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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. سبحان الله

    By thy Lord,

    The Supreme and All-Mighty,

    There is no Sovereign but He,

    Men was created in haste,

    Patience was the Path to Rest,

    Gather oh Believers!

  2. سبحان الله

    I have not chosen the Companions but for reasoning,

    Allah guides those whom He wants,

    He is the All-Wise and brings Favour upon the Truth,


  3. سبحان الله



    We have bestowed Musa the Taurat,

    To Us is the Return and glad tidings be upon those who Believe,

    Peace be upon those who refrained from wordly desires,

    And when a poem has mentioned the Disbelievers,

    They shall gather in awe and question themselves,

    And the Angels curse those who are wrongdoers,

    They shall come to know.


  4. سبحان الله

    Oh Lord, Oh My Lord,

    By You is the Resurrection,

    May I be the best of Your Praisers,

    For Bismillah is Your Holy word.

  5. سبحان الله

    Oh Believers,

    When among the disbelievers are with you,

    Do not bestow upon them your noble tongue,

    For they shall mock you not but by it a sequel.

  6. سبحان الله

    Oh Believers,

    If this World is shown before us,

    By it’s calamities and sorrow,

    You shall not but be devastated by it’s deeds upon it,

    So pray upon thy Lord,

    For He is Aware.


    Oh your Innocence,

    Oh Ard!


    Upon you we stay,

    And upon you we leave!

  7. سبحان الله

    How severe were His punishments on the fallen communities,

    They fell upon their own ignorance,

    And who is Aware among themselves except their Lord,

    But they cannot perceive.

  8. سبحان الله

    By the Almighty,

    Whenever there shall be celebration for the Purified Household,

    Sadness strikes but celebration,

    For they were the most Oppressed people,

    On this Ard.

  9. سبحان الله

    Woe upon those who oppose the Truth,

    Those are hopeful to gain wordly desires,

    And there was no Ummah unguided,

    By their Lord they were shown the Right Path,

    But they unleashed the forbidden tools,

    Oh Believers,

    The dominion of Allah extends over the rivers,

    Do not disbelieve and doubt,

    For you cannot conceal your soul to Allah.

  10. سبحان الله

    Only a Believer shall understand his true reason for Existence,

    To Allah is the Return,

    It is He who has brought life upon the dead,

    When among the Righteous shall say:

    My whole Existence is dedicated to Him,

    I am dominant over the transgressors,

    I am over them the chosen to comprehend,

    I am among the Party of Allah,

    And my tongue is sharp and loud.


    For by when he reached his martyrdom,

    His desire to return and repeat his martyrdom,

    For by He who is True and All-Wise,

    The Sweetness of Jannah makes one repeat his Shahadat.

  11. سبحان الله

    There is no harm upon Allah,

    For by His Book,

    For by His Creations,

    For by His Commands,

    He bestows upon the Universes harmony,

    Until the Day that shall gather them,


  12. سبحان الله

    No Prophet was a mad man,

    They were among the truthful,

    And the Angels were not sent but with truth,

    Oh Muhammad,

    Messengers were before you,

    No nation was unwarned of the Truth,

    Each of them were tested accordingly,

    But they did not break the difficult pass without Our Guidance,

    And to Us is the Promised Return,

    And with Us are the stories thereof.

  13. سبحان الله

    Oh Allah,

    Bless the Mu’mineen,

    May our will for sacrifice and revenge,

    Be as sweet as Jannah.

  14. سبحان الله


    The Qur’an is by the name of Allah,

    Clear and Wise,

    A Book of Existence and Value,

    Which clears the mind from desires,

    For the only desire is prayer and patience.

  15. سبحان الله


    Those who desire this world over Jannah,

    Grant them joy for a while,

    For when death has smitten their backs,

    And their bodies in ashes,


    They shall be among the despairing ones.

  16. سبحان الله

    Oh Allah,

    You beget the Heavens with your Majesty,

    I am aware by your tests upon me,

    But it is my Lord who has breathed upon me Existence,

    And those who deny shall have a painful punishement,

    I seek forgiveness from Allah.

  17. سبحان الله

    And when the Earth frightened the people,

    With it’s violent shaking coming forth,

    The first among the Mu’mineen was followed by them,

    And when he silenced the ground,

    In the name of Allah,

    It is the Amir al-Mu’mineen to whom the Earth shall notify,

    About the events which happened on her ground,

    On the Day that shall surely come.

  18. سبحان الله


    Praise your Lord,

    The Forgiving to the Humble,

    His Majesty and Glory,

    How rewarding is His Mercy!

  19. سبحان الله

    By the Throne of the Lord,

    Carried by His Angels,

    This is a sign for those who Believe,

    For when a poet has brought joy upon his people,

    Worship has become vain,

    But when a Messenger has come for them,

    Appointed by the Most Merciful,

    His people shall mock him with their hearts blind,

    Oh Believers,

    The Messengers were but all guided,

    They wish you protection and ease in worship,

    Do not deny their Words,

    For if Allah has only but made you equal in Religion,

    And if you deny their Words,

    Then may the curse be upon you until the Day that surely shall come,

    And may you be trampled by the horses who were among the Believers,

    For Allah surely brings glad tidings upon those who worship,

    But among the mockers be humiliation.

    - The Letter to the People

  20. سبحان الله

    Oh people!

    Upon our shoulders rests hardship!

    But by the One who has created Existence,

    And has breathed upon us Life,

    With hardship comes ease.

    1. Hameedeh


      Holy Qur'an 94:6 [Surah al-Inshirah]

  21. سبحان الله

    Oh Believing Soul,

    You are worthy to be among the Believers,

    Be not in haste when worshipping thy Lord,

    For thy Lord is Protecting and Merciful.

  22. سبحان الله


    In the name of the Most Merciful,

    The most worthy of the humans are Believers,

    They do not believe like their forefathers believe,


    They shall believe like the scholars believed,

    They shall believe like the Prophets and their Successors believed,


    This is a reminder for the Truthful,

    But the disbelievers shall deny with sadness upon their shoulders.

  23. سبحان الله

    Oh Mu’mineen,

    The victory shall for eternity be upon the party of Allah,

    Each martyr has created a Revolution,

    Openly or privately,

    Those are among the succesful,

    Standing with pride on their horses.

  24. سبحان الله

    When a Believing soul suffers from the Accursed Shaytan,

    It may recite dua’s to acquire better concentration,

    Remember death,

    And recite the Clear and Noble Qur’an.

  25. سبحان الله

    Oh Allah,

    May I be blessed among Your Gardens,

    Which You have bestowed upon Your Believers,

    Oh Allah,

    May my prayers Exalt only You,

    The Highest and Exalted,

    Praise be upon Thee!


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