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  1. Husayni

    Islamic Quizzes V2.0

    Yes please, I would like that brother.
  2. Husayni

    Islamic Quizzes V2.0

    No cheating :x 1. The "most elite" of the 313, when traveling miraculously to Imam al-Qa'im (ajtfs) who will be at Mecca announcing his advent, how will they travel there? 2.Who was the man that killed Imam Ali (as) during his prayer? 3.Who will be the first to give allegiance to Imam al-Qa'im (ajtfs) at the Kaaba? 4.When the servant of Muhammad (s) prepared food for him (s) while he was fasting (for iftar), but Muhammad (s) took a while to arrive back home and the servant thought that Muhammad (s) broke his fast with some other companion, so the servant ate the food but when the Prophet (s) arrived it turned out he never broke his (s) fast with other people, how did the Holy Prophet (s) react? 5. Which shaykh is it said that his parents asked the deputy of Imam Mahdi (ajtfs) to ask the Imam to pray for them to have a good, blessed son, and he was then born from that du'aa by the Imam? 6.How old was the Prophet (s) when he received his first revelation? 7.Which companion of Imam Ali (as) was exiled to die in the desert alone by the Caliph, and said "ما ترك الحق لي صديقا The truth left me with no friends"? 8. Fill in the blank, "The Prophet (saw) said: There is nothing heavier on the scales of judgement than ________. " (will send source and answer after people attempt to answer) 9.What is the most beloved sunna/deed by Allah which is mustahab (not wajib) and has an immense, unimaginable benefit in this world and the hereafter? 10.Fill in the blank, 'The Messenger of Allah has said, "Sitting in the mosque is worship as long as it does not happen." He was asked, 'O Messenger of Allah, 'What has not happened?' He said, '_______.'" (will also send source and answer after people attempt to answer) Try your best!
  3. Husayni

    #47 Are your Friends Mostly Shia or non-Shia?

    What’s a friend?
  4. I thank and glorify Allāh first and foremost that He finds me worthy of testing me, and chant “Ya hayyu ya qayyum birahmataka astaghith” (Oh ever living, Oh all sustaining, by your mercy I cry for help) Then I turn to his loved ones as a waseelah - Ya rasul Allāh, ya habeeb Allāh, ya rahmat al 3alameen, atawajahu ilayk bi maqamaka al mahmuda an... (O messenger of Allah, oh the beloved of Allāh, oh the mercy (sent to) the worlds, I turn to you by your praiseworthy position (with Allāh) so that you .... (what I want) Ya saheb al saman, id3iy ila Allāh ta3ala yirzikni bi rahmatahu, bi abi anta wa ummiy ya Baqiyyat Allāh fi ardha (‘O Master of the era (Mahdi), pray to Allāh the exalted to sustain me with His mercy, May my father and mother be sacrificed for you ‘o the remnant of Allāh on His earth)
  5. Salaamu ‘aleykum. Do you have proof or evidence for this, akhi? This is a very interesting subject and I’ve never heard this view on the matter. Thanks.
  6. Husayni

    Thoughts 2018

    Ameen you took the words right out of my tongue akhi. He was a man of nothing but sincerity.
  7. Husayni

    Thoughts 2018

    May Allah bless the martyr of Iraq, Shaheed Muhammad baqir al-Sadr!
  8. Husayni

    Importance of who we seek our knowledge from

    Completely agreed. @Asghar Ali Karbalai ameen ya rabb al 'alameen to your du'aa I pray the time is soon and near where Imam al-Qa'im (ajtfs) will come to establish truth entirely, and rip up falsehood completely, leaving no trace of it, and expose the insincere, and help the oppressed and lonely. Allahuma `ajal liwaleyak al faraj
  9. Husayni

    living in hell

    Salaam sister. We can argue that just as it was really clear and evident how the prophet appointed Ali, but people strayed away, the same can be applied to the later imams. For example, it was obvious how imam baqir (as) appointed imam Sadiq (as), but some people strayed and chose to follow someone else.
  10. Husayni

    Imam e Zaman(as)

    Wa 'alaykum al salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakattahu I just wish he would be here sooner, it hurts so much knowing he isn't yet allowed to do what Allah wants him to do; fulfill His promise by completely eradicating injustice and oppression from the world, avenging all the cruelty, tearing up falsehood to unveil the truth, oh how I wish it would be in our lifetime I recite this du'aa every morning after Fajr time, and it really is worth it.. I can say with confidence that at the moment, it is my favorite du'aa, out of all of them in the Qur'an or taught by the Ahlulbayt (as). (in text) http://www.duas.org/ahad.htm It takes less than 10 minutes, just take that small time out of your morning to recite it, I guarantee you that your relationship with Imam al-Hujjah (ajtfs) will be strengthened. Al `ajal al `ajal ya mawlaay ya saheb al zamaan
  11. Husayni

    What are your views on Halloween?

    Nothing wrong with trick or treating. It's just fun for the kids (and the teens who want to spend time with their friends and get some candy). I think those who are digging deep into its "roots" and the "pagan" origins,etc., have nothing better to do in their life but cause others to be sad or regretful. Stop being so serious for once and chill
  12. Salaam akhi May you provide some of these miracles with sahih authentic chains, preferably ones from the 12th Imam?
  13. Husayni

    Who vapes?

    Yeah I've done it here and there and actually getting an air soon, it's pretty cool and not nearly as bad as people say it is. What do you vape with? @Bakir @Sumerian
  14. Husayni

    Disciplining children laws (Sistani)

    Just a question, what if in this case it is his older brother who wants to discipline him, because his parents are not doing the job? Can he take manners into his own hands if he himself is 'adl and wants to set aright the child's (his younger brother) behavior? Or is it only for the parents to do?
  15. No he was some person on Instagram who let random people message him. He told them their teacher's gradebook password info so they could change their grades and lottery tickets and other stuff too