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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yes i know but it is my wish to see wilayat e faqih too grow just dont stay in only one country (:
  2. so its therefore our sunni brother praise him so much because he didnt like Shias and was a nawasib so now i understand why they glorify such a murderer
  3. nothing is impossible brother when Imam E Zamana AJ comes then we will have a such system that people wants justice system my brother (:
  4. bro i dont want to fight with u u are my shia brother but please dont talk such against Ayatollah Khamenei HA he is a great leader if someone claims to be his follower and doing bad things so its not his fault so please brother such u r talking it will create a bad image of Shias that they hate eachother so please dont do it (:
  5. are u mad or what talk with respect u brainwashed Yasser al Habib supporter u and wahabi are from same bloodline
  6. i would love to see wilayat e faqih worldwide its the best system in world just some people dont understand it but its only for knowledegeable people this system (:
  7. Salaam everyone i wanted to say to my sunni brother and sisters that please stop glorifying fake heroes like khalid ibn walid Muhammad ibn Qasim and salahuddin ayyubi they were mass murderer and they killed sadaat which was family of Prophet Muhammad Saww and you like this type of guys very sad to see that they is seen as heroes in Islamic world whitout doing anything for Islam rather for themself they did and killed so many innoncent people wherever they finded them forced people to convert to their wahabi ideology therefore not many Muslims knows about Islam because they get forced to fake version of Islam which is not Shia JAfariya real path of Islam and they killed also who believed in Ahlulbayt AS so please stop glorfiying this type of murderer i request to u all sunni brother and sisters listen to what i say and research before u make anyone hero of Islam
  8. thanks for answers but i wanted to ask why no Shia ulema talks much about him i never heard of him but i heard about other sufi saints from Shia ulema ? (:
  9. Salaam my sunni brothers and sisters i want to give you advice that will help you get your image clean maybe please stay away from wahabi fitna which is inside your mosque and acting like a sunni please stay away from them openly condem them and dont let them trick you in their deviant belief and you will loose your akhirah and dunya both if u believe in them i know many wahabis who claims to be sunni and is spreading their deviant belief in your mosques so have your own identie like Shias who dont let anyone change their beliefs because Shia is the truth path of Islam. so please listen to what i say and do what im saying it will help your future and will save your aqeedah from deviant beliefs like ibn taimyyah (LA).
  10. Salaam everyone i was wondering about hazrat lal shabaz qalandar ra what the shia ulema thinks of him because they hardly talk about him they talk about rumi and many other sufi saints but not him so please tell me if u know anything regarding that?
  11. Salaam everyone media is all lie brother and sisters and i wanted to tell that stay away from this fake media your brain will get tired and u will be sick if u listen to this crap media and we should try to give viewership to real media like press tv and other aswell islamic channels and donate to it also and bbc and cnn are liars biggest liars and many Muslims has been brainwashed by media and that is not good stay away from this type of media and try to follow Islam in best possible way and dont let any fitna reach you because we are living in danger time now and we must realise it and please listen to what i say u will succseed and dont see movies Hollywood Bollywood or any other movies only Islamic Movies because Hollywood and Bollywood is all crap and lies and let you live in illision and your mind will get stuck in films and u will forget about real things in this world which is preparing for hereafter and. and dont listen to songs as well only listen to manqabat noha naat hamd nothing more please im your brother and please try to understand i want your best therefore i say to u that dont get decieved by media and this artifical world u will regret if u do that may Allah Swt bless u all. (:
  12. Prophet Muhammad SAWW never liked her its was his trial that he married Aisha and Quran e Kareem condemed Aisha in many verses and so its not possible that Prophet liked a women who waged war against Imam Ali AS and attacked Imam Hassan AS Burial and didnt let him buried beside Prophet Muhammad SAWW.
  13. Salaam brother the Quran says the people who lefts Prophet burial is out of Islam it means kharijee he has become so how can 3 kharijee be caliph of Muslims i want to ask my sunni brothers about it thanks for taking this topic up may Allah bless u brother (:
  14. Im afraid she is beginning to be atheist brother please try to guide her on best possible way before she really get misguided by this cruel world i will pray for ur family brother (:
  15. we are not weak brother we are the strongest minority on earth and always has been and we dont bow down to tyranny but if someone bomb us it doesnt mean we are weak it means they are scared of us becuase we are one haq truth and they are weak and coward who are so many but scared we are not scared of anyone except Allah SWt and we bow down to Allah only we are very strong all know that but we are minority but much stronger than majority InshAllah when Imam Mahdi AS Arrives u will know our real strenght brother so wait and be patience Allah Swt is with us IsnhAllah (:
  16. Allah Hoo Akbar Allah Swt can do anything surely he is the greatest of all most merciful I love Allah Swt. and the people who dont believe that Imam Mahdi AJ is alive dont have 100% believe in Allah SWt i must say becuase Allah can do anything and Imam is in Ghaibat e kubra may Allah makes us in his Army InshAllah
  17. al ghina is haraam other then that all music is allowed as per Ayatollah al udhma Ali Khamenei (HA)
  18. salaam brother it is because they use muslim leader and then throw them in hell believe me i never understood why muslim leader are afraid of western leaders because they have money but we have Allah Swt if we follow Islam properly they have murdered more people then any other leaders bush Obama and now trump is killing millions of Muslim per year but no one say anything to them its hypocrisi of this world so sad that media only show Muslim leader the culprit and not their own leaders who r much worse then any people in this world but our Muslim leader is fools i think who trust this western bloody mass murderers Saddam was for sure very bad man he killed many innoncent people for sure i cant defend our leaders also because they sell their soul to usa so they must pay for it and assad is good leader he dont kill any innoncent people only media is against him every one in Syria likes him.
  19. salaam brother it is not allowed to listen to such music so if u siblings hear so go to your room and stay there all ulema has given verdict that such music is haraam and if someone listen its not u who get gunnah/sin its your siblings.
  20. assad is fighting isis and America is doing chemical bombs in Syria to have a reason to invade Syria and just like they did in Iraq for sake of oil assad is doin the right thing not to bow down to us israel and saudi zionists and media is showing only lies against assad he is a great person almost everyone in Syria loves assad his father was also good man who didnt bow down to us and israel and saudi therefore media hates him and same people who condem assad used to like Saddam and Gaddafi because they belong to their sect or religion.
  21. becuase they support falsehood and if they show it on media then will all their attack against Islam fail which they have done for years and media always show bad image of Islam if they show Arbaeen then will their plan go down because media is lie nothing more then that
  22. agree with you brother but i think Shias in Pakistan should unite against this tyranic and oppressing goverment in Pakistan and fight for their right if we dont do it they will attack us more and more Pakistan has up to 50 million Shias imagine if they get united and fight against this oppressing system in Pakistan they will surely succseed InshAllah (:
  23. brother please watch the arrivals it will change you its shows the reality of this artifical world. (:
  24. Asalaamualaikum brother keep it up with your hard work and try to stay away from matrealism in this world try to focus on religion most u can pray to Allah make dua to him that your dunya and akhirah get good (:
  25. ahmedinejad is one of the best leaders of our time such a simple man i love him very much may Allah give him long life and good health (:
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