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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So is there nothing we can do? While some may say we should let ignorant people discredit themselves but how much more should one ignore before something as bad as Man Monis happens? What can we do?
  2. @JermainTaylor He should be asked to step down and face court if he has indeed done this. However, I'd like to ask OP: What is the best alternative to Assad? That is, what do you expect the future government of Syria to be like without Assad? How will minorities be treated? What geographical and strategic treaties will Syria have with Israel?
  3. Fahad - I'm having trouble understanding your text in red. Are you saying that the Prophet didn't ever mention the Ahlulbayt or to follow them?
  4. https://www.al-islam.org/nahjul-balagha-part-1-sermons/sermon-238-they-are-life-knowledge-and-death-ignorance… I believe the above mentions the Prophet's family as a source of Guidance. Every prophet had chosen a successor and their children had chosen a successor to continue the work of God. For it to stop at the Prophet and say "Hey, here's a book and just follow it" sounds very much like God giving us a Manual without clear directions. Hence it wouldn't be feasible for Imam Ali to say "the Prophet only left the Quran" for guidance as it transgresses the idea of guidance itself. It requ
  5. I was only doing what you did. The point is, so what? You brought Iran I brought other countries. And I'm not denying that Iran doesn't have these issues. Then you bring numbers. The problem is, you only accept what fits your perspective. Tough luck buttercup, looks like the Umayyad takes the fall again.
  6. Also, wasn't the Umayyad empire a failed empire? Wasn't one of the reasons it fell was due to the lack of inclusion of non arabs in its empire? Racist isn't it? Well, good thing it no longer exists.
  7. Lel, why so salty about Iran? And the generalization speaks plenty of your silly indoctrination. Prostitution is plenty in the Middle East and around the world so are trannies. What's your point? All Iranians who come to Europe become Atheists? What statistics does that come from? Yeah, looks like your petty Ummayad empire nonsense has buried itself in the deep dark corners of your mind. It's no wonder you get the same answers from the people on this forum. If you spew bs, you will get bs in return. That being said, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Saudi_Arabia http://news.
  8. I'm thinking like your average Bakri. You know, posting YouTube videos of personalities that support your narrow viewpoint and then indulge in the whinging of playing the victim card of the so called Iranian agenda spreading in lands of this imaginary thing called " Land of Sunnah". I mean really, how do those video prove anything except what your mental capacity expects it to prove?
  9. What's there to reply to? If you spew jargon, you'll get jargon in return. Your post doesn't have much thought put into it. You haven't done background research of the guys you posted. You'll follow anyone that asserts their view and parallels it with yours. Hence, what happens in this case is sheer blind management. Have you even looked into the biographies of the guys in the videos? I mean, if I posted a Sunni cleric talking against the Sunnis of this day and their agendas, you'll call it hogwash. No cigar, hombre.
  10. What land of the Sunnah? lol there is no land of the Sunnah. You guys want to preach about Sunnism and talk about oppression but remain silent on other oppression issues. Your Sunnah isn't from the prophet, its from the first three caliphs who were mislead with fame, money, fortune and mere adventurism - and of course tribal association. So really, all this talk of Shias trying to oppress the Sunnis as if Shias are the majority in the world, is a mere farce. You can talk all you want, post videos of men in turbans thinking they carry the same thinking as you, it doesn't really matter. I yawn i
  11. As 000 mentioned, turn on bridge mode on the Huawei and have the ethernet cable connect from LAN1 port of the Huawei to the WAN port of the Netgear Router. GG.
  12. Someone linked me this video justifying that Nimr wasn't a full on good guy because he said what he said in this video. I don't know how to back it up. Can someone confirm?
  13. Kuwait just recalled its ambassador from Iran. These minions are following their leader to hell.
  14. Salaams all. A little bit of a quagmire here. I just learned from some research that Ayatollah Nimr was a follower of Shirazi and has tugged on Sunni sensitivities of their revered ones by cursing and what not. I'm just wondering now, though, was he a unifying factor for both Shias and Sunnis? Was he a changed person?
  15. Wait what? Are you serious? Have you even read about the evolution of Islamic terrorism? The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) was responsible for a number of attacks in 1968. It didn't all start after 1979.
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