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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you so much your answer helped very much. May Allah be with you
  2. Salam Aleikum I know this is long but please read and help me out. Alhamdulliah I'm proud to tell you that I pray 5 times a day, read Quran, fast and do things that a Muslim is supposed to do. But over the past year, I've fallen back into one sin again that I promised never to do to Allah, I promised very sincerly but 2 years later I've fallen back into it which led me to do more sins as I felt like I just can't do it anymore and as you keep repeating a sin you get so used to it that you don't feel like it is a sin so you start doing other sins because you think it's okay because it's not as severe as the major sin I've fallen back into. That's my biggest problem and I kept repenting sincerely and crying with all my heart but the next day it seems to me as if my feelings disappeared until repeat it and the cycle continues. This year, I only fasted 15 days of Ramadan which is such the opposite of me it's getting to a point I'm getting scared of myself. I used to have so much passion about Allah and praying, I got so emotional listening to Quran. Obviously I love Allah but when I pray I always have my mind off something else and my duas seem like they're just practiced and memorised now I say them but I don't even think I mean it anymore, I feel like it's just part of the routine now which makes me so scared because I'm drifting away and I don't want that, we all are very religious in my family. So yesterday I had a dream, I can't remember the full dream but some important moments which was when a Sheikh was running after me and he said I wanna teach you about Dhikr and I kept running away and he kept following until I got angry and started pushing the Sheikh away and there was some even more disturbing moments when he fell and I stepped on him. I feel very guilty about this dream even though it didn't actually happen and I would never ever do that. But what is Allah trying to teach me? That I should go back to my old ways and never stop remembering him? The most fascinating thing is that before this dream I didn't even know what Dhikr meant because I'm Iranian I'm not quite used to this Arabic term, I just got it when I researched about it and that's where it hit me. I wish I can go back to my old ways without falling back into my sin but it feels like I just can't stop even though I love Allah I feel like he's leaving me and tired of my lies- and I am too even though I'm not lying I genuinely regret my actions but I'm like a different person the next day. I feel like such a failure and I'm so scared of going to Jahannam. I just want to be forgiven and start a fresh chapter. I don't want to underestimate the power of Allahs mercy but sometimes it's hard because you never know what he is feeling about me sinning and repenting because he is invisible to us. 1. My question is I want to know what this dream is saying about myself? Am I that evil and avoidant that I even push a Sheikh away from guiding me to the straight path? 2. How can I make Allah forgive me again, and guarantee that I will change and make him forget about my past? Will he forgive me?
  3. Salam Aleikum, my friend has recently told me he wants to leave Islam because he believes it is 'two-faced' because apparently the Quran is full of contradictions like for example saying men and women are equal but then you find a verse implying something very different. (I KNOW THIS IS CONTRIVERSAL IM SORRY) I tried to encourage my friend to not leave Islam and prove that it has no contradictions and how women and men are equal but he sends me a picture called ''What does the Quran say about Women?''. I'll put the picture up here. He wanted me to debunk these sayings but I was clueless I didn't know what to say myself it felt like my 100% of faith went down a little too. I feel speechless can you look at the picture and try to explain it? Because he's still waiting for answers and so am I. wal Alaykum alsalam
  4. Salam Alaikum, at the beginning of my sins I always regret them and I sincerely repent to Allah with crying a lot and promising not to repeat the sin. But I have fallen in a hole where I repeat it and I really do regret it in my heart and I repent to Allah but without crying. It feels like when you keep doing sins you feel so used to regretting it that you just don't cry anymore. 1) will Allah still forgive if you regret it with all your heart, make dua for repentance and never turn back to it again? even if it is not your best repentance from the past? 2nd question) When I do a sin and repent, do I have to be sad all day? I know this sounds silly but every time I do a sin and repent I feel like I shouldn't be happy the same day, because I feel like that means I'm not genuinely regretting it anymore? Am I not allowed to do that? Am I allowed to move on after repenting and be a bit happier? Thank you guys this is what's been running through my mind i feel like I'm the worst person on the planet Pray for me please
  5. Salam alaikum This always leaves me curious because so many people say something different, that he had only one child (Fatima Zahra pbuh) others say 7 (I don't know if it's true though) My question is how can he only have one daughter if he was married to 11 women? Especially when there wasn't protection back then, or? would be nice if you answered, Alaykum Alsalam
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