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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. سلام عليكم, Ive watched a video recently of Ayatullah Ali Khameini crying in what looks like a funeral and there’s a man on a stage saying stuff and what looks like dancing. Can anyone explain the video to me please https://www.instagram.com/p/BmYX-a2gj4s/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1hc4xs2ckc3wt
  2. سلام عليكم، I would love to know your guys recommendation for books, I have read so far only nahjul balagha in English. please recommend English books. I have been told that muntaha al Amal is an excellent book but I can't find it in English, if anyone does know where I can find it do let me know. I would love to read books regarding the lives of the prophet and his progeny. I don't actually know where this post belongs if anyone knows do let me know so I can move it. الله يعطيكم الصحه والعافية
  3. salam alaykom brothers and sisters, I was reading recently on how to perform tawbah, and it mentions that one must fast on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday then perform ablution and ghusul. After that perform 4 unit of prayer and so on... my question is, can I perform the fasting of toubah during the month of ramadan whilst holding both intentions( niya for tobah and ramadan)? thank you, wasalam
  4. salam, for the past 3 ramadans I have been studying for finals and honestly I found it so much better. Study once you wake up, your brain is capable of working for around 4-6 hours as soon as you wake up because the brain reaches its maximum during those times. After those hours of studying you will start to feel exhausted and hypoglycemic, so during that time there is no point in studying, so what I used to do was I would go read Quran and read supplications because thats what ramadan is for right? :P When you are having iftaar avoid consuming large amounts of oily food and or large amou
  5. سلام عليكم، بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم So I’m currently a second year medical student and many times during my day I think about dropping out and studying religion aswell as going out to protect the shrines either in Iraq and or Syria. What do you guys think is the best way to handle these thoughts is what I’m thinking not worth it? Should i stick to medicine and forget about these ideas. I know if I do I won’t regret it, I feel like that’s the best way to serve Allāh, muhammed(PBUH) and his progeny.
  6. سلام عليكم، Recently I have decided to make a few life changes I read and learn more about the religion of Islam and more and more I stop doing these small sins such as listening to music, not speaking to women for none work related issues I started taking the religion more seriously and whenever my friends or family tell me about this change they think I’m weird or too extreme. My friends and family are very liberal and when they see the way I act they always complain. I don’t get, is what I’m doing wrong? Is following the religion 100% avoiding to sin(not only the big ones, aswell as t
  7. So my dad is a sunni and I'm a shiite, his ideas of the history of islam is the typical i.e all sahabas of the prophet were good I had a long conversation with him today and I mentioned my idea of the first 3 caliphs and who are they in the eyes of the Shia and he was completely shocked, I am not very knowledgeable but I do know my facts when it comes to who was good and who was bad or right and wrong. My dad gave me alot of good points about my ideas and thoughts and one point I had a little doubt to what I was saying and honestly there are times where I think how are we to say that we are ri
  8. I usually perform my prayer as to not disappoint Allah for all that he has given me is that a good enough reason to pray?
  9. so I want to make a playlist of nice lutmiyas by any one, if you can take the time and put a list of your 5 favorite ones and don't worry about someone else having the same one! Thank you all May Allah bring happiness and remove away sadness from all of you
  10. Peace be upon all of you, for whoever reads this, please keep me in your prayers and dua to get accepted into university to study medicine and that my final grades are good. May Allah accept your prayers and mine. thank you
  11. @thulfiqaar salam brothers and sisters, I was speaking to my father regarding Islam, He told me that all other sects in Islam such as Wahhabi and the Sub sects of Shia are considered muslims. I understand Islam is believing in the oneness of Allah and that Muhammed(PBUH) is his messenger but it cant be all that can it? Like the true religion of Islam is la ilaha ila Allah w muhammed rasool ullah and following the ahlul bayt. I am a Shia, my father is a sunni and he was taught things that are considered in our sect bad. for example, my dad says muawaiyah(r.a) but i curse the name ever
  12. Salam Brother, i included a few supplications, but reciting these supplications on their own is not sufficient you should after every prayer thank Allah and pray for him. You can always ask for something after you finish prayers, i personally usually do my thanks and extra prayers after Isha'a prayer. Hope this was of help. Dua Mashlool This du-a'a known as "supplication of the youth stricken for his sin," is quoted from the work of Kaf-ami and from Muhaj al Da-wat by Sayyid ibn Tawus. Through Imam Hussain(as) it is reported that one day he and his father, after performing Ha
  13. salam brother, I am sure there will be others to help you with details on the history as i am not knowledgeable in that part. I would like to point out something, there is no such thing as converting in Islam. There is only certain additions to bring into practicing the religion, things my brothers and sisters in the Sunni sect do not do much of. I am not speaking about all Sunni but a few percentage of them. I would advice you to not look at Shia Islam as if it was a different religion because it is not, it is the accurate representation of the religion. Shia means follower, as we are t
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