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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamualaikum brother MashAllah thanks for sharing this Hadith i hope and pray that everyone who wants martyrdom in the way of Allah SWT should get it. (:
  2. that is not true my dear brother we never had any problems with sunnis they had and if someone has readed about 1920 revoultion in iraq shia fight against British army and won over them and handed the goverment to the sunni goverment so we dont have any problem with them and we are not secterian people we only hate enemies of Prophet Muhammad SAWW and Ahlulbayt As and all muslim should do it i think so.
  3. same people who is against bashar al assad used to like Saddam and didnt condem him after he killed 100.000 Shias innoncent Shias so why condem bashar he dont kill sunni even if he is killing isis it doesnt mean he kills sunnis hahahah so funny do the sunni think they are isis or what ?.
  4. dont be surprised dear brothers and sisters sunni is always like that if they had knowledge they would never believe in banu ummaya tyrants they will always say to shias negative even if Shia helps them die for them or whatever they has secterianism from the day they get born i think they get brainwashed so easily im shocked in 2017 people get brainswashed but i think they want to be brainwashed as well they choose to be brainwashed so easliy which is very stupid thing i think and assad is fighting the terrorists so how come is he the pharao of our time and etc saudi is much worse then any country in world but no sunni condem them i can only say that basshar al assad should not give up otherwise Syria would be like Afghanistan us dominated country us want to take over Syria please all people wake up cant u see the reality or u dont want to see the reality what a artifical world we are living in so sad to see the world be like that.
  5. good point brother but many hindus claim to be lover of Imam Hussain AS who are called brahmins Hussaini they say their hindu leader wanted to help Imam Hussain AS therefore they visit him
  6. why not every one has right to call upon a helper not only muslims even christians hindus jews and other also its nothing bad with it brother i only mean to say that its ok to say Ya ALi MAdad all ulema allowes it they know better then us we are not scholars (:
  7. all Ulemas allows to say Ya Ali Madad AS its nothing shirk in it Imam Ali As is waseela and only Allah do the help but Prophets of Allah is waseela and Imams is also waseela only wahabi has problem with Ya Ali Madad even sunni say Ya Ali Madad even hindus in India says it Imam Ali AS is one of the most closest to Almighty Allah and he is the on of the best Waseela for help (:
  8. finally trump has shown real face of America which was hiding for many thousands years they are killing and murdering innocent people day and night and no one make voice what kind of world are we living in when will we stand up against this agression of usa and israel and saudi arabia they are killing innoncent children in Islamic countries especially please Muslims wake up they was saying that bashar is doing all this but now its clear who is doing it America and israel and saudi wahabi salafi people idiots people and terrorist people and bashar al assad is good who are not sell himself to America like Gaddafi and Saddam and edorgan turkish prime minister all Muslims should protest this agression of usa trump has finally exposed America real face finally thanks to him they are the terrorists and murderers and makers of daesh al qaeeda and Taliban and Osama etc company of idiots may Allah Swt protect every one from american terrorists dont be fooled by media dear brother and sisters please wake up from illuson and fairytale type of world artificial world make this world a better place its up to us we can do it if get united and stop fighting with eachother that what enemy wants from us that we fight with eachother and their job get easier to invades our countries Allah Hoo Akbar death to America death to israel curse upon the zionists and victory for Islam (:
  9. Asalamualaikum Hassan bro its actually my friend who need it so he was wondering if its any spesific dua but if its not so its no problem he can pray any Dua thanks for your help bro may Allah bless you (:
  10. asalamualaikum brother and sisters first thing is only Allah SWT knows when qiyamah/judgment day comes we can not predicted only he knows the date of judgement day we can only see what is happening to this world then its looks close that arrivals of our Imam Mahdi AJ is near but we cant say the date because only Allah Swt knows but what is happening in Syria yemen Bahrain all Islamic countries its looks like we are in real danger we must stick to our religion and not be decieved by media and this artificial world stick to your religion which is Islam the best and most pure religion on earth but what is happening in Syria it can be start to sufyani emergence which is very dangerous i pray to Allah to protect us from dajjal fitna and sufyani fitna and bashar al assad has not be defeated by salafi extremist yet so it difficult to predict of sufyani right now but if he fails to fight the terrorists then it can be time of emergence of sufyani LA and we must unite worldwide to fight this fitna otherwise if we keep fighting the enemy will succseed not we i advice all my brother and sister to unite worldwide every street to every city unity is very important if we fails then we will be in the army of dajjal not our Imam Sahib Zaman AJ so keep your eyes open everyone its very dangerous time we are living in keep fight your nafs every day and night which is the greatest of Jihad and when we have controled our nafs then its time for battle in army of Imam Mahdi AJ InshAllah pray for eachother all momineen out there not for ourself but pray for all mazlomeen in world even if he is christian our belongs to any other sect in Islam its important that we do pray and do Dua for eachother in this decieving world may Allah bless u all and give u long life and good health (:
  11. its not bad thing which is happening to good people its only test of real believer how he succseed in his test is up to him and in the end he will be in paradise but not who done bad things to the good people they will be in hellfire forever we must think what happened in battle of Karbala what happened to Imam Hussain AS so we our bad times is not compared to what happened in Karbala we must think like that every time any bad thing happened to us
  12. main Shia ulema i mean who are the real marjjah in Shia Muslims and the most popular one also i meant like Ayatollah Sistani and Ayatollah Khamenei
  13. its very tragic what happened in syria yesterday but u cant blame bashar al assad he is fighting the terrorist the terrorist who have done it not assad i dont know why people dont understand media propaganda we are living in 2017 please wake up brother and sisters they are targeting assad because he is alawite if he was sunni or wahabi no one would have target him just like when saddam was ruling no sunni stood against him they used to like him and even worship him as a idol for their country and now the same people are targeting assad just because he is alawite and they have no proof against him just lies against him i think he is doing a great job not to go to his knees before america and israel and saudi arabia he is fighting the oppressors and no one should blame him for what happening in syria when so many countries are there just to destroy syria but they have not succseeded yet. its only fitna i can not more then that what media is telling is always lie and lie media is zionist puppets and america is paying them heavliy to tell people lie and lies and people trust media more then anything which is very sad and unfortuanate i pray to Allah that all wakes up from this fairyland type of world we are living in which is decieving us day and night and we have been slave of the crap system of this artifical world
  14. @Hassan- salaam Hassan bro can u please give me which Dua i can recite if u know which of them should i recite ? (:
  15. darwin was a mad man who had nothing to do in life therefore he decided to make this phatetic theory hahahaa and people who believe in him is more mad then darwin itself hahaha
  16. Asalamulaikum i think not only the time of 2nd caliph after that banu ummayya and banu abbasid also spread their so called Islam which is not the true Islam they forced people and killed them just like christian from greece did and jews also did the same and hindus but my point here is if the Islam of Prophet Muhammad and his pure Family (Saww) Islam was spread all over the world. then the world would have been better place to live they upsured the caliphate from family of Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessing be upon him and his pure Family and now Muslims is in bad state of because of banu umayya and banu abbasid many Muslims dont know what Islam is its mean they are forced by banu umayya and salahuddin type of people who was tyrant and used the name of Islam and actually they do it because of their hatred towards Islam they never actually converted to Islam just they had no option and they wanted caliphate and money and they were biggest tyrants of their time and u see now difference between real Islam and fake Islam Iran Is real Islam and saudi is jewish/zionists agents please Muslims wake up and find the truth which is the school and religion of Prophet Muhammad and Ahlulbayt may blessing of Allah be upon them All (:
  17. why have all been brainwashed from media they are telling lie about him just because usa wants to invade syria like they did in afghanistan and iraq media is the most liars on earth they have the power to make good people bad and bad people good malcolm x said this about media and sunnis is hypocrites when saddam and gaddafi was ruling they had no problem they killed over millions of civilians and then they said nothing to them just because they were sunnis/wahabis so why have problem with bashar al assad who is fighting for his country and defending his country he is a real man not like saddam and gaddafi who hides under walls hahaha i find it funny if bashar al assad is fighting isis and america and israel how is he bad and corrupt and tyrant please wake up brother and sisters and stay away from fake media and listen to your Marjiyyah they is the best people on earth right now who are trying day and night to do a world better place to live in dont be fooled like others because media is biggest liar on earth who are hiding the truth
  18. darwin theory is pathetic how can he say we was monkey before is it normal or what he makes this thoery only to take people away from religion and Allah SWT
  19. i need a dua for a friend whos family have not peace at home because they dont follow teachings of Islam is it any Dua which can be recited to do a some of family members religious i need it quickly if someone has ? (:
  20. Shia unity is most important because we have many enemies worldwide recently people hates even more then before therefore we must unite under the banner of marjiyyah and think 1000 times before we do a action or a anything in life because enemies has eyes over us every day and night we dont realise it wake up brother and sisters before its to late.
  21. i find it strange that banu ummayya will never loose their hateful against our Islam even in the end times on of the lineage of curse abu sufyan named sufyani will come to fight against Islam banu ummayya is such a curse on earth for real Momineen and they never actually converted to Islam just for their own benefits they converted and now Muslim all over the world is suffering because of banu umayya nawasib
  22. Asalamulaikum brother and sisters dajjal is a system not a man or human he is a system which is in control right now in face of america because dajjal will be in the world for forty days one day like a year one day like a month and one day like a week when he was here when a day was like a year uk/england was world power and now when a day is like a month america is world power and when a day will be like a week then israel will be next world power and the remaining 37 days in his life he will live that like our days and misguide all people everywhere please wake up brother and sisters before its to late israel is the next dajjal of our time which is not far away that what i think Allah knows best stay blessed everyone (:
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