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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. waalaykum asalam, Reach out to Allah(swt) and read this duaa for them....inshAllah Allah(swt) will shower his mercy and place peace between them. http://www.duas.org/sajjadiya/s24.htm
  2. Salaaam, A few things.... First & Foremost Allah (swt) is Master of all that is big & small..... 1. Allah (swt) 3aQuli Shaian Qadeer.....(has power over all things) He (swt) can give you whatever you desire; you just need to ask. Many people think your requirements are impossible?! With patience, pray & most of all FAITH IN Allah (SWT) it is more than possible. 2. You must change your belief system. 3. Consider the source when receiving advice from people. 4. Always pray; every moment you have pray to Allah (swt) with the intention of wanting a successful marriage & most of all FisabAllah. It is our duty that we create good marriages and children. 5. Allah (swt) created you with a unique mind, personality, etc...he will only match you with someone of common attributes. He(swt) created things in pairs. 6. Have faith, have faith and never stop having faith in your Creater (swt) ----He (swt) has the power to give you whatever you desire! May He(swt) bless you with what you desire and keep you on the straight path......
  3. LabbakAllah Huma Labbak....

  4. Salaam, In my most sincere and humble ways I ask you to be patient, analyze the situation ,and understand that Allah (swt) puts every person in different situations for many reasons. We all live our lives with different kinds of trials. I can tell you that I have read many times by credible hadith and tafseer that Allah (swt) tells us He (swt) will test his Believers over and over again. The answer to our problems is Supplication, Supplication, and more Supplication. Allah (swt) wants us to always be in His (swt) need. He (swt) must be the first we seek for help, advice, and answers. Please refer to www.duas.org there is specific duaa for relationsip with parents. You must start believing and then having faith in Allah (swt) by speaking with Him (swt) who created you and is in control of this situation ultimately! I can go through and ask you specifics and we can sit here for hours to discuss to point fingers, but as much as we describe our living situations--homes are so private it is hard to paint the picture. I understand from the bottom of my heart and pray for you. I can also tell you that one of the greatest tests is with that of a spouse or parent, b/c like you said it is not easy to just walk out. Your reward will be great and InshAllah you will connect with Allah(swt) through this difficult time maybe leading you to understand Him(swt) more. This may be the outcome of his Wisdom (Hikmah) and Decree!
  5. Very True. There is a Barakah from the Rain .....the Gates of Heaven are open and it is one of the best times to Pray to Allah (swt). Are you eating Turkey Today ;) Gobble Gobble. Barakah means Blessing.
  6. False I'm a Bully....LOL just kidding Never Been Bullied. You spend most of your day on shiachat?
  7. Very True. I am REALLY hard on Myself. What do you look forward to in the upcoming year?
  8. In duaa Kumayl we are asking Allah (swt) to keep away all sins and specifically ones' that hold back supplication--- "Allahumma-gfir liyad'-d'unoobil-latee tah'bisud duaa" b/c there are conditions in which help our duaa reach Allah (swt).... For example, the amount of Khushu in our duaa, sincerity, and also if we are facing the direction towards mecca when doing duaa (which is highly recommended).... We must understand that if we are committing sin, ultimately we are stearing in a 'wrong path' and that takes away from the 'right path' like a tug-of-war.... So the more good the easier the path of transmission!! May Allah (swt) guide you InshAllah........
  9. wasalaam, This is indeed a sad story and very interesting. I have much to say about this situation, but have little time right now. I will get back to you, as my perspective is very similiar. Allah Kareem. -msunforgettable
  10. Agree with Zareen!!! When we do things the "Right" way Good Things come out of this, when we do things the wrong way bad things result.
  11. Bismillah, "I have only ever had 2 serious proposals in my time, the second one I accepted. Someone told me that's not many and perhaps I should wait and see who else comes along. But when you meet someone who you KNOW is perfect for you, why would you want to do that? Having that attittude is how NOT to get married. I would probably have ended up single and regretful if I had rejected my husband, no one would have come along that suited me as well as him. I am 100% sure of that. Lightening doesn't strike twice as they say. If you meet someone that interests you, carry on the acquaintence until you can make a firm decision" Wow MashAllah...this is an amazing response! Agree 100%. This is very true. When you have a special connection with someone it only comes once in a lifetime. Many other circumstances may come in the way, but that may not be reason to 'shop around'. It's the same thing as an example of a person shopping for something in the store. You cannot risk losing that precious item you longed for to try to find it some where else. Some people search there whole life to meet a (soulmate). In the case of a disconnect between someone you liked before, if they are still available they may consider you depending on their feelings for you. If you two truly had a deep connection, it will always exist. You just need to be sincere in your approach. You only live once; cease the moments!! "....verily there are signs for those who reflect" ws -msunforgettable
  12. Salaams, I agree with the fact that good marriages are easy to spot these days. And if he is unsure he is better off waiting until there is certainty in his decisions. That is were bad marriages began--when couples delve into a marriage not %100 sure of each other. It is so unfortunate in today's society the perception of marriage is so negative, many cringe at the thought and prefer not to even think about committing. Reality is marriage is a one-way ticket-no turning back!! Especially for the true believing muslims --May Allah (swt) grant them all the best Amen! -msunforgettable
  13. Salaams, Great responses. AjarkumAllah First & Foremost a connection with Allah (swt) needs to be increased to the highest degree; your belief system will ultimately change. Allah (swt) is the granter of all that is big or small. We can pray for anything that is in our hearts legitimate and sincere with pure intentions. I have to say praying Salatul Layl has changed my entire spiritual perspective. It is the answer to a special connection to Allah (swt) Lord of the Worlds. Supplication in general on a daily basis keeps us close to the Allah (swt); Never give up in feeling like Allah (swt) is not answering your prayer. There is a hadith that states : Allah (swt) delays the wishes of his PATIENT servant b/c he loves to hear the call of HIS PATIENT,SINCERE, servants. My supplication always begin with blessings to the Prophet (as). We must understand that Allah (swt) knows best, He (swt) answers our prayers in 3 different ways: 1. Grants your wishes. 2. Delays for it may not be good for you. 3. Or does not grant your wish for he leaves something better for you in the Akhira. To answer your original question: Yes I have prayed for far-fetched (extremely ideal wishes) & SubhanAllah thru a believers weapons of supplication & tears Allah (swt) not only answered my prayers, but he answered them EXACTLY the way I had asked for them SUBHANALLAH! Be Sincere in Love and Devotion to Allah (swt) MUKHLISAN as did our Ahlul Bayt (as); our role models and you will be drowning in love for Allah (swt) And only then will you believe in all that is seen and unseen. This will strenghthen your Iman and never let you lose hope in Allah (swt) power to give his servants for what they desire... Keep Praying Always remember : Allah (swt) knows Best :) -AbedAllah
  14. Salaam, The best way to connect with the Prophets or Imams (as) is to recite their Ziyaraa... Most people that see such things in their dreams are of highest rank (makqoom) in the dunia (ie. imams, scholars) & most of all *true believers* that are nearest to Allah (swt) through sincere devotion & worship.... It is said that when these leaders (as) are seen in a dream they have truly come to speak a message to you & you have witnessed their presence in reality... The main point here is to build a sprititual connection with Allah (swt) & his messengers (as)...thru many duaa & deep contemplation
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