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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Logging back to this site real quick to say: If you're young and are planning to have kids in the future DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE. Bye.
  2. Logging back to this site real quick to say: If you're young and are planning to have kids in the future DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE. Bye.
  3. And for those that say that the number of deaths only represent a very small percentage of those vaccinated: True. But these are official deaths caused by the vaccines on people that are generally not 85+ years old and have no co-morbities. Secondly, most if not all of these vaccines require multiple if not regular (perpetual) doses to be taken. And many of these deaths occur after the first shot, so imagine the deaths after the second or third.
  4. Still collecting info but this is a good start. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uS4krGJX-7sa8fuRlH7mhod-Xa5ZBsXU/view For those that are really interested. ;)
  5. IF their risks don't outweigh the risk of COVID. Important to note ;)
  6. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.world-federation.org/sites/default/files/Religious_Vaccine_QnA_29Dec2020_Final.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi_4J_Ds5LwAhWryjgGHXd4CqkQFjAEegQIDRAC&usg=AOvVaw1Ru6zhbh9wDSbTeC4hEIOS Awesome answer from the Sayyed that should solve all mashallah. Following this logic old people and/or people with co-morbities should take the vaccines as the risk to die from covid far outweighs the risk from the vaccines. As for a 22 year old like me, who's had covid and has a 0.0001% chance die of it, I will not be taking any vaccine as trials are still ongoing and risks are not established yet.
  7. Most so called Orthodox Jews (Haredi) that condemn Israel is because they believe that the exile has not ended and only the Messiah can establish a Jewish state. Do some of them really stand up for the Palestinian cause? Sure. But believe me, most of them do it out of theological reasons. And no matter what they are, Zionists or Anti-Zionists, they still believe that when their Messiah comes, all goyim will eventually have to serve the Jews and keep Noahide laws. If not, they will be killed. That's from the Talmud and Kabbalic texts for those that don't know.
  8. I think one of the reasons the Imams gave us the signs of Reappearance is to rely on them to know if we are in the zamaan of the Dhuhoor. That way we don't rely on other books and sources to pinpoint the reappearance. Yes they may contain various things that one can identify to current situations, but nowhere does it say that they will lead to the reappearance of the Imam, so we can't really use them as Shia. Obviously that doesn't stop someone from learning from them, but the riwayats of the Imams exist for a reason.
  9. For those that want an academic perspective on the COVID issue, this interview with a NYU Professor gives a beautiful glimpse on how the propaganda machine works. 45min but very valuable story. And Inshallah after my uni exams, I will try this summer to gather all credible, verifiable, serious and scientific sources that I encountered, that indicate that what we are living is an open conspiracy and share it on a specific forum topic.
  10. Theoretically, with the right proteins, yes it could do these things.
  11. Bro, I'm on your side lol. I recognize all the videos and documents you all have been showing involving this issue, I've been studying it for the last 6 months. And I agree 99% that it will lead to super bad times. But you lot just throw it at people without structure or explanation, and with accusations and speeches making those not aware be shocked and less interested at what you say. Now I understand why @starlight and @Muhammed Ali have a hard time with some of y'all. I know your intentions are good and you want to inform as much people as can, trust me I am also in the same position as yours, but we've got to find a better way to inform people without accusing them or making them feel bad.
  12. There is no link between vaccines and the Imam (aj), in general. I think the reason that some would say there is, is because of these specific COVID vaccines that are being pushed by some sketchy eugenicists (like Bill Gates who constantly mentioned overpopulation as a problem on many occasions for example). And if I understand correctly, if some of these vaccines (which I personally believe, but not all) are manufactured by some people/groups with depopulation intentions, it could have huge consequences on the world as it could lead to disasters (or a Children of Men scenario). And so naturally many people would associate such intentions and scenarios as something only the Imam and his reappearance can save us from. idk just my understanding of the issue PS: Being completely anti-vax is stupid, don't do it lol
  13. Everyday that passes by is a day in which Zionist plan to demolish the Aqsa and begin building the Third Temple.
  14. Ok let's not be dangerous minded (which we should be at this point tbh but whatevs) and analyze it carefully: A virus can only contain two of following attributes: Virulence (violence) Contagiousness Mutation AIDS is for example virulence + mutation --> That's why it's hard to fight it. SARSCOV1 was also virulence + mutation --> Needed very quick reaction and that's it Measles and Polio --> Virulence + Contagious --> You ABSOLUTELY need vaccine to combat it SARS-COV2? --> Well we now out of 2% or so that died, only 0.6% died from the covid itself (CDC numbers) which we can conclude that it does not contain the Virulence attribute. Mutation + Contagiousness however, yes. Now that this is concluded. Is a vaccine going to effectively fight it? Hell no. You will have to develop a vaccine for each strain. On top of that some of these mRNA vaccines are not even developed to fight the virus itself, only the symptoms. That means it does nothing to combat Contagiousness (and probably not mutation either it seems lol) And by the way let's not forget Phase 3. Vaccine protocol says that Phase 3 should be done before we can administer a vaccine to the public. But Emergency use strips that, that means people are now part of the Phase 3 (that's why you hear a lot of "this vaccine is an experiment" among conspiracy people, rightfully so). And when does Phase 3 end? Well for most of the existing vaccines, 2023. That means they expect side effects to be able to develop in 2 years time. (Which, trust me, I don't want to be part of). Do you now see why, some people wouldn't trust these vaccines? Yes don't be too paranoid or too emotional in your paranoia, but don't be blind either.
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