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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. perhaps some of you know gimp or photoshop. In those programs you can use as many layers on an image as you want, giving you the ability to mimic technology Disney once implemented. I decided to draw in Gimp using only one layer, which is more similar to a mspaint image, but it lets you mix your colors making a more diverse pallete. at least to me it's like that the lion svhiyeyi and a tundlemore dragon.
  2. I would think the UK has pleanty of jobs a handicapped person can do. Professor Hawking comes to mind as someone with a well respected job and a debilitating handicap.
  3. I quit two months ago with one week of patches. tobacco is likely not haram for the same reasons it is still legal in the us, it makes lots of money
  4. "Grandfather, as you lived once and created all there is, create me to see myself as you do." Shandor I don't know, I don't know if I have ever been truly broken by an individual, maybe a group or even my own mind. I am sorry.
  5. Antar! I love this story. I read it when I was 18 and I found it so, brilliant! What is even better with consuming this story, is that Rimsky-Korsakov wrote his second symphony to this story. Symphony No 2 Actually, when I was 18, I read this and Gilgamesh, and that was it for like a year.
  6. I realized after writing several pages, that the ones in gold would never properly copy or scan.... oh well :P this is a practice attempt to send crow to someone. I wrote it with a peregrine falcon feather, I want to find something in the woods, but it's not the right time for that.
  7. certainly, sorry I have not posted more, I am quite busy these days.
  8. Few days ago we made some peanut chicken that was nice: 1 package of blanched roasted peanuts 1 onion 1 head of garlic 4 sweet peppers 1 chili pepper 1 package of heritage farm chicken breast x royal basmati rice tendoori seasoning black pepper no-salt red crush pepper extra virgin olive oil peanut cooking sauce, sweet chili version Preheat oven to 425, and place all chicken breast in an oven pan, add most of the peanut cooking sauce to the chicken, if desired add some black pepper for flavor. Begin cutting all peppers,
  9. So often times a planned meal ends up costing lots of money, because of market prices on the goods. I have been working with goods that are on sale, or marked down in local groceries, often times making a 20$ meal into a 5-10$ meal. I don't really measure things out either, so the actual results may vary, I suppose. Home Made Cream of Mushroom: 2 package of sliced baby porta bellas 1 onion 1 head of garlic 1 package of assorted sweet peppers 1 package (small) of uncut whole baby carrots x flour x milk Cajun seasoning Black pepper Chili pep
  10. ya I was wondering what the best method would be, considering it may be popular for some nice recipes give me some time and I shall do so, with photos.
  11. if someone loves another, then it is the creator whispering love in the winds.
  12. sorry, what does that mean? ;) I don't know much arabic, other than Lo-Raheem and Allah and Salam :P
  13. I would ask, if they believe in magic? but that's me I think if I am to ask someone I like or want to know more, I make a list of things that interest me, and chekc off what I don't know they feel about or have an opinion on. for instance: hiking writing reading learning from what you said, I know they like learning, or something to that extent, they likely enjoy reading of some kind, even if it is only Quran. so I would check off writing and hiking, and ask questions based on those subjects. Does that help?
  14. meat tastes good, but red meat especially is difficult to digest. one celebrity had pounds of red meat in his body when he died, that was undigested. It can cause the stomach to expand widely, and adds little to no nutrition to our bodies in the end. I have some really nice vegetarian dishes that give a sensation of having eaten red meat, if you would like I could message them to you.
  15. oh this makes me happy thank you
  16. I apologize as I am not learned about Islam. Have you ever seen a light in someone's eye? not reflect, but emanating? Have you ever had a prophetic dream about someone you cherish and love? Are you your organs? You have a stomach, yet you do not live as a stomach? You eat, and the stomach digests it. The stomach does not create what goes in it. We say we are made of flesh, but we are not flesh in since that we are bound by it. We can choose to live a life guided by spirit, by our souls desire to love, and feel. I know that I have a mental illness. But sometimes I am in tune w
  17. i am sorry I write this here, however the site will not allow me to send messages to anyone.

    Zohour has told me to speak with you, because I need a Shia who will help me in writing a novella.

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  18. turkey tail mushrooms, and osage orange fruit. Chemo can lower the immune system, and turkey tail mushrooms will boost it significantly, the tea form was recently approved by the FDA in USA as a medicinal use for Chemo patients. Osage Orange fruit has a chemical which can attack cancerous cells, and even prevent obtaining cancer in the future. If you would like I can find some literature on the subject for those two items. Both are meant to be ingested as a tea.
  19. I love food, because for a year and a half, food was scarce to come by. But I too have a larger build than I would like. I take hikes in the woods, where I pray to the creator in many ways, sorry not as a Muslim, but as a Native American. I walk for at least 1.5 hours or 5.3 miles, and try to go further every time. "I am a miracle, made up of particles" Sometimes, I crave meat, so I eat carrots with ranch, or a salad instead. It can really help.
  20. Ok. I know it is fiction, but I am going for Light Fantasy, so fantastical elements, with real world setting, or realistically believable. I haven't seen far enough to know if it has a message hidden in it. I did not think there was reincarnation in Islam, but I thought it could be a good source of conflict at some point. I want to show a person of strength and conviction that is regarded as unpopular by those who are ignorant, and at the same time, work with a theme that is dominated by alpha males, thus showing heroic deeds from people who are suffering, who are acting on their convicti
  21. Idk even if there is a line to cross... I know nothing about islam or sunni or shia, and I want to write something and I'm asking for help so I am not offensive or rude or plain stupid. Salam. This is what I summarize [MOD NOTE: WARNING - Clicking on a link to an unknown website or downloading a file carries a risk of a virus or computer invasion.]
  22. So, I've been reading a book, and speaking with the author via his fan mail email address. And I've become so fascinated with not just a character that is minor, but the premise to the life of that character. And this lead me to decide to write a Novella about a Spy that reincarnates with new convictions, and new afflictions. The incarnations happen between the Soul's Partner as a spy. What I have written so far, is summarized as: a Syrian refugee born in England, that is deaf, and who's mother is in MI-6 as a spy to the crown with no living family because of Russian bombing, assign
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