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  1. W.Salaam, I believe that culture will become a thing of the past for the majority of people as they become incorporated into an increasingly Westernised world. But those 'hang out' with their cultural brethren, they will maintain a visage of their heritage, but they may become confused with how their culture interacts with the western world (i.e. their European friends or their American friends etc) and the role it plays in their lives. They will try to have the best of both worlds by holding on to their favourite parts of their culture alongside western culture. It will depend heavily on how much they decide to delve into their own heritage and history, because without such knowledge it will be hard for them to feel a connection to their own culture. Hope that answers some of your question.
  2. As-Salaam Aleykum, 1) Taqlid is wajib. It is wajib because we as the average Muslim do not know all the rules and regulations, jurisprudence and requirements that Allah has of us. 2) I'm not sure about if you will go to hell or whatever. InShaAllah someone more enlightened that myself will clarify. 3) You simply find someone who is a Marja and see their opinion on certain topics. The stricter, the better because you are less likely to stray from the path of righteousness. You find the most knowledgeable Marja and follow his rulings. But remember, their rulings are not divine law. It is their interpretation of the laws left behind by the Prophet (PBUHAHF) and his blessed Progeny (SAWAWS).
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