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  1. They have not met because my father would not accept a temporary marriage for me. As you know they are mainly meant for pleasure, however me and my Saudi man have never done anything intimate. We just thought it would make "dating" halal. Inshallah everything works out.
  2. He sees them 3 or 4 times a week with me. We do spend time together just the two of us doing activities. But my prioritiy is my children. thats very true point. as for the khaliji thing I believe it's from Sunni teachings from many of those countries and how they depict shia. He also feels most of them are very privileged and pampered and don't understand the real value of hard work. My father is in his 70's so perhaps a different time when he was young and dealing with them. I stayed 5 years in uae working and living with an uncle and they both advices me to stay clear of them??
  3. I completely agree with you, and that is why I felt I must get advice on this topic. My children really love him a lot, and it's a funny thing that I have been doing everything for so long alone I forgot how nice it is not to multitask everything. He really knows how to handle both of my children's personalities. I just don't want my children to have another person leave their life without warning. So I need to take everything into consideration. And yes he is Shia but I do not intend to ever move to Saudi as from my understanding Shias are considered as second class there.
  4. He is well aware I will not sponsor him for PR. Also we do not plan to live in Canada we plan to live over seas. Also the man is from Qatif in Saudi which is all Shia he is Shia himself. But very good point, I lived for a few years in Lebanon with cousins and I can tell you that many men proposed with for me which was solely for coming to Canada. My deceased husband was already a Canadian for years before we had married.
  5. Salam, This is the first time to write in the forum, however something had been troubling my mind lately and I felt I had no one to ask for advice. My father is Lebanese and my mother is Canadian they have been happily married for over 35 years. I was married when I was young and after the birth of our second child my husband passed away in an accident. For a few years I have been alone with my children raising them while being close to my parents and other family. A few months ago I met a man two years younger than myself, he is from Saudi, Qatif. We really got along great and spent time together in public places as friends. He than told me he was in love and was serious about a future together. My father has a large distaste for Khaliji men and has always advices me to avoid them. So the Saudi man had continued asking me for date so we could spend time in a relationship instead of just casually as friends. I was not really looking for any type of relationship or marriage and was honestly content with the idea of spending the rest of my life widowed with my two children. It had never crossed my mind that I might find someone I was compatible with. Over the years men have chased and tried and my father had tried to arrange engagements for me but I have been to busy being a mother to bother myself. The Saudi man is here, in Canada, on a scholarship and as I have spent many years in The Middle East before I married working, I understood the rules and restrictions for international Saudi students. He has told me he has no wish to return to Saudi and will make a life here, his brother is married to an American girl and their family lives in USA so his family appears to be open minded. I have agreed to do a temporary marriage so we could spend time together in a relationship without feeling it was bad in my heart. Its been a few months we have been spending time together and we both feel very much in love. He has spoken of marriage after his scholarship, and he has been doing a very good job with my two children and is being a good father figure for them. Honestly he is a great guy. Here is my issue, can a Saudi man ever really consider really marrying a widowed woman with two children. I'm sure as a second wife it would be acceptible however he and I have discussed this and I would be his one and only wife and never reside in Saudi. Like I know my situation is difficult for any man and his family to accept(which is why I never bothered to before) but could there be any hope for this to actually work out? thank you for reading.
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