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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol this guy is such an idiot hahahaahah
  2. Well go tell that to the other ppl who were giving their opinions.
  3. Well everybody was giving their opinions on these issues so no need to single me out.
  4. no I would never do that cause I would fall in love and get married. Even before I was religious my mindset was always like if you go out with a persian girl then you better marry her...
  5. I like the whitish ones with a little red on them. Also if they get tans sometimes it looks good too but the whiteish ones with a little red are the best, especially if they got nice bodies.... lol
  6. Never been with one but I think Persian girls are the hottest.
  7. hahaha no I dont know man I think its just best to be very rough and tough but have a gentle side.
  8. lol I dont know girls usually follow me and chase me around ever since I been young. I think its because I am very rough and rugged and girls like that for some reason.
  9. How is that a joke? You dont think its good for single girls to dress like that so they can attract a guy?
  10. but dude I am used to having dime pieces how can I settle for a 7.8?
  11. I think their dress is permissible for single girls. I think girls that are married shouldn't dress like that in public.
  12. in that case no hijab would be valid I would think because its for safety reasons
  13. That is a good point and what did you mean by tonight is there night of small not mutah?
  14. I think the only time the half hijab thing is okay is if a girl is talking to a guy about marriage or something...
  15. hahahah lol that would be messed up to post a pic. lol but this girl wants me to come over tonight and said she would do mutah but I dont know if I want to. I am still debating whether I should or not. shes not super fine but prolly like a 7.8 out of 10. I dont know tho I am used to having at least 9 out of 10s
  16. my question is in a situation like this would mutah be mustahab or makruh? Or is mutah more for soldiers who are on the battle field and away from their wives?
  17. lol tht girls turned out to be a tease who wanted a long term relationship. I would never have a long term relationship with a non muslim especially if they want to have S** on the first day astugfiruAllah. edit: update: lol actually maybe shes not a tease... lol
  18. This girl I know just messaged me on fb and was basically like come to my house and do whatever. So if I was like ok its just a one night thing and while I am hanging out just say say try saying these cool arabic words would that work? Also if I did this would it be makruh or would it be mustahab since I would be doing it so I could focus better on my religion? edit: these non muslims girls aint no virgins lol especially if there over 18
  19. Its so annoying because non muslims girls are always hitting on me and trying to go out with me. Before I was religious when I was younger like 14-18 I was always used to getting the prettiest girls so after becoming religious and not finding any religious girls who meet my criteria I am thinking maybe the solution is for me to do those mutah contracts just to make dating halal (while I am waiting to find the right one) with these girls who are asking me out? My question is if a girl is trying to go on a date with me what would be the fasted way to do the mutah, and is there any way of doing that contract without making non muslims think its weird?
  20. Yes this is true I agree with you brother but I only mentioned the looks stuff to prove a point that the full hijab is good and the half hijab thing just makes a woman look stupid and unattractive. the reason I mentioned that is because woman who wear the half hijab probably do so because they think it makes them look attractive so I was just giving an argument against that. actually full hijab looks better because a woman can still still look good while at the same time having nur on their face.
  21. I think preaching is good and also the giving of books and lectures on hijab so I agree with you for the most part on this issue. Still I know a few girls who do the half hijab thing here in Cali but most of them do the full hijab and so I am sure its not that hard. Those girls probably think that the half hijab thing makes the look more attractive but in all honesty it doesn't look good and actually girls that wear the hijab properly look more attractive anyways. Like these girls below here look super hot but the one with the half hijab just looks like a confused idiot.
  22. I am not sure of the proper fiqh ways but I have heard burning or shredding is good.
  23. Of course a man should support his family nobody said anything about that but how is she trying? She could easily move the hijab 2 or 3 inches and wear it properly. Dont you think?
  24. if its accidental but what if its on purpose like this one here below
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