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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam alaikum everyone hope your fast going well ☺️ I really need help and advice. Ok so here a guy who added me on Facebook last year we got on well then next thing we aruged because hes charterer wasn't good for me anyway about 2 months ago he found me on Instagram he apologized and doesn't remember why we was aruging so I've forgave him and moved on we're talking but he doesn't talk much as he's so busy working as he says doesn't make time for me I'm just abit sad because I'm quite interested in him and wanna know more about his background. He only wants me I'm his ismaat but he doesn't know more about my background. We havent met just yet. Any where I say to meet he says it's too risky any where he says I don't like because I'm afraid what he might do as he wants to know about sex find that really not appropriate before marriage I like him wanna help and guide him but how do I make him see sence? I really appreciate your time reading and replying back Thanks ☺️
  2. I'm sure we're all appreciate the advice your giving I'm pretty sure we all human beings know what we're doing. Have good day
  3. Beela


    Inshallah you will find one when it's the right time be patient and enjoy life.
  4. Thank you for sharing this
  5. Salaam aleikum everyone hope all is well I love reading books I used to read books all the time and now I haven't been reading for long time and I wanna go back reading so what's books are good to read? It can be islamic anything and learning too I would be much appreciated if you could tell me the book is called and what is it about just a brief. Thanks
  6. Beela


    Oh don't say that inshallah you will and that person will make you happy inshallah
  7. Beela


    Salam aleikum Thank you for replying I was thinking about that too but than other side I'm just not sure. Allah has written for us so we shell wait and see. Yes every men says this. I can't disagree with you lol. Oh ok good luck. Not easy finding the right person good luck
  8. Salaam hope all brothers and sisters are well. I just wanted to know would you marry someone who is younger than you? If your already married are your partner younger than you? If so does it affect? Thank you for reading hope you have lovely day all Stay blessed!
  9. Yes I definitely agree with you. You will get used to it definitely about the personality won't change and looks can changed too
  10. Wait for the right time be patient why rushing it? Enjoy life follow your heart visit the world. Good things will come who waits. Sabr
  11. Men will always be men! I know what you mean sister. Guys with handsome are not all have good character and guys who are not good looking has got good character. Or either it's other way around. Just take your time getting to know them least 1/2 years no need do rush. Best to marry someone who has good character. Good luck inshallah all goes well with you
  12. Make your mind you what ur saying lol u said you wanna marry her then u say u don't than yeah what???!!! My advice to give u is that chill enjoy life enjoy what u do be patient when the time is right for you good will come to u trust me u can thank me later lol Also to move on keep yourself busy hope that helps. Good luck.
  13. Nope I don't see there's a problem marrying someone who is 2/3 years older. Good luck
  14. Salam, I agree with you I hear horrible stories about this issues it has to STOP. It's been very long time now that I wear hijab I feel alot of difference I now feel safe and it doesn't bother me what other people say. It really made alot of difference, no men take notices of me. It is very hard for girls and women out there who is or had issues. I would make sure I'm with friends or family member with me if not just keep reading Al Qursi inshallah it will help for anyone. Be happy and be postive have good day everyone
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