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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A new book regarding Appearance of Al-Yamani. http://www.alameli.net/book/174
  2. salam, does any maasomeen have favorite color? thank you
  3. try www.praytime.info Maghrib in Sunni = Sunset (+1minute). Maghrib in shia more likely to civil twilight : Civil twilight is the period when the Sun is below the horizon but its center is less than 6 degrees below. The "Civil Twilight Starts" time is the dawn or civil dawn, with the center of the Sun at exactly 6 degrees below the horizon. Equally, the "Civil Twilight Ends" time is dusk or civil dusk, when the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the evening. During civil twilight, the sky is still illuminated, and with clear weather it is brightest in the direction of the Sun. The Moon and the brightest stars and planets may be visible. It is usually bright enough for outdoor activities without additional lighting. In Al-Quran Sura Al-Baqarah ayaah 187
  4. the images are the computer generated using Starry Night Pro 6.
  5. Okay, please look at my attachment. those are on sunset, and moon location when sunset. :) those attachment is for Iran and Toronto. (i don't know how to put in my post) left is for Iran (Tehran) and right is for TOronto.
  6. salam same horizon means; two cities which can view a same last mile. for moon sighting case, it is depends on moon & earth positions. take globe, take triangle, and let we see cities' horizon. :) Iran possibly using calculation; or perhaps there would be one city same horizon with Iran saw crescent moon.
  7. Salam, Nope, it's just fine for me. look at the attachment.
  8. (salam) Allahummasolli 'ala Muhammad waali Muhammad I want to know, is there any fatwa from any marjae regarding genie? Thanks in advance...
  9. (salam) Bro, ur statement is from Hadith? Thanks bro.
  10. Insya'Allah, zuhur of Imam Zaman is really near. Ahmadinejad's government are going to Him. The nearest enemy of Mukminin are Munafiqin. They are not like Christians or Jews but Munafiq. This is same like some people who really blame the choosen President and the blessed President by Sayyid Ali Khamenei. Rahbar is Mukmin, every single of his word has meanings. Obey on his Wilayat is compulsory, no other way only one way; sirathalmustaqim is only one. O Allah, la'nat Munafiqun.......!!! La'nallah 'Ala munafiqun....!!!
  11. thx for the reply. quite confuse it is in arabic of persian.... :D Khudam... Hussein if im not mistake in persian Khudam = my lord and in arabic is what u said.... khudam = we are slave of hussein. mmm....
  12. (salam) I like this matam by Mahmoud Karimi. But i dont know the Title and the lyric. Can someone translate for me. :!!!: I like this part: Man Kiblatu....Hussein Man Dina.... Hussein Man Imammu... Hussein Man Kitabu...Hussein Dinam...Hussein Roham...Hussein Khudam (?)...Hussein karimi.amr The file is in .amr format, could play with RealPlayer 10.5+. Thanks in advance
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