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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Changed got a reaction from talib e ilm in The Muslim Anthem   
    Chino, Arab hamara Hindusitaa hamara.
    China, Arab as well as India belongs to us.
    Muslim hae hum watan hae sara Jaha Hamara.
    We are Muslims and this whole world belongs to us.
    Tauhid ki amanat sino me hae baaqi
    We retain the trust of Monotheism in our hearts/ breasts.
    Aasa nahi mitana namo nisha hamara.
    Its not easy to wipe out our existance.
    Dunya ke tabkado me pehla wo ghar Khuda ka.
    Among the sanctums of the world this first house of God
    Hum is ke paasbaa hae wo paasbaa hamara.
    We protect it and it protects us
    Tegho ke saaye me hum pal kar jawa huve hae.
    Beneath the shades of swords we approached the maturity.
    Khanjar hilal ka hae qaumi nisha hamara
    The dagger of crescent represent our nation
    Maghrib ki wadio me gunje Azaa hamari
    The valleys of West resonate our call ( Azan)
    Thamtha na tha kisise sailo rawa hamara
    No one could ever stop our journey.
    Baatil se dabne wale ae aasmaa nahi hum
    O Heaven! we aren't the one to be oppressed by evil.
    Sau baar kar chuka hae tu imteha hamara
    You've witnessed this for hundreds of time.
    Ae gulistane Andsuna wo din hae yaad tujko
    O Spanish gardens do you recall those days
    Tha teri dalio me jab aashiya hamara
    Among your branches did we dwelt.
    Ae arbode Ganga wo din hae yaad tujko?
    O Ganges do you remember the day.
    Utra tere kinare jab crawa hamara
    When our carawan stepped/docked on your basins
    Ae mauje Dajla tu bhi pehchanti hae humko
    O waves of Tigris you too know us well
    Ab tak tere darya afsana khwa hamara
    Even today your waters recite our stories
    Ae arde paak teri hurmat pe kat mare hum
    O pious land for sake of your worth we sacrifice our selves.
    Hae khu teri rago me ab tak khua hamara
    In your viens does our blood circulates.
    Saalare carwa hae Mire-Hijaz (pbuh) apna
    The guide of this carawan is commander of Hijaz (pbuh) .
    Is naam se hae baaqi aarame jaa hamara
    With this name do we find peace in our hearts.
    Iqbaal ka tarana Bange-dara hae goya
    The anthem of Iqbal delivers this message
    Hota hae jadah paamya phir carwan hamara
    And this message motivates our carawan
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    Changed got a reaction from struggling_On in Sermon Of Tabuk   
    The sermon of Rasulallah pbuh in Tabuk
    Sermon of Tabuk
    Well, verily the most veracious discourse is the book of Allah. The trustworthiest handhold is the word of piety. The best of religion is the religion of Ibrahim. The best of the precedents is the precedent of Muhammad. The noblest speech is the invocation of Allah. The finest of the narrative is this Qur'an. The best of the affair is that which is firmly resolved upon. The worst in the religion are those things, which are created without sanction. the best of the ways is the one trodden by the prophets. The noblest death is the death of martyr. The worst blindness is the waywardness after guidance. The best guidance is that which is put into practice. The worst blindness is the blindness of the heart.
    The upper hand is better than the lower hand (the hands which gives charity is better than the one which receives in). The little that suffice is better than what is abundant and alluring. The worst apology is that which is tendered when death stares one in the face. The worst remorse is that which is felt on the day of resurrection.
    Some men do not come for Friday prayer, but with hesitance and delay. And some of them do not remember Allah but with reluctance. The tongue that is addicted to false expression is bubbling spring of sins.
    The most valuable possession is the contentment of heat. The best provision is that of piety. The highest wisdom is fear of Allah, the Mighty and the Great. The best thing to be cherished in the hearts is the faith and conviction; doubt is infidelity.
    Impatient wailing and fulsome laudation of the dead is an act of ignorance. Betrayal leads to fire of hell. Drinking leads to burning. Obscene poetry is the work of the devil. Wine is the mother of all-evil. The worst thing eaten is one, which belongs to orphan. Blessed is one, which receives admonition from others.
    Each one of you must resort to a place of four cubits (grave). Your affairs would be decided ultimately in the next life. The worst dream is the false dream. Whatever is in store is near.
    To abuse a believer is a transgression; raising arms against him is infidelity. To backbite him is disobedience to Allah. Inviolability (and sacredness) of his property is like that of his blood.
    He who swears by Allah (falsely), in fact falsifies him. he who pardons others is himself granted pardon. He who forgives others, is forgiven by Allah for his sins.
    He who represses anger, Allah rewards him. He who faces misfortunes with perseverance, Allah compensates him. He who act only for fame and reputation; Allah disgraces him. He who shows patience and forbearance Allah gives him double rewards. He who disobeys Allah, Allah chastises him.
    I seek forgiveness of Allah.
    I seek forgiveness of Allah.
    I seek forgiveness of Allah.

    (Ibne Qayyim, Zad al Ma’ad vol 3, pg 13-14)
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    Changed got a reaction from khuram in nigahe   
    chho kar mere man ko
    kya ishara kardiya
    badla ye nazara
    badla jag sara

    believe me bro ans sis, love begins at first sight, you even trying your best cant resist the love. it will make you fall in it

    believe me some one some where is made for you
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