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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do any one know how to delete your previous posts.. I wanted to delete my first post .. Bcz i got the satisfied ans now i want my post to be deleted Ya Ali as madad
  2. can someone please send me a online website where a maulana will do istikhara ? Or any one here can do istikhara ? pls all help me jazak Allah Ya Ali a s madad
  3. Sure.. Pls do remembere me in it prayers i need it Jaxak Allah Mola as salamat rakhein ya ali as khne walo ko
  4. Like i said i have seen it on my head.. There were so many lices that i m plucking frm my head... I cant find any interpretation above for this. Still confused
  5. I have seen in my dream that i have lot of lices on my head which i m throwing from my head i have never seen this kind of dream before .. What does it mean?
  6. Nd un se dr k mt rho he has no right to beat.. We are living in 21st century ... Unko kho k ap hme is trha maarte raege to we will not tolerate.. Or u hve to discuss it ese nae chlega .. Or me smjh skti hn jb insan k halaat ese hon to uske lie prhna ya ksi b chez me dil lganaa asan nh hota h or me ye islie kehskti kyn k me khud in halaat ki shikar hun. Mgr me hmsha apne haq k lie bolti hn Allah se madad maango beshk wo hm sb ki preshanyon ko hal farmaegaa aameen Or try to focus on ur studies chahe jo bh halaat hon.. Ilm ik esi taqat h jo tmhe hmesha mazboot kregi siss.
  7. Siss i think you should discuss it with your other family member dont feel scared.. No one else can help you better thn ur family members ... dont think about other things that how will they react etc but you have to discus it. Nd pls offer 5 tym prayers nd ask Allah for help in every prayer... I will surely pray for u
  8. Walekum as salaam Pls never ever think about committing sucide ... You will not only destroy your life but also your akhirat would be destroyed .. All i can say you is dear siss try make him understand you are trying your best not every kid is same may be i m good at something else nd make you feel proud. You just need to convince him when he is good mood. I have lots of prayers for you.. May Allah ease your all the problems aamen
  9. If u are admin of this site pls givs me a favour by deleting my past post i would be very thankul.. I cant send msg to any admin or members dont know y
  10. Pls do tell me waizfa for family and other issues with me Nd pray for me .. need ur prayers
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