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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It was really shocking, I watched on TV.
  2. Both terms are used I think so, its Hambal and not Hanbal here in this quote: At other site there's Hanbal although.
  3. Imam Jafar (as) directly taught Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik. Imam Musa Kazim (as) directly taught Imam Hambal and Imam Shafae, also Imam Hambal was student of Imam Shafae. Imam Hambal was also student of Imam Malik who was student of Imam Jafar (as). None, of the four Imams started new schools it was only after many years that schools in their name began to emerge and during reign of Harun Rashid four Sunni schools were made legal out of some twenty schools present in those days ( I've read it so), because it was need of time as it was too difficult to decide between matters ( jurisprudenc
  4. Petty sure! it wont lend him in trouble if he takes help from his mother, mothers are just for the same reason just to get help, he's having a well with him ( his mother) yet he's asking for water everywhere!
  5. Cats have germs in their fur....... -_-
  6. So many people so many answers, you'd land yourself in turmoil.............Believe me!!! The best is either you personally decide or let the time decide, you may ask help from your mother although. I think this would work for you: Take care to get what you love, or you'll be forced to love what you get.
  7. [Qur'an: 3.86] How shall Allah guide a people who disbelieved after their believing and (after) they had borne witness that the Apostle was true and clear arguments had come to them; and Allah does not guide the unjust people.
  8. Ka'ba was initially the place of worship for prophet Adam (as). Prophet Abraham (as) and Prophet Ishmael (as) only raised the foundations of Ka'ba. Ka'ba was not Qibla until the event of Qiblataen, which happened in Madina after Hijra, previous Qibla is in Jerusalem. Imam Ali (as) was born in Ka'ba and not in Qibla because when he was born it was not Qibla. There were some 360 idols in Ka'ba, famous among them were Lat, Manat, Uzza, Habal, Yaguth etc, which were destroyed after the victory of Makka.
  9. Shukr Shikwe ko kia husne ada se tune; Hum sukhn kar dia bando ko Khuda se tune! Satizah kaar raha har azal se ta imroz; Chirage Mustafie se sharare Bi-Lahab! Salman za Faras, Bilal az Habash, Suhaeb az Rum; Za khake Makka inche Bi-Lahabish!
  10. What is your opinion about Mauwia appointing Yazid after him? The fact is that he named Yazid. Although, there was a group who opposed and asked him to follow any one of this: 1) Name no successor as Prophet (pbuh) did ( as they believed it). 2) Choose someone out of family like 1st caliph did. 3) Appoint a committe as 2nd Caliph did. He followed none ( contradicting the agreement: that all claims to the caliphate from his side/ family would come to an end after his death), what do you think the reason behind it to be, why he named Yazid? What do you think of those people who followed Samri wh
  11. Pre-august 1947 ka India, kaash ke tum log India se alag na hue hote!!! Suna hae Pakistan ko 'Commonwealth of Nations' se bahar nikal diya gaya hae.
  12. Kafir: One who does/ practises Kufr. Kufr: Idolatory, worshipping materials ( ie: stone, mud, idols, wood, rocks etc) in place of God.
  13. Urdu forum me Muqable ko mukalma kehte hae... :!!!:
  14. Barso bad mile dono, dono bhai the sharminda se Dono ne chaha boht, lekin phir aati wo baat kaha
  15. Asif Yaar tujhe aese sawal kaha se milte hae?
  16. Jo chiz maide ( pet/ Stomach) me jati hae, scientific nazarye se use digest hone ke baad excrete hona padhta hae.
  17. Sabse pehle ye batao aesa sawal mila kaha se?
  18. Ye thread kis bare me chal raha hae? 210 pages aur 5242 replies!
  19. The worst thing according to me is that there are so many procedures to sight the moon and after that actual differences even in similar procedures. What about Laylatul Qadr the night better than thousand months, does it means that Allah gives a laylatul Qadr to a particular location on a particular day and then provides a second to another place.....So sad ( we are divided) Here, Ramadan started on Friday.
  20. Likh likh kar fatwe humpar kufr ka ilzaam lagaya hae; Jahawalo isi kufr ko humne apna iman banaya hae! Ya Ali Maula.....Haider Maula!
  21. Yes, even in Urdu the term is Shere Khuda ( Lion of God). Prophet (pbuh) said: Al Husiano minni wa ana minal Husain! ( Husain is from me and I'm from Husain).
  22. I think Jinnah's wish should be considered and the house be put on the rent to Europeans.
  23. When asked from Jinnah about what to be done with the house, he informed that it must be given on rent for Rs. 3000 per month ( in those years) to some European or a refined Indian royal, the last tenants were the Britishers till 1980s, since then its vacant. Recently, Jinnah's daughter claimed it in court.
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