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  1. @shiaman14 Back then it was a handful of believerd who couldn't do anything about it. I wrotr about the current situation where hajjis support corruption and finance war. Back then in the era of Imams, I am pretty sure it was free to go to Hajj, but now it can cost up to few thousand euros. People are making big bucks based on it. You are telling me that is it ok to finance the corrup government, other things i mentioned before and their bombs which they drop on the Yemenis because during the era of Imams Macca and Kaba were usually under the rule of corrupt people. 2 copletelly different situation. In no way would Imams help corrupt people. Its not a debate, I know, since it is hard to accept the truth.
  2. The true Islam and and the truth are with Mohammad (saww) and Ali (as). Those who follow them are called shias. You know who divided Islam into peaces, I bet you know.
  3. Respond with links of Yaser Habibi's videos. Thats what they need.
  4. Haven't seen a disco working during daylight.
  5. What's the point of visiting a shrine and not tell others on the internet what you did? Right.
  6. @Abu Hadi My answer to this is in the first post.
  7. They don't think, thats the main problem.
  8. Salam everyone. We all know what Hajj is for, to get closer to Allah and fulfill some of His orders. Where do I start? Kaba and Macca, like Medina, are in the hands of the greatest enemies of Allah. Their rulers are of dirty origins and are cooperating with the devil. All the money that comes from Hajj and Umrah are going in the hands of the kafirs, which are spent in the worst way. Buying weapons and bombs for their proxy armies, adultery, bribery, war financing and gay parties of course. Is Allah happy with the current rulers? Can you even wonder. Can one who is ignoring all of this, goes on Hajj to get closer to Allah while ignoring the truth and injustice be considered a sane person? Not at all. Can one visit a man in a house who is being tortured mentally and physically, then leave thinking everything is fine because he visited him? Does a visit make you a better person. I think so, yeah.....not. This is done by millions of people who have some power to change things, but they are all selfish of course. Why help the tortured man? No need when you can come home back and brag about the visit. A lot of money is earned by Hajj. So you can actually say that Hajjis are financing the oppression. We got the Yemeni war lately, lots of bombs....Some people will explain how they buy the bombs with the oil money and build mosques and other by Allah loved things with the Hajji money. Please, keep something like this away from this thread, thats just insane and wahabistic. How can people go to Hajj and ignore what the Saudis are doing and expect love from Allah as a reward? Is Allah also blind like the people. Ka'ba and Macca are supposed to be in some better hands, in the hands of an Imam. Go to Hajj, pay for the bombs they drop on Yemeni kids, pay for the bullets used to kill civilians in Syria, pay for the adultery the elite saudis are commiting, pay for the cars, huge structures and Allah will give you a reward for that because "Hajj". Of course, they earn money with the oil, but thats not all the money.
  9. Questions that people make to boost their ego. Like this one.
  10. Is it worth reading such a long speech by a liar? Blame russia for everything is a trend now.
  11. This "syedness" is very similar to the "chosen people".
  12. People don't need him yet so he will not come that soon. Iraq is the country with no dignity and will never be called a shia country. Iran on the other hand has a lot of shias and a true leader, but still, the shias there are still a minority and he can't come for the minority of shias. The world does not need him, sadly, and he would not be welcomed by the people. The hardest part for him is the delaying of the mission to rule the world on the behalf of Allah, to establish peace and order and justice, to finally return the world to the rules of Allah. Will the mods delete my post?
  13. Goes to uni built by kafirs, where kafirs teach and from whom he learns and bases his future on, ask if he can eat food prepared by a kafir. Internet 2017.
  14. What do you think, do we have jinns on this forum who posts stuff, ask weird questions or pretend to be shias or sunnis? How big are the chances that we have them on this popular forum?
  15. Hahahahahahahahahaha, yeah if her [edit] bosses allow her. Great news everyone, another socially broke celebrity finds more attention by joining Islam. I can imagine Natanyahu converting to islam and all muslims would welcome him. "You dont know whats in their hearts" is a popular phrase used by retards to protect other retards. [Edit]
  16. One Bismillah and one Allahu Akbar doesnt make meat halal. You will never know if the meat is truly halal or not, unless you attend the slaughter with the butcher.
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