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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. where you disappeared to sister?
  2. I request anyone i have wronged in any way, by my words or otherwise, to please forgive me.
  3. This is from iqraonline, brother ibn al hussain [shia chat user who goes to the islamic seminaries/formally studies at them]: http://www.iqraonline.net/category/muslim-blogger/hadith-sciences/ It is one of the best websites , clear, academic and you might want to give that link a try when you have time, inshAllah.
  4. Just a word on Kitab Al Kafi, Al Kulayni often gathered ahadith and pre-filtered them, so you have many hadiths within each section/sub-section corroborating each other to an extent on a paticular issue. Some of the chains are saheeh, some may be hasan others muwathaq, and some weak, however, where a matn [content of the hadith] is something we can verify through reliable roots, even if other hadith are weak, they have in a sense already been corroborated. Al Kafi is generally 'saheeh' in content, although we still need to examine each and every narration individually - and we do not accept /act on all that is contained in it.
  5. Those ahadith are Qa'ims translations, and while i do believe i read somewhere he uses Alama Majlisi's gradings, i am not going to say something i am not certain about, so best to double check that. In summary, we have many scholars who have graded many of our ahadith works. I've only given you Alama Majlisi's.
  6. I know the agony of wanting to find something that is normally always there, but seems to vanish when you most want it. May Allah help you find it, ilahiameen. I hope the appointment also goes well. Keep us posted.
  7. Walaykumsalam, We shia's have our own , very developed, very advanced system of Ilm Al Rijal - where we examine each and every narrator and various reports about them. In fact, we have multiple shia scholars - past and present who have gone through the entire Al Kafi and have graded each and every hadith. For Al Kafi, if you can understand Arabic, there is Alama Majlisi's Mirat al Uqul, grading each and every hadith in Al Kafi: http://gadir.free.fr/Ar/Ehlibeyt/kutub2/Mirat_ul_Ukul/index.htm Brother Qa'im has also translated and graded the reliable traditions from Volume 1 of Al Kafi: http://www.imamiyya.com/hadith/usul-kafi
  8. Thank the one who took his time to translate and compile these, may Allah reward him and give him the ability to continue.
  9. @Qa'im @Islamic Salvation Any idea's how you would refute the above claims?
  10. Credit to Q'aim for these:http://www.imamiyya.com/hadith/qiyam قيام القائم The Rise of the Qa’im ظهورالمهدي في روايات معتبرة The Appearance of the Mahdi in Established Narrations قائم إبن محمد Compiled By: Qa’im b. Mohamad 1. Preliminaries2. Recognition of the Imam3. The Birth of the Imam4. The Imam in the Qur'an5. Fiqh Regarding the Imam 6. Ambassadors of the Imam7. The Qa'im, the Prophets, and the Righteous 8. The Occultation of the Imam9. The Sufyani10. The Uprising of the Imam11. The Imam's Companions
  11. i search but never find hurt but never try but im cursed so never mind
  12. It's about status, looks, body, etc. the guy has to have a good personality too.
  13. Let me translate: 1. Not overly sensitive and can handle her emotions 2. Can make them feel 'cared' and 'safe' 3. Empathetic 4. Smells good 5. Builty, good looking, taller than her by atleast 5 inches 6. $$
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