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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i wont agree to this. No one has the right to say this. Only Allah is the judge.
  2. i'll tell you the better way, recite Quran, do Salah. Follow Rasool (saw). do wat the Quran says try to copy Rasool thats way better then anyother thing.
  3. why not go directly towards Allah and Rasool (saw) then going to them indirectly ;)
  4. i'm a sunni my brother and i dont follow muawiya and yazeed. Talking about Yazeed, he's not even in the league. Muawiya? He was a ruler but not just. He fought war against Maula and to be honest the research that i have done says that he started biddah of lanah on the minmber. And We as a whole dont follow Muawiya too. We follow Rasool (SaW) Quran and Sunnah. the differene b/w shia and sunni that we follow Quran, sunnah and hadith and shias they rely on the ahle bait only. We as a matter of fact respect ahle bait to the fullest you dont even have an idea. The difference is not about who we fol
  5. Asalam Alaykum, Name = Syed Moiz Akram Location = Rawalpindi, Pakistan Origin = Lahore, Pakistan Age = 22 (Here to learn from you guys, I'd be nice please be nice to me too)
  6. i mean that all the things that Muhammad (SAw) said before leaving the world about Ali (AS) meant something. Dont you think Muhammad (SAW) was trying to tell us something? It was destined by Allah that Islam would have fiqas but by doing research you'd get to know what Rasool (SAW) meant. my dear brother everyone has a unique personality and everyone have different attributes we dont have a right to compare the two because Allah is the only one. And thething about the bani hashim. Quraish boycotted bani hashim which included muslims and non muslims. They did not boycott muslims, just t
  7. no brother first u have to answer me the qyestion that was Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) nauzibillah unaware of all this? Being a muslim my belief doesnt allow me to think that he didnt knew, so if he knew all this why did He told Abubakr and Umer that they were going to jannah that too in their life time? My dear brother i dont intend to hurt u or offend you in any way but the thing is that they were rightly guided the main problem was of Muawiya from that point all the problem started. Muawiya started the biddah of lanat and things got out of hands. Maula Ali yes indeed deserved to be the successor
  8. my brother as far as i know the boycott was done by Quraish of Bani hashim and you are right it was done for three years now let me help you understand that the Quraish wanted Bani hashim to hand over Muhammad (saw) to them or to let him go out of their protection. At that time the qabila system was like that one being from bani hashim may he be a muslim or a non muslim was boycotted just because he belonged to bani hashim which Muhammad (saw) also belonged to. So all the people of the bani hashim did the revine may they be muslims or non muslims and did not let go Muhammad (saw) out of the pr
  9. so my brother you are tryng to say that Nauzibillah our Rasool (saw) was unknown of what was to happen in the future? If one is a muslim one has a firm belief that the Prophet knew everything that what is goingto happen who'll do what and when. If Umer Farooq (R.A.) was to be what you think why on earth would the Prophet (Saw) give him the news of jannah in his lifetime? By saying this ur doubting our Prophet nauzibilah as he was not aware of umer's real self. I'm sorry i'm knew here and am allowed to do ten comments in a day thats why took long to reply to you my beloved brother.
  10. my dear brother, can you provide me a refrence from which you are saying this? Which book?
  11. Aoa brothers. Can anyone provide me with some incidents in the past which truely tell the stories of bravery and valor of maula e kainaat Ali (A.s) except that of Khyber. I know that this is the very starting level question but i want to learn about maula.
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