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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is a reason why drugs is haram --> they mess with your head. Now DMT and ayahuasca are maybe not necessarily harmful to the "health" and pysche but they tend to come with weird experiences that influence your behavior and convictions. Supposedly shamans and other old magicians used these drugs to communicate with interdimensional beings (djinns basically) and coincidentally (no really coincidence lol) these "beings" always carry the same gnostic message of how humans are bad, save-the-planet empty words, basically waswas x100. For someone to get closer to truth he/she has to res
  2. In itself I don't think it's satanic at all. But I definitely see it used by the elites as a means of uniting the masses under a so-called universalist scientist (as in scientism, not science) religion. So contrary to Aldous they did not really write much that would contribute to the agenda even if he wrote about a philosophy that they pertained to as well.
  3. These are some of the books written by the elites themselves where they either advocate for or hint at the establishment of a technocratic world order. Politicians, intellectuals and capitalists themselves. Between Two Ages -Zbigniew Brzezinski The Grand Chessboard -Zbigniew Brzezinski Scientific Outlook -Bertrand Russell Impact of Science on Society -Bertrand Russell Game of Nations -Miles Copeland Tragedy & Hope – Carroll Quigley Anglo-American Establishment -Carroll Quigley New World Order – H.G. Wells Open Conspiracy – H.G. Wells Man Un
  4. LOL as if the dollar or any fiat currency has a real underlying value.
  5. @Muhammed Ali If we took all conspiracy theories that are circulating nowadays, we could see that most of them are rooted in the fact that a group of people are trying to gain control over the masses and eventually the world. Now obviously most of them contain lots of nonsense if I can be frank and outright weird stuff, that almost always tend to make the news or be trending for the people to enjoy them (ex: Qanon, lizardpeople & shapeshifters, flat earth, anti-vaxx,...). However when looking at real evidence, especially literature from the elite themselves (and not from some unk
  6. What I've learned from all of this is that preparing to stay safe or be robust is just not enough anymore. One has to be anti-fragile as Nassim Taleb has coined or 'stay dangerous' as the streets say.
  7. stock market is going crazy!
  8. I agree with everything that you said except for the fact that I think the goal of said Western bourgeois Enlightenment is ultimately to arrive at the current stage of postmodernist cabal. I am convinced that this was the plan all along since the time of the Enlightenment itself. It's just that many changes of industrialization and trade has shifted the ideologies multiple times. The end goal however was and still is the control of the masses. (And by culture I meant culture from other countries not really the left-right ideologies.)
  9. Those are quite some generalizations you got there. To be against the unlawful killing of black men (innocent or not) does not equate to be anti-white. As for multiculturalism: To be tolerant of cultures does not equate destroying ones own culture. Which IRI is not doing btw.
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