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  1. Salaam Brothers and Sisters, I’m a young shia guy and I’m still slowly learning some rulings. I have a few questions concerning Ghusl: 1. How do we perform Ghusl? 2. What are the types of Ghusl? 3. In what situation do we perform each type of Ghusl? 4. How do I say the niyyah for Ghusl in Arabic? 5. When does Ghusl become obligatory? Thanks a lot brothers and sisters, Hussein
  2. Hello brothers and sisters, Ever since the beginning of May I just haven't felt right. My Ramadan sucked and I've been working all day since I finished the winter semster. My moms side of the family have been very close to me since I was born and this is the first time in like 10 years all of them meet up together again at my grandparents house in Lebanon. I'm just sitting here in the US working everyday wishing I was with them, I won't be able to see them until December or maybe next summer. I'm also having this fear of another war happening in Lebanon with all my family there. I'm so stressed out now that my prayers just suck and I don't even feel like opening up the Quran. Every time I go out with my friends I get bored and leave early, nothing feels the same anymore. Is there any duaas you guys know of that can help? I need advice please. thank you so much, salaam
  3. Salaam brothers and sisters, Ramadan Mubarak. I've been having sleepless nights lately because of this. I just completed my first year of the Mechanical Engineering pre-requisites and I did very well hamdullilah. But recently I've been starting to lose interest in engineering and I started looking into nursing. At the same time I kind of don't wanna leave Engineering because I fee like I'm going to regret it later on. I talked to my uncles who are pharmacists and they told me nursing would be better for me but the problem is nursing is a huge headache in Michigan... you have to take so many state exams just to get into the program and to get your degree, and most universities here have a long waitlist for nursing but I still feel like I can do it. Both are very good career opportunities but my parents told me nursing would be too stressful while others are telling me nursing would be better. My question here is which one do you recommend? It would be very helpful if people in this fields or similar fields answer this... thank you may Allah bless you
  4. Salaam brothers and sisters, I have a few questions regarding "Qunoot"... 1. When during prayer do we perform it. 2. Are we supposed to perform it every prayer? 3. What are some examples of things to say during Qunoot? Thanks in advance, Hussein
  5. My parents and sister pray 5 times a day and fast every Ramadan but they are more of "Liberal Muslims". They listen to music and they don't really read Quran as much but I'm glad they pray and fast at least. I'm more religious, I read Quran almost everyday and watch lectures a lot but I still have a liberal side in me... for example I smoke hookah with friends and listen to music once in a while.
  6. You really can't prove anything just like all other religions. There's lots of miracles that prove Islam is the truth though. I remember this story about a guy from my village in south Lebanon, he had 3 kids and they all died at an early age... his wife got pregnant again and he we was afraid his new kid would die as well so he decided to go to a marjaa (High ranking cleric), and asked him what he should do about it. The marjaa told him to give all his future children animal names. He had 2 more kids and he named them Nimr (Tiger) and Assad (Lion). Now they are healthy and all grown up mashallah.
  7. I recently learned that you cannot have sexual intercourse before marriage in Christianity. They don't seem to follow their religion correctly, especially with a sin this big. Look at all the young people in the USA and U.K.They have kids talking about losing their virginity at the age of 13-14. It's also a huge sin for them to abandon family... I see a lot of them abandon their families. Some of them don't even talk to their parents anymore.I know there's a few Muslims doing stuff like this all over the world but I feel that us Muslims still follow our religion better than most others. Do you agree? Thoughts?
  8. watch first 20 minutes of this video. Sayed Hussein Qazwini talks about the negatives and positives of western and eastern culture. Very helpful
  9. Don't buy into this stuff. Nike could care less about Islam, it's all just business.
  10. Trust me, they don't want to unite. 80% of them would rather see us(Shias) get killed than unite with us.
  11. Salam brothers and sisters, I was wondering how salat al layl works. I know it's at least 11 rakaats but does it work like regular prayers. Do you have to say something else? Can someone please summarize? Thanks in advance
  12. I feel the same way. For example, when I don't wake up for fajr and I pray it later... I feel like I'm rushing. It just doesn't feel the same as praying fajr on time
  13. Show up. Give her a gift and leave when they start serving alcohol.
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