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  1. adnanflayih

    shia lecturers?

    Alsalam Alukum, As I know that Sheikh Ahmad al Waeli, Allah yarhamo still the best lecturer
  2. adnanflayih

    Trip to Iraq on Arbaeen- Do's and Dont's

    Most of Muslim Shia make Zairat for Karbala Iraq nowadays, why you do not try it?
  3. adnanflayih

    One Eid This Year for North and South America

    Eid Mubarak for All brothers and sisters
  4. adnanflayih

    Making Dua For Each Other

    I am asking Allah (S.W.T) to keep all our brothers and sisters with good healthy and happiness.
  5. adnanflayih

    Who is he?

    They refer Imam Hussein (as) as 'ya aba abdillah'
  6. adnanflayih

    Emaan & Imam Ali (a.s)

    Imam Ali (a.s) is a real way for Islam and anyone needs to be Momin should satisfy the requirements of Islam
  7. You can buy a house or land in Najaf of Karbala bout you should register it in name of Iraqi person.
  8. adnanflayih

    Hadith on abu bakr being kafir?

    Salamalukum This Hadith is not fully correct as Imam Ali (pbuh) dealt with Abu Baker.
  9. adnanflayih

    منتديات شيعة تشات

    بالتوفيق ان شاء الله لكل من يساهم في رفد هذا المنتدى بالمعلومات الاسسلامية الهادفة النابعة من فكر اهل البيت عليهم السلام
  10. adnanflayih

    I have no friends I'm so lonely :(

    You should consider yourself and depend upon Allah Subhanahw Watalaa and every thing will be solved.
  11. adnanflayih

    University questions

    Dear Anonymous, I think you should go with the second option which will give you a postive future. Hope to you all the best