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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. btw i dont understand this caliphate system of yours it meaningless and how can u just make anyone caliph and your comments show your hatred towards Ahlulbayt As so finally you guys admit that you dont believe in Ahlulbayt As
  2. so eloquent speaker that he had no manners to talk with Prophet Muhammad Saww he talked with him bad manners which the Quran forbid to talk like that with Prophet Muhammad Saww Quran say dont raise your voice above Prophet Muhammad Saww and abu bakr did
  3. house and caliphate is two different things brother and i believe in Imamat and you can have your caliphate brother good luck
  4. Salaam everyone i have a question to sunni brother that why was omar ibn khattab nominated caliph at 2 number why not number 1 when they say that if it is was Prophet after Prophet Muhammad Saww naozobillah it would be omar ibn khattab then why are he not caliph at number 1 and why is he second caliph was he not more superior then abu bakr in their views?
  5. maybe brother im not sure but he was Shia of Imam Ali As so i don think she liked him much
  6. brother muwaiyah killed him i think and aisha i think get happy because she didnt like him and he never supported her so i dont think aisha get sad on his Martyrdom but Imam Ali As cried for him when he get Martyred by munafiqeen
  7. yes true brother they use Haramayn Sharifayn names to brainwash Muslims worldwide which they always lie about and i dont understand why people understand saudi arabia so much have they not their own brain to use
  8. and secondly we believe in Imamat so you guys can believe in caliphate system Imam Ali As will always be superior to abu bakr omar Usman no matter what you guys say and caliphate system of yours is joke because it looks like that anyone can be caliph in your Islam and you guys dont care who be the caliph no qualification for caliph system in your views. and you guys have fake hadith that if it was Prophet after Prophet Muhammad Saww it would be omar ibn khattab so why did abu bakr not let omar be caliph first and he second number because in your eyes omar was more important and superior so it only hypocryisi of you guys if omar was so important that he would have been Prophet Naozobillah then he should have been first caliph and not on second place it means you guys create fake hadiths which has no authenitci and abu hurairah was known for making fake hadiths in his times people said to him in his face that you lie because you get money from omar abu bakr and uthman and muawiayah etc types of people.
  9. finally brother you answered my question thats true that Allah Swt wanted to test people same here when abu bakr took caliphate he wanted to test people who they want as a leader Imam Ali As or abu bakr and who choosed Imam Ali As is called Shias and who think or never think on that matter is called sunnis/wahabis because you guys never listened to what Prophet Muhammad Saww said on ghadir e khum he said Whoever im master to Ali As is Also master of and it means he openly announce the succsesor of him but saqifah meeting didnt let it happen it was test of Imam Ali As patience therefore he didnt do anything to abu bakr and company and how many years Imam Ali As had patience double so many years will Allah Swt give punishment to who did wrong to Imam Ali As so Imam Ali As did very right thing to have patience and have trust only on Allah Swt if he had took over abu bakr then you guys would have said he wanted power u guys will always critisize Imam Ali As which is very surprising for me you guys dont believe in him actually u guys only says that we believe in him and no matter what he did you guys opposed it till now.
  10. Salaam everyone saudi arab is coward country they never attack iran maybe with help of israel and usa they do but they are most coward country in world and in yemen they are getting very difficult time there against the houthis they cant never beat Iran maybe in dreams
  11. why did Allah swt let pharaoh live so many years and rule didnt Allah Swt know pharaoh naozobillah what are you trying to say Imam Ali As was patience Man he didnt want power he wanted Allah Swt and did get him and abu bakr and omar and uthman was after power nothing else what did they do for Islam tell mee please brother? its funny how you guys defend their bad actions and how pharao challenged Allah Swt every day and every night why did Allah swt not destroy him quick as possible why did Allah Swt let him rule for so many years so if Imam Ali As did not do anything it must be a reason
  12. Quran says that pray like when you get born and how you die and its obivious that we born with open hands and when we dies then we also have open hands and Prophet Muhammad Saww prayed with open hands and Shias also prays liked him
  13. it is allowed brother but it is up to you which movie you do if its Islamic movies or movie with really good messages then its not problem as long you stay in your limits which Islam has taught us
  14. Salaam brother what do u mean by what have they done they have sacrificed their whole life for sake of Ahlulbayt AS what more can they do they are human as well and they always defend holy shrines when needed and always work for Shia sunni unity and Hassan Nasrallah sacrificed his own son who was 18 years what more can a normal human being do and when u write ayatollahs name no matter who they are please dont name them please say Ayatollah Khamenei not Khamenei brother and ofcourse iran always helps people who are in trouble and if it was not revoulotion in iran Shias would have been much worse state then now so thank Ayatollah Khomeini for bringing revoultion in Iran
  15. abu bakr was absent from burial because he was worldly desired man and didnt care about Prophet Muhammad Saww and even forced Hazrat Bilal RA to leave the country because he didnt gave bayah to him and secondly he was in saqifah to take over and he did and all sunni scholars admit that he was in saqifah to decided about his caliphate which he didnt deserved and why Imam Ali As didnt do anything was because he was Imam of Muslim Ummah and secondly he didnt have worldy desire like abu bakr and if he had done something to abu bakr then now majority of Muslim ummah would have said that he wanted power and that was not Imam Ali As who did thing like that and who done wrong to him then will surely burn in hell forever InshAllah
  16. i hope it get fixed quick as possible InshAllah
  17. Salaam brother in their dream is he a ordinary person abu bakr omar uthman if they get 1000 lives also they can never match Amir ul Momineen AS and their fake hadith collected by abu hurairah who wants to believe in them expect ignorant and illiterate people so let them say what ever they want i dont care brother but they have no answer on what they did with Ahlulbayt AS and try only to hide it
  18. brother agree with u we have hawza and proper system to qualify as a scholar not just like who wants to be in mimbar can come and say whatever they want to say and talk like they own Islam and has no knowledge about Islamic history and talk only rubbish and lies to public but strange thing is that sunni population dont say anything to people like zakir naik Bilal phillips and many more
  19. Salaam everyone my question is when abu bakr was caliph no one waged war against him and when omar was caliph no one waged war against omar and when uthman was caliph no one waged war against him and if it had happen our sunni brother would have said that they are kafir and kharijee and when Imam Ali AS was caliph all started to wage war against him why is that please answer that battle of jamal and battle of siffin did happen when Imam Ali As was caliph and who did it is regarded by our sunni brother even calls them one of most important figure of Islam which is strange and i want to say one thing is that who waged war against Imam Ali As is definielty kafir and kharijee and munafiq because its Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Saww that Ali As is with truth and truth is with Ali As and Ali AS is with Quran and Quran is with Imam Ali As so who waged war against him actually waged war against truth haq and Quran e Pak i know our sunni brothers will find many fake answers for my questions and even defend what happened there so its strange that so much hatred against Imam Ali As is truly strange for me how can u have hatred for man like Imam Ali As who is regarded as a one of the best man in Islam
  20. yes brother he does it he says Shia is deviant beliefs i heard video of him talking against us and he has no knowledge he can only talk in English therefore they think he is knowledagble which is very strange he has no knowledge about Islam
  21. Salaam brother america is not any power its only joke they get defeated everywhere where they start war iraq Afghanistan and now Syria they has no power power is only Allah Swt no one other
  22. brother i have not insulted sunnis and not trying to make anyone laugh im talking the truth only.
  23. where did Prophet Muhammad Saww said that after me abu bakr is caliph or omar or uthman he never said in fake hadith books of yours even which abu hurairah used to lie in sahih al bukhari one of most false hadith books collection of abu hurairah.
  24. and secondly is that Ahlulbayt AS was not after power or anything like that they didnt care for such things and when they is Imam of All Momineen so why should they go and kill abu bakr and omar and uthman to take over caliphate and if they did you guys now would have said that he was after power but he was not he is Wali of Allah swt and does what Allah orders him to do and abu bakr and omar and uthman was after power and money only nothing else
  25. Salaam brothers Bilal phillips is a mad man who has no knowledge and he is a nawasib enemy of Ahlulbayt AS and who said to him that Prophet Muhammad Saww did not mourn for Hazrat Hamza AS he did it and Ahlulbayts AS also did it so he is not aalim i think all should ignore such foolish people just he can speak english so people thinks he is knowledgable man but he is not.
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