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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. they were not allowed brother they upsured it and took over when Ahlulbayts AS was busy with burying Prophet Muhammad Saww
  2. Salaam brothers its not good to make picture of Prophet Saww And Imam AS i think its bad we have never seen and their face is beyond our imagination therefore its not good to make picture of them and when iran makes Islamic movies no Ulema allows to show any charachter play Prophet Muhammad Saww or Imam Ali As and other Holy Person as well.
  3. question is that she was so corrupt when she was 9 years only thats not possible i dont believe it she is more then 9 years so fake abu hurairah hadiths showing that our Prophet Muhammad Saww was 50 years and aisha was 9 years only. thats only lies fake stories about our Prophet Saww i dont believe it
  4. bro i agree with u i meant banu umayya and banu abbasids not all bro
  5. one of the greatest women in world Mother of All Momineen Bibi Fatima SA was indeed a great women how he supported Imam Ali As in difficult times and she had greatest lineages no one can match her in this world or hereafter
  6. all 3 caliph in Islamic History is false they just took over and many loyal companions Sahaba of Prophet Muhammad Saww did not gave bayah too this 3 mafia gangsters and Hazrat Bilal RA was forced to leave the country and go to Syria after Prophet Muhammad Saww so who las loyal to Prophet Muhammad Saww was loyal to His Ahlulbayt AS
  7. Imam Ali As is not afraid of anyone expect Allah Swt brother
  8. why not do permanent nikah when u have option for that brother
  9. i think many sunnis even dont know who Hazrat Salman Farsi (AS) is and Hazrat Miqdad (RA) and many other loyals companions of Prophet Muhammad Saww are so its useless to give proof and you guys never believe when we give you proof.
  10. overall abu bakr and omar and uthman never deserved the caliphate because they dont have any impact on Islam whatsoever they did was for themself and not for Islam and secondly there was many other companions of Prophet Muhammad Saww who done so much for Islam why didnt they get caliphate like Hazrat Salman Farsi (RA) Hazrat Miqdad (RA) and Hazrat Ammar ibn Yasir (RA) you guys only sticks to 3 companions when Prophet had more companions then 3 so its time to find the truth which is in your books brother but u dont want to believe in anything.
  11. brother u have not given any reference or proof either that he was there and not in saqifah to decide about caliphate
  12. how will i know brother do u know about his illness? i was not there so how can i know but abu bakr asked ayesha many times about how they buried Prophet Saww and if he was there he would not have asked her so many times about number of garments its what i believe and but your scholars says even that he was not there and was in saqifah to decide about caliphate brother
  13. brother i dont ignore but i find it no point to give proof because u guys will never believe so its no point
  14. agree brother u dont need any other speakers when u have your own very great speakers and scholars who are not just knowledgable but follow Islam properly and path of Prophet Muhammad Saww and His Pure Family Ahlulbayt AS
  15. and what about Islamic wars where was Uthman omar abu bakr in Islamic major wars please tell me brother?
  16. Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani and Allamah Badruddin al-Aini records: لأنه لم يحضر ذلك لاشتغاله بأمر البيعة ‘He (Abu Bakar) didn’t attend (the funeral) because he was busy with Baya’
  17. Abu Bakr inquired about the number of garments in which the Prophet was buried in. What did he not know this himself? This proves that he did not partake in the burial rites of Rasulullah (s). One should point out that during that time there was no concept of coffins, you would be buried in a simple shroud and thereafter lowered in to a grave. If Abu Bakr was indeed present at the burial he would have known for certain the type of shroud in which Rasulullah (s) was buried. Hads he participated in the funeral itself this reality would have been there before his very eyes. He would not need to ask if he had partaken in the shrouding process. Of course Ibn al Hashimi seeks to explain his absence from the washing rites…
  18. Narrated Hisham's father: Aisha said, "I went to Abu Bakr (during his fatal illness) and he asked me, 'In how many garments was the Prophet shrouded?' She replied, 'In three Sahuliya pieces of white cloth of cotton, and there was neither a shirt nor a turban among them.' Abu Bakr further asked her, 'On which day did the Prophet die?' She replied, 'He died on Monday.' He asked, 'What is today?' She replied, 'Today is Monday.' He added, 'I hope I shall die sometime between this morning and tonight.' Then he looked at a garment that he was wearing during his illness and it had some stains of saffron. Then he said, 'Wash this garment of mine and add two more garments and shroud me in them.' I said, 'This is worn out.' He said, 'A living person has more right to wear new clothes than a dead one; the shroud is only for the body's pus.' He did not die till it was the night of Tuesday and was buried before the morning." Sahih Bukhari Volume 2, Book 23, Number 469 here is the proof brother and u guys never belive even someone gives proof but u insist so here u go
  19. Salaam brothers please ignore such type of people they are liars fasiq and munafiq and have no knowledge about Islam forget Shia Islam and if they are so sure that their aqeedah is so true so why they talk about us even i dont understand this type of mentality are they scared that we are spreading or what and we can also make such fake videos but we dont do it because its not good to lie
  20. i challenge you to show me where was omar abu bakr and Uthman in funreal of Prophet Muhammad Saww and who lefts Prophet Muhammad Saww in difficult times is ofcourse a khwarij and kafir and mushrik and fasiq and traitor and they run away from badr uhud khandaq and khaybar war also so do they deserve to be caliph its my question to u my dear brother?
  21. a fitting death to who killed Family members of Prophet Muhammad Saww and he thought he had won but that was not the case because Imam Hussain AS will always remain in this dunya and hereafter and yazid is a abuse and cursed in this world and next
  22. is Quran not a proof brother no proof is bigger than the Quran
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