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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam Alaykum Brother May Allah help you. I do dua for you. Please don't pollute your clear spirit. I know a lot of people who were addicted to this sin, but they got rid of it successfully. Be energetic and hopeful. Allah and Ahlulbait would help you. If you need help, pm me. Some of people who avoided this sin became energetic and religious after that. I'm sure you can also get rid of this sin and be Zinat for Ahlulbait inshaallah.
  2. I like it and I think Allah rewards it if it is done for Allah
  3. I guess its talking about Satan who is Insan's enemy. If you got this verse from page 6 of Quran, theres a typo in the verse. The correct one is this: قلنا اهبطو ...
  4. I've seen that some guys marry wrong girls and vice versa. I have religious friends that never touched any girl (not even hand shake), but they get rejected or the girl's parents reject their proposals without telling the girl. Another thing is that guys get rejected at the first few seconds because of height or looks or job. Same thing happens for girls. Some guys reject a very good family oriented and practicing girl just because of looks. Some of these men are claiming to be religious (same for girls). These are things that I saw among Muslim community. Some girls think that a potential case doesn't have enough maturity to run a family and reject the case within 30-90 mins of talking. Patience is the key for both genders. We need to understand that the other person is new in marriage same as us, so give him/her a chance to continue talking with you. Inshaallah it will be solved. Continue searching and involve your family. Usually a religious guy doesn't approach you directly, he send a third person to talk to your parents or you.
  5. Salaam Alaykum Having fear of Allah is very good and our religion recommends it. It prevents us from doing sin. I remember a story from the prophet Moses. Prophet Moses saw two prisons, one very healthy and the other one skinny and weak. Both of them freed later. Moses asked the healthy one:" why are you healthy and in a good shape at prison?" He answered:" I had good view of Allah in prison that I'll be freed". The skinny one said:" I had fear of Allah". Moses asked Allah:" which one has more Manzilat in front of you?" Allah said:" The one that has optimistic view of me". I didn't say this to say Allah fear is bad, No. As Imam Sadegh said, we should always be in خوف and رجا. This fact helps us in life, but always be optimist, have positive view of life and Allah even if something bad happens. Trust him. Allah knows what hes doing.
  6. He couldn't do anything. Be sure if US COULD remove Bashar AlAsad, they never pulls their troops from Syria. They can't do anything in middle east. Middle easterns know the truth now. They gained confidence
  7. Im at DEN airport. Theres 2 hours layoff. What should I do? Airport visiting? Strangely 3rd floor is empty. People go and sleep there, but I did my Maghrib and Isha prays there
  8. Inshaallah your mum will be fine. Take this serious and take your mum to hospital soon. Inshaallah it will be cured
  9. Agree on this. I didn't even make a comment, someone liked it
  10. Do you work out everyday? Just a short exercise to not feel bored
  11. Really refusing shaking hand while respecting the other person is so easy. I don't know why you guys are so concerned about it. First day of my job, I refused to shake hand with team leader (she is a woman), and she didn't mind. The other day day one of the collegues raised her hand towards me for high five, I said I'm sorry and she got the point (she forgot about me being muslim that moment). The other day again I refused to shake hand with one of the colleagues, and she was okay with that. Etc. Etc. Etc. Its super easy. May Allah make it easy and easier for all of us. Take it easy. Focuse on your job and the goal, but refuse hand shake respectfully. (Please be this much sensitive on other sins like lying, Ghibah, etc. These are dangerous too)
  12. I know guy at work who refused to go the party of his supervisor just because of serving wine
  13. Come back home from work, have cookie with hot milk, take a rest look for a good dentist, then going to the mosque gym and play basketball with Sunni brothers. I feel toothache and I need dentist soon, but I have a flight on Wed. Don't know what to do
  14. Mutah with Ahlulkitab is allowed for single people. Follow the rulings and be in Halal relationship.
  15. Imam-us.org Or other shia websites. Talk with your mosque community. Ask your local Shaykh
  16. The reason of leaving your country and being away from your family should not be undressed women in west. Good Islamic behavior in western countries can promote Islamic values and sound interesting to other people. My suggestion is spending one year of highschool in Iran or spending one or two semesters of university in Iran, and deciding whether you like it or not.
  17. Brother, if the reason behind moving to Iran is being away from seeing inappropriate dressed women on street, do NOT go to Iran. I love Iran and Im planning to go back to Iran, but I want to go back to be of help inshaallah.
  18. Brother I support this action to be united. I honestly admire this action and I hope it will be wide spread in whole middle east. Syed Hassan Nasrullah is Lebanease, but I love him and used to keep his photo in my phone. Whoever is a right person, deserves to be followed.
  19. My opinion: why not following a person who invites people to peace and truth and is against US antagonistic behavior?
  20. Salaam Alaykum brother I had doubt problem before, and I know what you mean. Read this link from Sistani: https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2162/ If you have questions regarding doubt and Nijasat, feel free to PM me. I can't explain everything openly here. But be relaxed. Use your hand to reach water to all the parts. Take it easy. Inshaallah you'll be fine. One Shaykh told me that Imam Sadegh took Ghusl very easy. One time his servant saw his back dry. So our Ahlulbait took Ghusl easy, so we should also take it easy and follow them.
  21. Salaam Alaykum What do you think of this? Iraqi people are more welcome to comment http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2018/12/15/Photos-of-Khomeini-Khamenei-inside-an-Iraqi-official-s-office-spark-controversy.html
  22. @Asghar Ali Karbalai The example you brought up was good and explains everything, but Allah is not away from us. It's our sins that make us away from him. Allah said follow Ahlulbait to reach me, so we obey what he said. The reason we follow Ahlulbait is because Allah told prophet. Its not because we like to do that. About hidden Shirk I forgot to mention something. Rasoulullah said:" Hidden Shirk is harder to detect than a black ant walking on a black rock". We should always do Tavakkul to Allah and Ahlulbait and be خالص in our Aamal.
  23. Agree with all but the last one is okay. I wear jumper on my formal shirt sometimes. It looks nice and keeps you warmer especially in winter. Joggers and loose modest jeans are okay too. Thats how I go to work everyday
  24. Salaam Alaykum brother Shirk word means puting something along with something else. There are two types of Shirks: 1. Obvious Shirk 2. Hidden Shirk Obvious Shirk means someone believes there is another God or there are two, 3, etc. Gods. Muslims usually don't believe in this type of Shirk. The second type of Shirk is Hidden Shirk. Some Muslims even some Mumins usually commit this Shirk. I don't know much about this, but I guess trusting something more than Allah is hidden Shirk. The person believes that Allah is almighty, but in life ups and downs trusts something else more. For example, trusting bank account, job, or an influential friend in getting a job, people attention in self respect, people encourage and respect in reputation, etc. One outcome of trusting other things rather than Allah is hopelessness. A real Mumin attempts to solves his life difficulties and uses all possible resources without committing sin, but he is happy with the outcome because he knows that its Allahs Taghdir. A Muslim with lower level of Iman becomes upset if his friend doesn't recommend him for the job position. He may also end his relationship with his friend. Make it short, try your best without doing sin, be happy with result and do Tavakkul to Allah. This way, a Mumin will be away from hidden Shirk.
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