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  1. Salaam Alaykum I faced this issue a lot among some Muslims. As soon as someone talks about charity and the necessity of financial help, some try to be away from that person. There are a lot of Muslims in Iran who are suffering from financial problems and economy situation. Some people want to marry, but don't have money to do that. We are responsible, and we need to help. Quran says: و فی اموالهم حق معلوم "They give some part of of their money to those who are in need, and they consider it as the RIGHT of the needy people" Rationale, religion, humanity, etc. all tell us to help. Another thing is taking loan. Some of us have Muslim friends, but we leave each other alone in financial situations. If our Muslim friend wants to buy a car, house, etc. he/she should not be alone with a bank that asks for interest. He/She should come first to his/her Muslim friends. I know a guy that sends his salary to his Muslim friend, so that his friend pays less amount of interest. This is a big thing in front of Allah. There are also some minor Muslims that ask their friends to come to them for asking for money to gain Allah and Ahlulbait consent. These are all lesson for us, and we should do same as well.
  2. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Kowsar, New Iranian Fighter Jet

    Iran has many underground missile cities as well
  3. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Growing Beards

    I don't know what you mean by a nice beard, but I trim my beard regularly and I like my beard. I started having beard since 1 year ago because of religious reasons. I never shave it completely again.
  4. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    iran should act like a "normal' country (Mike Pompeo)

    Alhamdulillah they finally verified that Iran is an OUTSTANDING country.
  5. Salaam Alaykum I think it's better to talk to her, and give her a chance. Maybe she wants to make everything correct, and she is truly changed. Also talk to your family and her family to forget everything in the past. Moreover, promise to your wife (and your wife to you) that you two always solve your problems yourselves and do not involve your parents, family, friends, etc. They don't know details of your relationship. Regarding secrets, I don't know.
  6. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Hijab and pressure

    I want to bring up a lesson from Karbala. Shimr was in the army of Amiralmuminin in صفین war against Muawiah, but he killed Imam Hussain at the end of his life and became the most desperate person. حر was against Imam Hussain and he didn't let Imam Hussain family get water, but he finally joined Imam Hussain army and became the most rewardful person. Life changes may not be this much extreme, but every change toward forgetting islamic duties, keeps us away from Allah. That's why Imam Sadegh said:" کل یوم عاشورا و کل ارض کربلا" TWO BIG CHANGES IN THE STORY OF IMAM HUSSAIN. SEE HOW YOU CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE.
  7. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    What is your goal today?

    I've been thinking too much about marriage today. I can't go back to Iran due to visa problems. I haven't met a good girl here the place I live (it's a small city). It's hard for me to get married. I wish Ahlulbait put a good girl in my life. Do dua for me please. I need a life partner
  8. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Shopping at grocery stores that sell wine

    Grocery stores and shopping centers sell wine, and I don't know what to do. Ayatollah Sistani says if purchasing at those stores and shopping centets is any sort of support, I must not go and shop there. I buy my stuff from Muslim stores, but sometimes I buy some items from shopping centers as well (I can buy same items or equivalent from Muslim stores). Is there anyone who knows ruling on this? I know that if I buy my stuff from Muslim stores, I support a Muslim man (which is very good). I used to buy from Muslim stores before, but items are more expensive there. What to do?
  9. Salaam Alaykum Introduce him to Islam and gradually let your family know about that. Keep your relationship with your family. Talk with a Shaykh about your situation. Be away from Haraam and make your relationship Halal by marriage
  10. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    #47 Are your Friends Mostly Shia or non-Shia?

    Mostly shia. Even though sometimes I feel their views are totally different than mine, still we all agree that we are closer to each other than our nonmuslim friends.
  11. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    What is your goal today?

    Inshaallah I'll wake up for fajr on time. Allah help me.
  12. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    What is your goal today?

    I feel peaceful tonight. Thanks for this. Really! Imagine you don't have peace in your own home. Your life would be aweful. Alhamdulillah
  13. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    Question for Iranians (Anonymous Poll)

    What type of Iranian are you? I'm a good Iranian I was born and raised in Iran, and all my parents and family are from Mashhad as well, but I look like Hazarah people
  14. AmirAlmuminin Lover

    What is your goal today?

    I have a problem with my roommate Inshaallah it will be solved tomorrow. Please pray for me I like this emoticon