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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yeah most of "pagans" are just LARPers. They don't really believe in the pagan Gods, they're only doing it for the aesthetics and it's rebellious nature.
  2. Damn dude. Such a fast assumption. It's not because we said that, that we should dropping it altogether lol. It was just an observation on how things are man.
  3. Telegram is as sham. Yes the messages are encrypted but we don't hold the private keys. That means our messages are secure through the network, but in the database it doesn't mean jack that they're encrypted since Telegram holds the private keys. And those who own the private keys own the information and can access whatever, whenever they want. OK I will enter more in detail on this tech stuff. The goal here is to establish a secure, 100% privacy (information) network. But first, if you think that your operation or mission will not be an immediate threat towards the big tech and ms
  4. Alternatively there are other, better video sharing platforms than YouTube. Like Odysee(Lbry), Bit Chute, PeerTube,...
  5. Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, ... and especially TikTok will not help. In fact they are part of the problem. Not only because of the shady activities the companies behind them do, but also because such social media focus too much on attention, outrage and other "dopamine inducing actions" rather than informing people. Now YouTube I would argue is way better (despite Google), because it's not prone to fast clicks and emotional reaction but rather working constructively to inform (or entertain in most cases) people.
  6. @El Cid The burden of proof lies on you since you make the claim that they "hoard" the Khums money. Could you maybe provide us with such proof? Because otherwise, and I'm sorry to say it that way, it sounds like you either just played along with some rumors or came up with it yourself.
  7. I would define the state as a collective of institutions and organisations structured by bureaucracy, built to "support" the chosen government (i.e. the people who govern). Consequently a majority of executive directives are decided by "the state" instead of the people themselves or the government.
  8. Salam, Do you agree with anarcho-capitalist and libertarian thinkers and economists that the State is evil and should not exist? What is the general Shia thought on this (especially Wilayat al Faqih)? And I would like to mention that Government =/= State. You can have a person or a body of people govern without necessary having the existence of a state.
  9. Me too man. They call me boomer lol. I think that they equate their lifestyle with youth so when they see us do our thing they associate it with old man activities. It's like they have created an illusion of immortality where they should "live life to the fullest", whatever that is. Case in point.
  10. السلام عليكم Today I want to talk about our society. Now before I start, I would argue that the invention and accessibility of the internet has been the best but also the worst thing that happened in our lifetime. The best in terms of all the knowledge and connectivity it has made available to the masses, and the worst in terms of the (mostly negative) impact it has on the human psyche. See, the consequent acceleration of communication and services is not applicable to only good and productive things, but to everything. That means even hedonistic tendencies and lifestyles. Hedonism i
  11. Have you really not found a single job? Factory work, cleaning, construction, delivery, basic administration work, ... ? Nothing? Maybe the location where you live doesn't have a good job market and you should consider moving. Or maybe like I said, take the time to learn a good trade like plumbing or electricity and you'll find plenty job openings. Because look, at a certain point you'll need to get bread on the table. And being too picky or overthinking is not going to help.
  12. Salam everybody, Another day, another rant. This time about this site itself. Why is this site so bloated? I did a network test on the site the other day, and the average page loads 6MB of data!! And even if I connect to an internet connection with a stronger badnwidth the site is still loading for too long. And what kind of front-end application is this site running? As soon as I press enter on the url, the CPU-fans start turning lol. Anyway, I know this site has existed for very long, but it's a new era, you guys. With the tech that we have nowadays stuff like this should not
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