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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. سبحان الله

    Praise be upon Allah,

    When the tone of the Kitab has reached the needy ears,

    It reached as if affliction delayed it’s arrival,

    And when the first of letters have been read,

    It was read as if he had mastered all languages,

    Merciful and Exalted is He,

    Lord of the Worlds is He,


  2. سبحان الله

    Oh Allah,

    Keep us upon Your Divine Guidance,

    Oh The Most Merciful,

    Who has granted the Oppressed victory upon their tyrants,

    And You are the Lord of the Heavens and the Skies,

    Erected by thy Command.

  3. سبحان الله

    By the plain Qur’an,

    Revealed to the truthful Messenger,

    I swear by His Mightiness and the Lord of the stars that Exalt Him,

    By this Friday,

    Turn towards thy Lord as if death shall overtake you,


  4. سبحان الله

    And when the witness has brought forth,

    And the greatest of Judges gathered you,

    Every soul shall come to know,

    For the disbelievers shall endure what they afflicted the innocent.


    By Hell,

    By the Zabaniyya,

    Allah is the Eternal Refuge,

    Turn thy path towards Him!

  5. سبحان الله

    When joy has made a stronghold in thy nerves,

    And the remembrance of thy Lord is not but vain,

    And the overwhelming joy of prayers you have not found,


    The Judgement of Allah is Clear and Wise,

    The Best of Judges.

  6. سبحان الله

    Oh mankind,

    Thy Lord is Beneficent, the Sustainer,

    What made you to deviate from the Right Path,

    The Path We have Promised to you over the Worlds,

    Do not harm the innocent and do not fight the Believers,


    Allah is All-Knowing of each affair.

  7. سبحان الله

    Oh mankind,

    With Us is the final decree,

    And with Us is the Eternal Refuge,

    Allah rewards whom He wants,

    And He is the Benefactor, the Wise.

    1. Shah Khan

      Shah Khan

      MashaAllah Kazemi, I would like you to say something about Love in Islam :grin: <3 

  8. سبحان الله

    Oh Believers,

    In the name of Allah is the tongue made merciful,

    And which tongue is more merciful except of the most piety,

    Exalted is Allah,

    He is the Glorious!

  9. سبحان الله

    Praise be upon Allah,

    When among the people of Adam show you a judgement,


    The best of judges is Allah,

    And pray to Him for the best of morals,

    And do not sharpen your ears for those who grant you not but harm.

  10. سبحان الله

    Exalted is He above us,

    Who bestowed the Messenger upon us,

    And who bestowed his progeny upon us,

    Exalted is He above us.


    By Him and His Heavens,

    His dominion stretches over the rivers,

    Every creation praise Him,

    And upon Him alone is Praise.


    There is no God but He,

    Who bestowed patience upon Ali,

    And bestowed Musa suppression,

    Against the deviant Iblees.

  11. سبحان الله

    Oh seas!

    Severe is Allah in His punishments,

    May the strike to the disbelievers be ever-lasting,

    For they sail on you,

    And they deceive not but themselves,

    Their hatred towards the Almighty harms not but themselves,

    Exalted is Allah,

    Lord of the Worlds!

  12. سبحان الله


    In the name of the Almighty,


    Men are not but created in haste,

    Allah guides whom He wants,

    And thy Lord is Oft-Forgiving.

  13. سبحان الله

    Oh Mu’mineen,

    The plain Qur’an has reached upon you,

    And by the will of Allah thy walls shall break down,

    Allah creates the path of the Believers with ease,

    By His Mercy and Glory,

    Remain steadfast in thy prayers,

    For Allah proclaims upon every Believer martyrdom.

  14. سبحان الله

    Oh Believers,

    If it was not for the martyrs who sacrificed their blood,

    And their blood shed by the oppressors,


    Their blood is a sign for the people not knowing,

    Allah has commanded for their killers a painful torment,

    And Allah has the best of punishments.

  15. سبحان الله

    Oh Abbas!

    May I be the sacrifice of your two cut arms,

    Oh Abbas!

    Accursed are the followers of the illegitimate,

    Oh brother,

    Oh prove of God,

    With you I want a bond,

    For thy enemies are dust,


  16. سبحان الله

    Oh Believers,

    Look through the clouds,

    Which gives you water in the name of thy Lord,

    Look through the harvest,

    By it you fill your bellies in the name of thy Lord,

    Praise upon Allah who is One and has no partners,

    He is thy Lord,

    Who has made the Throne elevated upon all creations.

  17. سبحان الله

    When death draws to it’s Highest enemy,

    And the fragile virtue the enemy has performed,


    Allah is the Keeper of Reputation.

  18. سبحان الله

    Oh Believers whose ears are tied to the Qur’an,

    Do not let thy rope be of wood,

    For when music,

    It’s fire,

    Shall grant it a touch,

    Thy rope shall be equal to vain,

    And thy ears are distracted to it but the Qur’an!

  19. سبحان الله

    By Allah,

    The Merciful,

    The Compassionate,

    The Kind,

    There is no Higher friend but Him,

    The wrongdoers on the Day of Judgement shall be in awe,

    ”Woe upon us! Truly, the flames are prepared for us!”

  20. سبحان الله

    Exalted be He,

    By His command was the sea split,

    Woe upon the wrongdoers,

    Their wrath is dirt and none of it has effect,

    By the Day of Judgement,

    No soul has control over the other,

    The judgement is by Allah,

    The seas shall be filled with fire,



  21. سبحان الله

    By the will of Allah,

    His Party is dominant but in numbers,

    His Signs are clear but with sloth,

    His Mercy prevails over the unguided,

    Praise be upon Allah!

    Exalted is He, above any Praise!

  22. سبحان الله


    The Day of Allah,

    Is there anyone who is among His pious Party?

    Oh Mu’mineen,

    Today is the Day of Forgiveness.

  23. سبحان الله

    Oh Believers,

    May your life be of healthy use,

    Do not force,

    May you have reached the comfort of prayers,

    For spirituality shall reach you.

  24. سبحان الله

    Oh Allah,

    You are the Lord of those who pretend You,

    Their claims and hopes are equal in fall,

    Praise be to You,

    Oh Lord of the Worlds,

    And may the Haqq remain on Your Chosen Servants,

    Keep me by Your Mercy and Blessing unto death has taken me,


    You are the most Merciful of the Merciful ones!

  25. سبحان الله

    There was not sent a Messenger but with a Clear Message,

    Gather, Oh Believers!

    Be witness of the end of those who denied,


    They were among the wrongdoers,

    There is no failure higher than the failure of Worship,

    It is He who is Wise.

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