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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    LeoDei reacted to laylacat in Perth Shias   
    Assalamu alaikum 
    I'm a revert from Perth, WA just wondering if there's any brothers and sisters on here from WA
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    LeoDei reacted to Dianna* in New muslim girl   
    I'm from Perth Australia, I like the look of female Muslim clothing and I had a chat with a friend of mine who is Muslim, and decided to convert to Islam
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    LeoDei reacted to just a muslim in Homosexuality   
    salam brother. i will give you two answers.
    1. people claiming that homosexuality is natural or in their genes, is no different that someone claiming they have a born alcoholic. that was the simple answer. to elaborate, science hasnt yet proven that homosexuality is something natural. and i believe it never will. on the contrary, i can show you research that homosexuals can lead a pretty normal heterosexual life if they wanted to. this is just them following their desires, taking part of the religion and rejecting some part. trying to justify their sins. even the non religious people are just following the herd and saying all pro homo things to go with the flow.
    2. suppose science does prove it. 2 ways we can view it. 1. science is wrong. which is very much possible. or 2. if someone sticks to science, even though they shouldnt, then i say, okay. it is natural. so? even normal sexual desires are natural. but are we just allowed to follow them any way? no. we need to get married and only then can we fulfill our desires. and then, if that person is a muslim, i would say that Allah swt says in the quran that he doesnt burden a soul more than it can bear. so, the only reason a certain person has these desires naturally is because that certain person is the only one who has the ability to overcome this desire, which is why Allah swt tested him with this. simple as that. hope this helps.
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    LeoDei reacted to iraqi_shia in Homosexuality   
    I think this is disputed to say the least. Also think about it, when you were say 5 or 6, who was interested in any gender? the boys were playing football and the girls arguing
    Its only after puberty these desires become apparent. I find it hard to accept that the environmental factors of childhood have no part to play. 
    However, lets put all that aside, and assume your right. Lets imagine a girl is genetically such that she is attracted to women.  Does she have to act on that? Does she have to live that way? 
    What if it turns out lying or selfishness is also genetic. Now what do we say? That its ok because they are inclined to it?
    I think though the issue oh homosexuality does challenge our generation and we need to come up with a rational discussion that is both true to our beliefs, but also fair to those who are facing these issues. 
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    LeoDei reacted to Haydar Husayn in Homosexuality   
    Wa alaikum as-salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.
    Welcome to ShiaChat!
    What sources are you using that tell you that science is saying this? I think you'll find that science is nowhere near as unambiguous about the role biology plays in determining sexual orientation as you seem to think. Certainly, there is a general consensus that biology plays a role, but to what extent, and how exactly it plays a role is not at all clear.
    The whole concept of an identity centred around a person's sexual preferences is a very recent phenomenon. Why should religious literature mention this man-made concept?
    I don't think we 'must' accept scientific research unless conclusive counter-evidence is provided, for a number of reasons. Firstly, a lot of things that get published in scientific journals are based on dubious studies. There is so much pressure on academics to publish new results that they often fudge the data. When you factor in the social and political biases surrounding a topic such as homosexuality that becomes even more likely. Secondly, often it takes time for counter-evidence to come to light, so if you keep changing your views based on what recent studies show, then you will be in a constant state of flux. Obviously, solid and settled scientific evidence needs to be taken into account, but you can't keep changing your religious views based on recent studies that are open to all kinds of biases.
    Now, like I said, I don't believe that in this case, the purported scientific studies even are that clear.
    You could just as well ask the same question of people born with certain severe physical or mental abnormalities who have very little chance of being able to get married. Or people born into cultures where forced marriages are commonplace. It's unfortunate, but people have different challenges in this life. The important thing is to remember that it's the next life that is most important, not this one. But if we decide to forget about the next life, then of course nothing makes any sense any more.
    This whole concept of the most important thing in life being romantic love also needs to be challenged. Most people in human history probably had romantically loveless lives, but there are plenty of other forms of love and happiness.
    Yes, but the two are not equal. Sexual desire between two people of the opposite sex is natural, and produces life as a result. Men and women are made in a compatible way for this purpose, unlike two men or two women. Not to mention that homosexuality tends to lead to disease. It is only through artificial means such as condoms and drugs that this disease is controlled, but even then there are still very high rates of STDs among the homosexual population.
    What would the purpose of this be? How can you explain the reason for something when you start the discussion by pretending the principle reason doesn't exist? Reasons can be given as to why homosexual acts are not a good idea, but we now live in a society where the guiding principle is to do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn't directly harm anyone else. As such, there is no argument you can give against homosexuality, or transgenderism. However, there is no argument against incest either. So when society gets round to ironing out that inconsistency and decides to accept it, are we going to start discussing that as well?
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