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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ya so tonight is the 15th of shaban and tomorrow is the day for the 15th of shaban
  2. There is 2 types of wahabies 1. An open minded sincere one who wants to learn and is open to hearing various opinions. 2. A fasiq or a munafiq who is a complete idiot and will end up becoming a suicide bomber or in jail or is just a complete loser You fall under the second category because you have been refuted about 695 times the last time I checked and there is no hope for you, my refutation of you is that I am praying you get banned and will try to convince the mods to do so. If we were in an islamic state I would try to convince the authorities to put you in jail or in a mental hospital. Anyways there is no hope for you so from now on I am not even going to reply to you.
  3. well isnt Allah also known as Malik and Malikis called themselves by that and nobody says that they abuse the names or attributes of Allah so that argument is invalid.
  4. Here is a good book on introduction to Irfan https://www.al-islam.org/printpdf/book/export/html/23052
  5. Majority of sunnis are sufi and the issue is that they are too selfish to care about anybody else but themselves and they are kind of cowards.
  6. I just copied and pasted it from his page
  7. Of course never look for fights and try to avoid them if you can. Even if I know I could knock somebody out I would still call the police for help.
  8. Also I heard if one hasn't memorized these surahs than its permissible to read it out of the quran but it must be in arabic no english translations
  9. Sorry I should have shared this yesterday but I got this from Ayatullah Bahjats fb. This should have been started last night but if anybody is a real shia and practices zuhd than do this 13th of Sha'aban (1438) Ayyaam-E-Beez 13th, 14th and 15th of Rajab, Shaa’-baan and Ramzan are know as “Ayyaam-e-Beez” (the days of surpassing splendour). Imam Jafar bin Muhammad As Saadiq (A.S.) had said: Who so prays during the nights of “Ayyam Bayz”, in fact, stands at the door of superabundant favours, bounties and benefits available in these months. (2) It is highly desirable to observe fast on 13, 14 and 15, have a bath each day, and give alms in the way of Allah. (3) In the night of “Ayyam Bayz” pray a 12 Rak-a’t Namaz as under (i) In the night of the 13th pray 2 Rak-a’t: In each Rak-a’t recite Soorah Al Faatih’ah, Soorah Al Yaa Seen, and Soorah Al Mulk. (ii) In the night of the 14th pray 4 Rak-a’t: in 2 sets of 2 2 Rak-a’t, each exactly as (i), (iii) In the night of the 15th pray 6 Rak-a’t: in 3 sets of 2 of 2 Rak-a’t, each exactly as (i),
  10. hahahaahahahah lol bechara maybe he is ignorant
  11. how to be a man: be able to knock out any guy or at least most guys have knowledge of islam and be able to read the Quran with proper tajwid Have knowledge of politics and jihad have book smarts and street smarts gets all the pretty girls respects elders and has the elders respect them lol did I miss anything?
  12. This is true but than they praise munafiqs such as abu bakr, umar, aisha, uthman and all those shayateen.
  13. stuff like that its weird sufis can be extremely annoying and either their weak intellectually or they act annoying on purpose, I am trying to figure that out lol
  14. still a sunni scholar who is not ignorant of shiasim and knows its proofs but stays a sunni obviously has some problems in their intentions or something
  15. Like I said the woman in the bay area are not good muslims lol I was married and the lady turned out to be a wahabi thug. Unfortunately there is barely any shias here so I dont know what islandmirrors was talking about how there are good shias, I would love to know where.
  16. I dont really have any proofs its judge based on reading the body language and emotions of some sunni scholars. It sees almost as if some of them agree with shias and know that shiaism is correct but act like munafiqs. Basically I guess what I am saying is that they might be shia but like undercover or something. Maybe their scared of khawarij or something.
  17. Is it just me or do some sufi/sunni scholars purposely act like munafiqs to teach some type of lesson? lol I have noticed this, has anybody else.
  18. Ya the way I see it as long as Allah is giving you attention than thats all that matters.
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