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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. reisiger, I thank you for your response, and I respect your extension of kindness. Some of my best friends are leftists, and some of the best conversations i've had were with leftists. I feel honest people differ in beliefs, not because either of us are necessarily wrong, but because we are drawn to defend different values. I feel that most of us are just trying to find a greater truth. I couldn't agree more that the media does not care about showing a fair explanation of Islam. They only care about fear and ad revenue. They find the worst representations of Clerics and Imams, who represent the worst arguments, and pretend they are showing Islam fairly. I find it frustrating, but I imagine, it would be enraging if i were Muslim. This is why i love discussing these beliefs with Muslims. Even as a Christian i have gained great wisdom listening to Muslims, and i truly feel it has made me a better Christian. We are Abrahamic brothers, and the media seems to want us to forget that. Your reply gave me much to think about, and I will continue to reflect on whether i am doing enough as a Christian to satisfy God. I can very much feel your enthusiasm, and i respect the energy Islam has provided you. I again thank you for taking the time to share your insight. Thank you friend
  2. Laayla, I feel if I was trying to infiltrate the Islamic world, i would fake being a Muslim. I do understand your concern though, but i'm just trying to connect with Muslims and discuss beliefs and insights. I couldn't agree more that the media is the tool used to weaponize the masses into senseless anger and disdain for those they do not understand. From the blatant news propaganda, to the subtle (and much more dangerous) messages in movies and TV shows, it truly has become a satanic entity. Thank you for you response.
  3. GD41586, I'm sorry if my beliefs offend you. I'm not coming to this chat room with anything but respect for the people here, including yourself. However, i don't feel i deserve any censorship. I am immersing myself in Shia and Islamic philosophy, and trying to gain greater insight. If respectfully explaining my beliefs, and asking others for their understandings offends you, i don't think anyone can help you except yourself. Thank you
  4. Baqar, @baqar When we unite, it will truly be an incredible time to be alive. I pray it comes as soon as possible. This debauchery, godlessness, and Zionism that dominated the world will be a horrible memory of the past. I thank you for your response friend.
  5. Qa'im, The way Syrians are portrayed by our media is horrible. Everything you have mentioned, the rich history of Syria, the brilliant minds throughout Syrian history are completely ignored, and only negative images are shown. I don't know as much about Syria as i should, and i need to learn more, but I do carry a great respect for your country, your people, and your history. I find our hypocrisy with the Gulf states one of the great indicators of Western governments disingenuous concern for refugees. These politicians care nothing about the actual people as long as they can force their political agenda, and gain more power. They will stand by a terrorist Wahhabist government, in support of oil lobbyists and Zionism before they give any concern to humanity. I agree there is definitely a place for Islam in Europe. There is a strong spiritual void as well as the economic void that you mentioned. I also want to add something to your mention of the rape culture in Europe. When i was in high school, we had a German foreign exchange student who told us that they would get drunk, and when girls passed out, they felt they had the right to violate them and rape them. Much of this happens of American campuses too. I would agree that this hookup culture has led many to feeling they are entitled to do these sorts of things. This needs to be fought against just as strong and just as harshly as the sexual assaults committed by migrants. Another important thing to add, the German people were culturally and socially destroyed after WWII. There has since been over 70 years of lies and propaganda to break down the German people, and it has turned them into a tremendously broken people. The German people of today, are not what the German people are supposed to be. I feel the Syrians arriving in Europe with good intentions, just looking for a better life and trying to contribute to the community are without a doubt a great asset. These people are also horribly under represented in the media. I am just deeply concerned about those that do not wish to be a contributing factor to the community, and seek conquest of Europe. There are without a doubt far fewer immigrants with harmful intentions, but there is still a serious problem with those that do. I enjoyed reading your reply, and i thank you for your response
  6. kirtc, @kirtc I agree the godlessness has been halted in some ways by this, and as God's methods can be very difficult to accept at times, perhaps myself and my fellow Christians need to reflect on this as the will of God. Westerners, especially Western women, seem to live in a very delusional world of Hollywood's indoctrination. They have forgotten the incredible importance of modesty, and the damage that is caused when this is ignored. There seems to be a universal law that evil only attracts more evil, and what is happening is a perfect example of this. It is sad, it is horrible, but though it is difficult for me to say this, it is not unwarranted. If anything, i am most angry at the European men who act as cowards and refuse to fight for their women. The partnership that is developing between Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Russia truly is one of the greatest and most important things happening in the world today. I pray more Christian and Muslims continue our mutual interests in service to God. Perhaps that is the starting place for a Christian-Islamic alliance throughout Europe. I agree 100% that most of these Syrian migrants are good people, only seeking safety and security for their families. I believe that Christians have an obligation to help these people in many ways, but how their governments are going about it only fuels many of these problems. I truly feel they don't care about their own countries, and they don't even care about the refugees, they are only trying to consolidate more power and control over their citizenry. And I would agree that perhaps Europe needs good, true Muslims to fight against these evils, as it does seem that Muslims inarguably have a much greater understanding of what is actually happening with these governments. I thank you for your reply friend.
  7. Guest Justice Lover, I feel Trump has some serious issues, and he is controlled by Zionists in many ways. I'm very glad Clinton is not in office, but i cannot say I am a Trump supporter. I do not want to say I am a white nationalist because of many of the ways that they represent themselves I find very distasteful. I do carry respect for men like David Duke for standing up to the evils of Zionism, but i cannot say i am a part of their group. However, i do have a very strong European-American identity, and refuse to accept the farce of white guilt, and uncontrolled multiculturalism throughout the West that is engineered to make us easier to control via division.
  8. I thank you for your reply friend, I fear if i drift from Christianity, i am departing from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I truly believe that Christ was the human incarnation of God, and with his sacrifice for all of humanity, with the blood he spilled, I am forgiven of my wretchedness. I have been a horrible sinner in my past, and upon accepting Christ, i feel as though i have been transformed. The Holy Spirit has changed my life, and is without any doubt, the most important thing that has ever happened to me. I cannot abandon this faith. I still have much to learn about Islam, and I still have a very superficial understanding. In some ways, i feel it's okay for myself to be open to conversion under the right circumstances. If i witness Christ and Al-Mahdi defeat evil in my lifetime, i will convert without any second thought. Though my current understanding prevents me from leaving Christianity.
  9. Greetings, To begin this, I need to express that I am not a Western leftist, or anyone trying to virtue signal to Muslims about how "open-minded" i am. I believe in God, country, community, family, and honor. I reject the godlessness of modern America, and seek to resemble my ancestors and their faith. I am the descendant of French Huguenot pilgrims that came to America in the early 17th century, American militiamen that fought against the British, and Confederate soldiers that fought against an invading Federal government. I would give my life to fight this godlessness that has taken the West. Now though i consider myself a true patriot, i despise the American government (and mostly all Western governments) that have been the source of our moral decay and separation from God. Since 1861, they have been the only true enemy of Christianity and the freewill of the American people, and now their tyranny has spread throughout the world. I would give my life to fight against this satanic entity without hesitation. I am reaching out to Shias because i see them fighting this same cause, but with remarkable honor. I listen to Ayatollah Khamenei, and Hassan Nasrallah, and their insight and wisdom. The NSA is probably going to have a field day with me after saying this, but i have a great respect for Hezbollah, and the Islamic revolution of Iran. I will not condemn men who are willing to fight and die to protect Christians and innocent civilians against Daesh in Syria and Iraq. No where else in the world can a resistance movement even begin to compare. I cannot deny that i have felt an urge to convert to Shia Islam, but my heart feels empty when i drift from Christ. Even though i know that there is still a great respect for Jesus as a prophet in Islam, my soul cannot abandon Christianity. I am learning more and more about Islam everyday, and gaining more and more respect, but i do have some serious concerns about what is happening with migration and the heinous crimes that are following. Before anyone else, i again condemn these governments for destabilizing these Middle Eastern countries (and i would even go so far as to speculate that these criminals have engineered this to tear apart Europe, making it easier to control). However, this doesn't change the fact that there is now a horrible rape epidemic that is plaguing European women, the terrorist attacks, the migrants assaults, etc. etc., and the fact that in the next hundred years, native Europeans and Christians may be a minority on their own soil. I cannot tolerate this, and it absolutely drives me insane with rage. I want to see Muslims and Christians living together peacefully, but capitulation to Islamic values in Western nations via immigration is invasion, and i believe wholeheartedly European men need to begin to fight back. I know these are not true Muslims, but how else does a Christian fight this invasion without fighting Islamic migration? Of course, there are Muslims who condemn this, but with the undeniable spike in crimes coming from Muslim migrants (especially horrific migrant sex crimes), what is there left to do? To the Muslims reading this, could you ever imagine seeing a Christian-Islamic alliance to fight both the criminal Western governments, the Zionist control of our government, media and their debauchery, but also the criminal migrants assaulting Western women, and disrespecting our nations? There would have to be compromises on both sides, but do you believe there is a possibility for this? And when i say Christians, i don't mean the modern Western Christian. Imagine Christianity could be reformed to where we resemble what we were during the Renaissance up until the 19th century. Men like Jan III Sobieski, and Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. Honorable men who stand against immorality and invasion with great honor, and do so, without fear, and give all credit to God. Even though Islam and Christianity have a horribly brutal and bloody history fighting one another, perhaps i must learn to accept God's will and see this Islamic migration as a potential blessing. The understanding of God and honor has been lost in the West, and with the rise of immoral atheism, we see their replacement. I believe there is great potential for Muslims and Christians to unite and fight against these evils, bringing an end to this horrible violence between our two religions. However, i am not a Muslim, and I do not know if this is possible. To Muslims, if Christians would act as true Christians, do you believe this type of alliance would be possible? I want to end saying i greatly respect true Islam, and I thank you for reading this wall of text, Sincerely, [Name removed by moderator] PS I must convey that though i condemn and despise the actions of the US Federal government and their use of the US military, i will always have a great respect for much of the American military community. Though there is evil among their ranks, many of these men are very honorable. They are men trying to serve their nation, but are horribly abused by the treachery and selfishness of their Generals and government.
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