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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. its foolish to doubt on faith of Family of Abu Talib As its 100% sure that his all sons were Muslims they sacrificed for Islam and always worked for Islam
  2. Salaam brothers i agree with sindabad05 brother that its not right way to dawah go onto street and make of fun of Islam its totally wrong Prophet Muhammad Saww and Ahlulbayt As never did like that and spread Islam like that its their Ahlaaq which spreaded Islam and the salafis/sunnis who does dawah only embarrese Muslims by doing this and they have hatred against Ahlulbayt As what are they doing dawah for then they say to non Muslims that Shias are bad and kafirs is this way to do dawah to spread hatred against other sects.
  3. how can we trust abu hurairah whos father name is unknown and many says he was fantasy man and didnt exist and if he did he used to lie only and why should we trust him when we have Ahlulbayt As who are without a doubt trustworthy and he used to make fake hadiths which dont even match with Quran so its not possible to believe in such man father of cats
  4. i want a proper discussion with you come on you can ask everything and i can also ask everything if you want brother :)?
  5. i know everything about yours fake hadith brother and our hadith is authentic not like yours i think you should get good proof that abu bakr deserved caliphate but u dont have any proof so you are blaming Imam Ali As that why he didnt do anything and no Shia in world calls sunni kafirs its you people who call Shia sufi and more people kafirs because you guys believe in najd saudi arabian scholars wahabi people only brainwash people and make hatred for another people in their heart
  6. who said that we say to sunnis that they are kafirs we dont say such things its you guys who label Shia as kafirs whitout reason even you believe that abu bakr was caliph we dont call you kafir and Imam Ali As never called anyone for kafir you dont know anything about him because your connection with their enemies has let you astray brother you dont know status of Ahlulbayt As you cant dream about how much their status is brother they are one of most important figures of Islam. but you guys say that if someone dont believe in abu bakr omar uthman are kafirs we dont say kafir to you guys.
  7. why are u lying brother if he didnt have told anyone so why are Muslims splitted right now its because Shias supported him in his difficult times and we always tell everyone that its was his rights not any other but you cant prove abu bakr caliphate so you are targeting Imam Ali As just to make excuses for abu bakr and companies caliphates which is very strange u guys like yazid we like Prophet grandson Imam Hussain As u guys never mourn for him we do you guys never talk about Ahlulbayt As we do because its important to tell non muslims about family of Prophet Muhammad Saww which u do not do.
  8. brother you are right it hurts when we are labelled as kafir without a reason but this is the difference between us and them we have knowledge they have not our ulema never labeled any other for kafir but their so called big ulemas labels others kafirs its looks like they own Islam but Islam is for all Muslims not for an spesific sect or one community. no one owns Islam and who thinks like that should leave Islam. because Islam is peaceful religion all are welcome in this beautiful religion of Allah Swt
  9. brother you cant force anyone its probhited in Islam and no matter what you will always believe that abu bakr is caliph no matter how much proof you get u havent given me any reference that Prophet Muhammad Saww said that after me abu bakr is caliph? and i said to you that if Prophet Muhammad Saww said that omar is Prophet after me naozobillah so why was he caliph at second number why not first you guys will always defend wrong people i have seen in history u guys believe in people who has done nothing for Islam only world materialistic people you guys like for you power and money matters only and who was attached to Imam Ali As never got astray but who left him is for sure kafirs and munafiq.
  10. proof is everywhere but u dont want to see it i think. its many narration from Prophet Muhammad Saww about Imam Mahdi Aj you must study the Quran properly and Hadith then you will InshAllah find it.
  11. honour killing is not part of our religion rather its a cultural thing so who does it cant say they do in the name of Islam rather they do it for their backward culture.
  12. May Allah Swt hasten reapparrence of our Imam Mahdi our beloved Imam AJ InshAllah
  13. Salaam brother no matter where you live its test upon us from Allah Swt and we must deal with it and conuqer it InshAllah may Allah Swt give us strong Imaan and we must overcome any shaytan in this world and fight with our souls no matter where we live
  14. it has already started brother but this time its differenet no one will realise it because it has already started its on human mind and different war this time and they will lead almost every person astray which is worse war then WW2 and any other war because human mind are affecting nowadays
  15. Salaam everyone i wanted to say that sunnis say how can any Imam be hidden in occoulation so many years it means they dont believe in Allah Swt my question them is that how can ashaab e khaaf sleep so many years how can Hazrat Nooh As be in this world 900 years how and how can Hazrat Younis As live in big fish for so many years how can they say such things do they not trust Allah Swt and his miracles he can do whatever he wants. and its not so big deal if Imam Mahdi Aj is living in occoulation so many years its one of miracle and signs of Allah Swt if someone really believe in Allah Swt they will surely trust it but who dont trust him 100% will say how is it possible. Ajal Allah Farajan Imam of our time we need him so much we cant imagine pray for his reapparence brother and sisters
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