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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Congratulations @Shaykh Patience101 brother.
  2. - Draw - Laptop - play videogames - Shiachat - Learn languages
  3. i am not sign the petition. Sorry but i prefer Trump like President, than a other worst like Mike Pence in the Presidency. investigate that events, is better Donald Trump, tecnically because he don't know and he can't do nothing...
  4. my visits: Venezuela, United States and Colombia (only a few hours).
  5. I only visited Florida (Miami and Orlando exactly). I like Universal Studios Orlando and Ocean Drive, Miami. Doral is a Little Venezuela and Orlando tecnically is a Tourist City (Many attractions parks)
  6. it was partition of India or a big civil war in all British India like in Palestine 1947-1948.
  7. Assalam Aleykum. it will have a translation in other languages?
  8. My Mother is a devout Roman Catholic, my sister is Catholic non-practicant, i am moderate muslim.
  9. The difference between Donald Trump and Geert Wilders is very strong: -Donald Trump changes his promises to adapt it to the policy of the United States or says metaphorically, Wilders does not change it and acts as if this was the nineteenth century in addition to saying it literally. -Donald Trump won by electoral vote but lost by popular vote but due to the electoral laws of the United States, by simply winning the electoral vote, he had the presidency assured. Wilders, even if he had won by popular vote and by number of seats, would have to form a coalition with the political parties of the Netherlands, and no party would dare to make coalitions with Wilders and the PVV. -Donald Trump is a very neutral person, believe it or not: one day is pro-Russian, another day is anti-Russian, another day would support Bashar Al-Assad, another day would not support. Wilders instead is very pro-Zionist and is able to support the rebels to overthrow Assad. Anyway, Wilders is still a minority in the Netherlands and although he could win a majority of seats, he would not be Prime Minister without forming coalitions, like it or not.
  10. I Can help in translate from Spanish, Portuguese and/or Italian.
  11. That good books (i am intereseted on "War and Military Ethics in Shi'a Islam"), i hope get a translated to spanish...
  12. Happy Birthday @Mohamed1993... enjoy your birthday...
  13. And Linda Mansour? the girl feminist that wants Sharia Law in USA?
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