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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL8IhTxV0G4rii1MM02Qttmer0EVUpNfz7&v=eRLXImct2Jc Heres some points I noted from some of his vids on these narrations • although these narrations are weak, they can be interpreted metaphorically such as Allah doin ziyara meaning Allah giving his attention to the grave of imam Hossein's (as). Bcz according to some dictionaries, ziyarah means giving attention • he shows that the narration don't need to b taken for aqeeda anyways as they aren't sahih or mutawatir. • he states Allah giving attention means sending his blessings and rahma to the grave of hussein & he quotes the views of Allamah Majlisi and Allamah Amini • he also shows double standards of wahabbis by proving how they literally believe Allah descends and how imam Rida (as) showed in a hasan Hadith how the prophet Muhammad Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå negated Allah azj descending. So he says if descending of Allah azj is denied in a hasan Hadith from the prophet, then we can't in any way accept the weak Hadith in kamal al Ziyarah to mean Allah literally descending and we must interpret the weak Hadith in a metaphorical way • he also presents a similar verse in Quran where it seems like Allah would come with angels on day of judgement and how this just like the ziyarah Hadith must be in interpretated in a metaphorical
  2. The so called benefit of doubt you guys have been giving him is ridiculous. "Maybe he didn't look lustfully at the pictures of half naked women, even though he clearly made lustful comments" "Maybe he didn't mean what he actually said and we should judge on the batin and esoteric meanings of his words" double standards from the rehbaris
  3. The fact that he didn't explicitly deny those things shows us that he shouldn't be trusted. Warn your community members against him.
  4. If a wife or sister did sumin like taking lustful pics of men & it was exposed to the whole community, every one would start calling her a [Edited Out] & judging her. Why is it when a man does then it's a whole different story?
  5. He sent pictures for the purpose of lust! You guys will give 1 million excuses to someone just because he's pro WF it's obvious. Brother I think you should re study fiqh as ur understanding lacks. Coz according 2 what u are saying any brother can look at a woman dressed in underwear for the first glance intentionally and it's fine? "1st look is ok brah ;)" No one is saying Daily Mail is not full of propaganda & will do anything to suit their biased, anti-Islamic agenda but it's clear what Salami did. Unless he accidentally took a selfie behind a half naked woman (totally halal) and then his finger accidentally slipped which made him send it on what's app to other people lol. And maybe he accidentally happend to just take pics of women he found attractive and then he accidentally typed lustful comments on them & then accidentally sent them.
  6. Exactly! If it was a pro shirazi or Yasser habib guy there would be a massive uproar. People need to be unbiased & see it for what it is is. This salami guy clearly took a selfie behind an explicit pic & gave advice to others on his Facebook which he was doing the opposite of! himself. He also sent audio messages singing to haram music & saying 'startin the day off with a sin' I mean WTH As a sister, it totally creeps me out knowing we could have turban wearers who eye up every bit of skin they see.
  7. You people need to stop being apologetic. I actually know someone who had these screenshots & then saved the number to check it was his. It came up as the same number of Salami. It's not 'gheebah' this guy sent youth explicit images and he is meant to be a shaykh! He wasnt just sinning privately! He was encouraging others. There's a lot more on him than u guys think
  8. If anyone actually watches the Birmingham so called productive discussions with arif Hussein - a very questionable individual who denies some fundemental tenants of Shia'ism such as Imamate - they'll see taqiyyah being used in the wrong way and opinions that contradict many of our Shia books where lanah is permissible and encouraged. Those discussions lead no where only to 'Sunni's believing that shia are more deceitful for lying to their faces about some figures they love.
  9. If everyone reads the desciption on this video, then they will see screen shots were provided of how asrar barked and acted big on social media. When it came down to the night seems he fled from those brothers completely.
  10. Brother those channels u mentioned such as 'leftshia4good' are old channels of that nasibi. I read their forums and he teamed up a while back with the original creator of anti majos whhch is that amskhan guy. Notice how his old channels all of a sudden were not active for along time . Ebn hussein was still active but the coward was just was behind the scenes and tried to hide for a long time until he got exposed as the no.2 guy of anti majos who runs their social media with his foul manners
  11. Your faith isn't affected if you study Shia aqeeda in depth
  12. Salaam brother, I actually know some of the families of these brothers and I believe that all of them left that project 'fadak 2' for their own reasons. I asked about some of them and the brother doing the Dawah Man refutation apparently has studied at the Shia Islamic college in London 4 the last 3 years. When I asked about the Sayyid who appears on that channel, he seems to be a recent BA graduate of the Islamic college and continues to study under privately under some Shia scholars. I also asked bout Shaykh Hassan Garaawi who seems to be a well qualified Quran teacher who has also studied privately. Anyways, I think these young brothers are doing a great job & their efforts seem sincere. Regardless of our differences I think it's important to give credit where it's due. Which other Shia organisation has stepped up to tackle these misconceptions and lies which are confusing the weaker from amongst us??
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