, life or resurrection. O Allah, whoever claims that we are lords, then we are free from him, whoever claims that to us is the power of creation and providing sustenance, then we are free from him. We are free from him like Issa is free from the christians. O Allah, we have never called them to what they claim, so do not take us into account fro what they say and forgive us for they claim. My Lord do not leave upon the earth from them an inhabitant, indeed if you leave them they will mislead your servants and not beget except wicked one and disbeliever.
  14. You are right brother. Such things have ruined the shia image all over the world. Whether someone like it or not and whether someone practise it or not, this is how the world sees shias in general. And if you search shia muslims on google you will find this https://www.google.com/search?q=shia+muslim&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwic45XBxODUAhUDT48KHdlaAXAQ_AUIBigB&biw=1366&bih=632#tbm=isch&q=shia+muslims Many shia scholars are also responsible for this. They are the backbone of such people who practise and defend such beliefs.
  15. This is called online waseela. No need to personally go to shrine and to spent hundreds of dollars just call and talk to Imam on hotline for you needs. Such practises are disgust for shias. But unfortunately many tv channels are involved in this and are providing this service to people all over the world. Brother following video is of Karbala satelite channel, who is also doing the same. In fact much better than what you shared. Watch this, how dangerous this waseela concept has become.
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