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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just posting a link does not count as engaging in a dialogue, or even a "book report". It is good to back up YOUR OWN comments with a source, however, just posting a link by itself without making a point or posting a comment is about as memorable as a chalk mark in a rainstorm. P.S.- The arguments made on the article are interesting...., too bad they are 100% someone elses.
  2. (salam) Good point! In my opinion, some of the biggest problems we have in many Muslim communities worldwide (including my own) are directly attributable to parents and other older people encouraging young people to delay marriage. This is the exact opposite of what they should be doing (i.e., encouraging and facilitating young people to get married). This behavior is causing young people to be attracted towards the haram, because noone is encouraging and helping them to be attrachted to what is halal. It also encourages young men and woman who are mature to act as if they have no responsib
  3. (salam) Bismillah " Allah does not impose upon any soul a duty but to the extent of its ability" 2:286 If a person was in a position in which is was IMPOSSIBLE for them to get married, then Allah (swa) would not cause them to desire nikah (or things related to it). If a person DESIRES nikah, then Allah (swa) would have to provide a way for them. Of course, in some situations one must have patience, however, if marriage (in the long term) was impossible then a person would not have the desire for it....otherwise Allah (swa) would be unjust (astafirAllah!), which is impossible.
  4. (salam) So by "dodgy business" you obviously mean he is involved with or connected to something distasteful or haram. So that IS an accusation. Hence, my original post. If you mean something else by it, please enlighten us.
  5. Making an accusation against someone (who didn't do anything to you) when the person is not present and without evidence is called GHREEBA (Gossip). So tell us, how does dead flesh taste to you?
  6. (salam) Good point. We know that dysfunctional families have always existed, however, what we DON'T know is how prevelant (or how rare) they were in other ages and socieities. This is because, as you pointed out, these things were generally not discussed long ago and (in fact) were often deliberately hidden. It is just more difficult now to hide them (primarily because of the volume and speed of information these days). However, the primary issue here is not dysfunctional families...it is the coorelation between dysfunctional families and religious "fundementalism". Are "fundementalist" fami
  7. (salam) I agree that the unspoken message seems to be similar to your understanding. Disfunctional families seem to have become the norm these days (unfortunatley), and Muslim's families are certainly not immune from this. However, when a paper chooses to report a story like this they are also choosing not to report other stories which are equally (if not more) tragic. While sad, domestic violence is common both in the U.K and the U.S. and their are also many stories like this that don't involve Muslims or hijab. The unspoken message is similar to the one on terrorism. Although terrorists ar
  8. (salam) You bring up many good points! The only comment I wanted to make (from the perspective of a married man with 2, soon to be three children) is that after trusting in Allah (swa) one must work, work, work. Certainly Allah (swa) will not abandon a young couple that marries to protect their deen, if that is their intention. However, what both husband and wife must remember is that marriage (especially when one marries very young) will require (in most cases) hardship, sacrifice and mostly alot of "sweat equity" in the family building process. May Allah (swa) bless those who spend their
  9. (salam) I think what is being discussed is not whether or not a Muslim Ummah exists in the U.S. or elsewhere (as it certainly does, whether we like it or not), but rather, the possibility of having a "strong", "influential" and "active" Ummah. If one studies Muslim communities throughout history, one finds that for most of history (except the last 100 years) a Muslims primary social identification has been with their village, their village mosque, their village Imam. Their identity as a Muslim took on the overpowering hue of their local religious institutions. What has changed (and is still
  10. (salam) and Peace, Having heard the show before (unfortunately), and being familiar with Mr. Savage I would say that it's very obvious to me that Mr. Savage simply see's this lawsuit as another vehicle to promote himself and his show (i.e., it's a function of his marketing department, not legal department). Passages like this from the text of the lawsuit make it obvious. "'The Savage Nation' is unique among so-called 'Talk Radio' in that it combines serious intellectual analysis with dramatic and emotional soul baring that the show advertises as 'Psychological Nudity'. This performance aspec
  11. (salam) Although I'm always hesitant to give my personal opinion on matters like this, I feel that you are sincere in your questions so I will share it. First, since your new to Islam you should carefully study both the shariah (Islamic law) and hadith on these matters. The foundation of a happy and peaceful life as a Muslim is understanding both the "do's and don'ts" of Islam, the associated penatly for committing haram actions (such as maturbation) and performing the wajib (obligatory duties) and refraining from the haram (prohibited, sinful acts). I'm not saying this is all their is to it
  12. (salam) It is interesting how some Muslims change the meaning of the Holy Quran to suit their own opinion. Here is a better translation of the verse; 51. "O' you who have Faith! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends of each other. And whoever among you takes them for friends, then surely he is one of them. Verily Allah does not guide the unjust people." The word in question "Awliya" has two shades of meaning in Arabic, one is "friendship" and the other is "Mastery". Both meanings are relvent in this context. According to Ayatullah Sayyid Kamal Faqih Imani, "
  13. (salam) Although I can't do it justice (right now), I just wanted to echo you're comment and expand on it a little. This is absolutely true, and I can't begin to tell you how many thoughts come to mind when I read this. Here are a few random one's. I have found that one can only be merciful from a position of strength (or at least equality), and for a person that is being oppressed (especially in their own home), survival is the best that can be hoped for. I am truly saddened to think that their are Muslims brothers and sisters that are being oppressed in their own home, and this is a diffic
  14. (salam) Excellent points Sis! Of course, we basically agree on this, however, I just want to "dig a little deeper" since it is so important to understand for someone who is new to Islam. My main point in posting was to address the comment regarding "drifting back" to your former religion. When one is raised in a religion other then Islam, there is always a fear (in oneself and other's around you) of "going astray" and going another religion, a cult, agosticism, atheism, etc. That's not to say that Muslims do not have this same fear, however, the basis of the fear is different. In other rel
  15. (salam) Well, just about everyone on the site has responded to this post....so I can't resist. First, the specific physical characteristics that any given socieity considers "beautiful" vary more then you think. If you look at (for example) statues of "beautiful women" from the mezo-America several hundred years ago, you would find that the women considered "beautiful" would be severly obese by our current standards. This is because obesity was a sign of wealth (unlike today, where it is the reverse in Western socieity). If you look at European paintings of the 15th Century, you will see tha
  16. (salam) As a revert (from Christianity), I understand your fears, however, I assure you they are probably unfounded. Even if you practiced the Jewish faith with your family (i.e., participated in the rituals), you will not "drift back to Judaism". The basis of faith is the heart, not the rituals. The rituals (ideally) are simply a reflection of an inner state. It is that inner state that gives meaning to the rituals (not the other way around). When I first reverted to Islam, I worried about even entering a Christian church because I was afraid I would be "re-possesed" by the "Ghost of Christ
  17. (salam) and Peace, You are facing two issues that you will be dealing with for some time to come (in regards to your marriage), one is culture and the other is religion. In the Arab culture, the behavioral expectations of woman are much more circumscribed then in Western culture. Married women (in general) are expected to stay in their homes, and take care of their husbands and children, do housework, shop at the store, etc. When the husband is away, family members (or close friends) will stop by and "chat" over coffee and sweets. This is the cultural "rhythm" of the Arab woman (in general).
  18. (salam) Ali Zaki strokes his long, white beard and reflects When I first became Muslims, only geeks and college professors had even heard of the internet. Very few people even owned a personal computer and if they did they sure didn't know what a modem was. Some people had "cable", but most still had rabbit ears on their t.v., etc. No satellite. So information about Islam could be obtained (for most) through 2 sources, books and other people. Back in those days reverts waited for a "conference" or "event" to browse the book tables. There were few books available in English about Islam, and
  19. Hello, I will keep it short, and maybe write more later. Having a preference regarding existence or non-existence is futile. That's like a white person saying "If I have to be white, I wish I never was born." The fact is that you were born, and you are white, so what's the point of the preference. The same can be said of your statement, you do exist (and will always exist in some form, as far as you know) and you are a slave. So you don't have a choice between existence and non existence (since you exist), you don't have a choice between slavery and non-slavery (since you are already a sla
  20. (salam) "And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." Acts 11:26 So Jesus never heard the term "Christian", was never called (or called himself) a Christian, and never heard of a religion called "Christianity". The first usage of the term (in the N.T.) is when the disciples (at Antioch) were called "Christians". So, obviously, the religion of "Christianity" was invented by those who claimed to follow the teachings of
  21. (salam) Sis, True, however, that's the problem with writing about direct experience. In any one moment their are an infinate number of singular events unfolding. We pay attention to some, and ignore others. It's even more subjective when we reflect back on our prior experiences because the present colors the past with it's own hue. I think the "honeymoon period" (to use your term) that most reverts experience is real and an accurate description of a certain phase (i.e., the first phase) of the reversion experience. However, it's only the first step (of a long journey) and reverts typically s
  22. Hi Daystar, You quote books that don't contain the words or teachings of Prophet Jesus (as) (i.e., Galatians, Ephisians, Revelations, etc.) to try and prove that Paul's teachings are consistent with those of Jesus (as). I don't understand that approach at all. I didn't quote these men to say that I agree with everything they have ever written (or even written on this subject, b.t.w.). I included these quotes to demonstrate that almost all non-Christians (and even many Christians) are unianomous in the opinion that Christianity (i.e., Mainstream Christian THEOLOGY )as we know it today was cre
  23. (salam) Excellent Thread! Thanks to Br. Yonus. I just wanted add a few expert voices to the choir. " The impact of Jesus on human history is so obvious and so enormous that few people would question his placement near the top of this list. Indeed, the more likely question is why Jesus, who is the inspiration for the most influential religion in history, has not been placed first. There is no question that Christianity, over the course of time, has had far more adherents than any other religion. However, it is not the relative influence of different religions that is being estimated in this b
  24. Salam, Peace, Shalom, I admire your efforts to understand. I think the most important thing is not to "know everything" but to "know what you don't know". Most people are uncomfortable with reflections of their own ignorance. To ease their discomfort, they make assumptions about people that they know little about. These assumptions are often wrong, or mostly wrong and based on little good information. One of the advantages that Muslims have is that since the founding of our religions we have had contact and dialog with people of different faith, especially Christians and Jews. In fact, the l
  25. (salam) The answer to this question is dependent on the type of state one is living in (i.e., Islamic or non-Islamic). In an Islamic state, Muslim and non-Muslims are treated differently under Islamic law. The purpose behind these laws is to protect and promote the interest's of both the state and all it's citizens. One example is that non-Muslims in an Islamic state must pay a special tax which Muslims don't have to pay. The reason for this tax is that non-Muslims are not required to join the military or defend the Islamic state in a time of war. The reason's for non-Muslims not being requi
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