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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's bizarre how much this sounds like my former situation. I remember a few months ago, I was in a similar ''rough patch'' (just like you are currently). I went down this road and it truly was a very lonely and dark walk. The good thing is that you have already taken the first step towards a better future: you have accepted your situation. You're no longer being delusional about your circumstances, you're well aware of your life, your mistakes and everything else. It's a normal thing to question your religion. Alot of us were simply 'born into' Muslim households and we follow I
  2. My two cents: I feel like you're in a little bit of a risky situation. The lack of communication is making everything a bit worse. What really bothers me is that you can't get to know him BEFORE getting engaged (as you said, getting engaged is a huge step and I completely agree with this). Waiting for a month is actually not that long, there are families out there which wait much longer for a response... The few times that you did talk to him, did you perhaps notice any ''red flags'', anything that made you go ''Hmmm??'' If I were you, I'd politely tell him and his family that you n
  3. @ali_fatheroforphans Every single word you just typed is exactly how I feel. After reading everyone's advice I have come to the realization that nothing will change unless I actively do something against it; it may be a rough start but that's what everyone had to go through apparently... And WOW, 1 1/2 years is INCREDIBLE mashallah. Talk about LIFE GOALS lol. You should be insanely proud of yourself. Thank you so much for your input, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. Jazakallah khayr.
  4. Wow, this is such a simple yet really clever mindset. It's so damn obvious but still didn't even cross my mind. Thanks alot, going to do this 101%.
  5. @DigitalUmmah Thanks for the quick reply, appreciated. Marriage is not an option for me at the moment as I'm still in university (so no job, no stable financial situation and also no way to raise a family anytime soon) even though I kind of wish it were an option, in all honesty. There's obviously a reason why the Prophet (saww) and the Imams (as) kept urging their followers to get married while they were still young; makes perfect sense to me now. Mutah crossed my mind several times as well but unfortunately, no one - at least not in our society - would be willing to do that. My p
  6. Salaam, brothers. Now, before anyone points out the obvious: I am aware of the fact that there are at least a billion threads on this topic because I've been scrolling through them for quite some time now. The advice given in those threads might be effective for some but it's just not helping me (only helping me to a certain level). Btw: This is not some troll post or sth, I'm really going through a crisis right now in my life. So, here's my problem: I started masturbation and watching pornography (online) when I was around 13/14. Back then I was obviously very young and immediately
  7. Thanks to all the people who replied to my many questions, this has really made me open my eyes and realize quite alot of things! Thank you SO much! Jazaak Allaahu Khayran
  8. Salaam, dear brothers and sisters! I've literally JUST created an account on this website so I'm still pretty new to all of this and I don't exactly know if this question has already been asked (and perhaps even been answered?) but I'll give it a shot and insha'Allah someone will help me out I was born a Shia but I've never been THAT religious, unfortunately. However, due to recent traumatic events and struggles in the past few years in pretty much every aspect of my life, I have decided to learn more about my religion and strengthen my belief. This has literally been such an emp
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