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  1. Here is the ages of our beloved imams as seen they married at a relatively young age. In todays sociaty one have to prioritize education and get a job before one considers marriage. But one can marry while studying and the parents maybe can support financially in the beginning. However after some my own research mutah (temporary marriage) is also an option and is permissible. Although one should prioritize as following: 1) find somone compatible to marry permanently 2) practice abstinence 3) marry temporary (mutah) You can read more on al-islam.org and the websites of sayed Ali Sistani, Makarem Shirazi and sayed Sadiq Shirazi about permissibility of mutah and its rules.
  2. How many takbir are wajib during prayer of maghrib for example? I think the takbir after niyat is wajib and in the end three times but is it wajib before ruku, before and after sajda and after sami allahu liman hamida? And is istighfar after tasbih and while sitting between sajdahs wajib or mustahab?
  3. Here is some dhikr of names of Allah certain amount of times to attain for example piouty, rizq, good manners etc. It is writen in the beginning of the link below but I don't understand really if it from imam Ali (as). Are there any other ahadith from Ahlulbayt about saying for example al-Fa'tiru 290 times everyday and a difficult will be easy or some other name of Allah certain times and corresponding benefit? https://www.al-islam.org/qunut-talib-hussain-zaidi/part-3-dhikr-beautiful-names-Allah
  4. My question is regarding the hijri shamsi new year. I know that it starts the same date as hijri qamari but it is based on the moving of the earth in regards to the sun and not the moon. Now my question is what Ahlulbayt have said about celebrating Nawruz and is it incouraged or discouraged?
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