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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lot was not a prophet in the Bible so all of your comments relating to prophets being shown as immoral are irrelevant . The Bible does not condone any immoral acts nor exhorts anyone to emmulate such behaviour. Kadijahs cousin Warraq was a Jew and then a kind of Christian and used to copy the Bible into Arabic according to Islamic histories. [Note from Mod: Please show respect towards other people's beliefs. If the Qur'an is what you say it is, than produce a chapter like it.]
  2. There is no such thing as a lower case Muslim. You could substitute Muslim/Islam for Jew... " The word Muslim is used in a wide number of ways, but generally refers to a follower of the Islamic faith...." No, of course not because Judaism was not around in that time! These people were the forerunners of Jews not Muslims! Just as they weren't Jews, they weren't Muslims either. You are fighting against the majority of Muslims when u talk about lower case. The fact is these people never took Shahadah, they never heard of Mohammad, or the Koran. They were not Muslims.
  3. uh huh that would be 'upper case' Muslim would it? It has been stated in previous posts by other uppercase Muslims, that you can't become a Muslim without taking your Shahadah, something the aforementioned prophets never did!
  4. Wikpedia makes no distinction between lower case 'islam' or uppercase 'Islam'. Muslims do not believe that Adam Noah or Abraham were jews/Jews, why is that? Because they never called themselves Jews? Because the term 'Jew' was not in existence? No Torah? The fact is Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus etc were not muslims/Muslims .
  5. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus etc never took Shahadah not read the Quran. So they are not Muslim. It says in the Koran many times, Mohammad was the FIRST muslim. We can totally dismiss the small m theory as it's not what Muslims believe. It's not what they preach.
  6. I can easily conclude you have no wit or intelligence... I was joking about the internet thing. I was pointing out that correctly speaking the internet was not out or yes, everyone would have suffered the same problem. Obviously you had problems with your Internet connection or you haven't paid your bill or whatever.... Again you confirm that you believe Abul Qasim was 2 prophets in one. It's irrelevant that you claim Christ/Messiah means the chosen one, (it doesn't but thats another point) the fact is you are saying Mohammad was the Chosen one! And the Kingly one! 2 for the price of 1!! What's wrong with that? Dunno. You were the one who made the comment that Jesus teachings were not 'original'. I was just pointing out the same could be said of Abul Qasim.
  7. Thanks for looking. I kinda figured out the meaning of "LES CONTES DES MILLE ET UN MYTHES" but it had islamium in the title so I left it. its a crazy theory but I wondered if the guy had some reason for saying it :dry: Guess not...
  8. I thought you just had to submit to God and you were a muslim? Isn't that what a muslim is? A submitter to God?
  9. The internet was out? Funny nobody else had that problem... ;) So Mohammad was both the Kingly one and the Chosen one? :wacko: Two prophets in one .... btw Isn't it claimed that Abul Qasim came to confirm the message sent to the previous prophets??? That would mean that his teachings were not entirely original either....
  10. Thanks Dr Humble. mejliss.com/archive/index.php/t-110543.html?pda=1 - 28k (forum) http://islamium.ifrance.com/ http://islamium.ifrance.com/indexd.htm http://islamium.ifrance.com/sujet.htm http://islamium.ifrance.com/extrait_de_l'ouvrage.htm Is that an honorary doctorate or an earned one? :D
  11. I'm serious, this muslim was REALLY insistent about this.
  12. Can u tell me anything about Islamium and Muslium pertaining to the black stone at the Kaba? Apparently Islamium is a 115 isotope or compound (im not sure) which is mined on titan and disinigrates rapidly. This apparently has something to do with why the rock has turned black. I have found a couple of websites but they r in french and the translater didn't work...Is it true the black stone of Kaba contains the DNA of Muslims??? This is what I was told today by a Muslim.
  13. Isn't it MORE embarressing to have your prophet and leader the main 'feature' of an erotic story and have another man think he has the sweetest lips and is altogether lovely? :dry:
  14. Hi Humble, Do you take my one lined answer as 'unable to refute'? There is nothing to refute. ZeinaB I don't care what questions you may ask, however you pass your predjudices, biases, presuppositions etc, et al off as fact which leads me to the conclusion that your real mission is to promote your own sense of self superiority. Whatever! However I do not wish to participate in such an exercise. FYI Going topless is not modern.
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