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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Am not able am using phone Bibi Sarah was not a jealous kafir no the accusation against her that she hated Hajar just because she envied her fertility and was jealous of her to a level that she insulted her and made her and prophet ismail cry and abrahim to complain to god and god to reply that the women are inherently evil like a crooked rib that if you try to straighten you will break, then to kick Hajar and her baby to die in the desert is a false accusation
  2. Lol am not even talking about this verse. This verse is talking about the materialistic equality Which is required. am talking about the other verse relating to the equality in love which is not required and is impossible to achieve. Am talking about 4:129. Not 4:3 Please bring 4:129 and explain it to us and reconcile it with 4:3
  3. Salaam Regarding Khadijah and Fatima the prophets marry out of responsibility so even if he prefers to spend more of his 4 nights with khadeeja considering the amount of benefit he would not ignore the responsibility had there been a woman that needed him. Also the prophets work to promote certain lifestyle because then it becomes example. If this theory about the idea that you can not and should not combine between a wife that has a very high level of faith and an ordinary woman was true then imam ali wouldn't marry other wives along with ummulbaneen would he? Yacoob also wouldn't marry f
  4. Salaam Not just Sunni girls . So called Shia girls who even wore hijab had boyfriends but she wanted me as a boyfriend too because she wasn't happy with superficial relation but wanted to take it further accusing me of being shy and unexpressive. And used to say there is nothing wrong with holding hand or maybe kissing. I was not up for haraam so I proposed muta dnd the moment I did that he'll broke loose by her and her mother. The mother was telling me we do honor killing so how dare you propose muta lol Honour my feet I don't know too many "Shia " girls who didn't have boyfriends eventh
  5. salaam ali asghar: Usually its the femenists who make personal attacks not me,,, I attack thier anti islamic statements and actions but they start assuuming things and making judegements based on those assumptions. for example lets say I promoted early marriage straight away I get a million accusation all ready based on suspecions and most of them personal and nothing to do with the technicality of the topic!!!!.... so how is this an islamic site when islam can not be promoted as a solution for life??? we have so many people sitting on the fence because everybody is concerend with thier own
  6. Salaam Yakputa what do you means the rules of Islam turned the people into robts which religion do you follow? And how does the infinitely accurate and elaborate and just law of the judge of the judges and the cause of the causes the lord of the lords be faulty or vague and turn people into robots? Is that your understanding of gods justice which is the second base of islam? And it's not a surprise who would support your comment , shahbano who herself has serious problems with accepting gods justice and is always bitter about his laws.
  7. This is a funy trend but many other avatars are actually very funny ,,,, lets say if we superImpose ImAli's one on Zareen's one...
  8. kaniz give us your openion about these hadeeths , they contradict your claims 180 degrees ,,, are they fabricated or your claims are false ? Having multiple wives is an attribute of the Prophets because it is a sign of successful leadership. One haddith of imam redha says: in the white rooster there are five traits from the traits of the prophets: knowledge of the prayer times, jelaousy, generousity, bravery and many wives reference wasael alshia volume 20 page 152-157 another hadeeth by imam redha three things are from the sunnah of the prophets, perfume , trimming the hair and many wive
  9. Salaam, Yes, I think she has to accept it, it is not her business to reject things that God accepts, and it is between two other people, so why would she stick her nose in and dictate what other people should or should not do? Do you put your nose in other people's relationships and tell them they are not allowed to get married? Likewise, the first wife is a third party to the second marriage and has no say in it. It is the need and the want and the God given right of the husband and the second wife, therefore no other creature has the right to interfere and prohibit the lawful, that is why I
  10. Salaam As far as I remember what is makrooh is not muta with virgin but it's the consummating of the muta with virgin Regarding precaution fatwas, you have two options: - Preferably, to consult a scholar who has a definite fatwa (regardless allowing or prohibiting) - Otherwise, to just take the precaution, but sometimes if the scholar has many precaution fatwas (due to his uncertainty) this will disable your life by prohibitng the lawful, and hence opening haraam doors due to the unneccesary closure of halaal doors. This is because, not all precautionary fatwas are based on evidence of 'kara
  11. Salaam I dont know much but wanted to add something . Some of these problems like bipolar the western medicine doesn't explain properly. From what I noticed it's a possibility of jins and things like that as well. I witnessed a link that always in the " crazy hospitals" people talk about the heavy presence of jins. Why? What's so special about the crazy people's hospital? It's the craziness which they couldn't diagnose They do excorsiem ithink to rid the body of it but my knowledge of this is very limited
  12. Do you need your wife's permission to go to the bathroom and what if she didn't grant you? Is it your wife or your lord ? And why would she stick her nose in a relationship between you and another female where she is nOt a party to it? And instead of helping you And facilitating for you to marry and get closer to god and follow the sunnah of the masoomeen she actually rejects it? Why would that be the case unless she had serious problems? Why should a third party dictate over Others and prohibit the lawful? Prohibiting the lawful is regarded kufr according to imam ali in nahjulbalagha . I
  13. its not double standards when we promote for men to marry in muta there are two scenarios 1) marry a good girl and use that muta as an engagement or an initial marriage to turn it into permenant. we should never tell men to go and use the good girl then dump her,,, I myself have been in situations where I was married to girls and have the opportunity to take things further but I pull back because I know the girl is not suitable for me so I hold myself from sleeping with her eventhough she is willing and in some cases she is the one wanting it,, I dont deny that I also want and am in a poverty
  14. Salaam Allah sanctioned khul3 for such situations If the reasons for not wanting the husband are not related to transgression and noshooz then she can use khul3 But she has to give up her dowry or some thing, If the reason for divorce is transgression then the hakim can impose an iirevocable divorce if there is noshooz on behalf of the man. If you don't like some one you can not pretend but you are not allowed to deny him intimacy under any circumstance If the situation is bad and can't fix then such people shouldn't be together because they need to love each other for it to be a marriage.
  15. if the typical men were attracted to intelligance would this girl become miss universe or mis california or whatever and if women were attracted to good men would my university companion who was a forincator and a jerk , would he have been able to get a new girlfriend every week ?
  16. sorry this might be irrelavant to whats being said right now but to answer the origional question: To improve shiachat i would : add a dislike button and dont limit the number of dislikes so I wouldnt end up like Goku begging for more "likes" because he ran out of his quota at the first day of the month ..... I would clock my dislike quota in the first hour of the month salaam
  17. Kaniz Yes the inequality in love is not required that's what the verse says and that's what the hadeeth says and that's what Tafseer almizan says and that's what the logic says because love is not a material thing that you can quantify and the wives could be good or bad and you have to love accordingly That's why yacoob loved rachael more than the other and that's why prophet Mohamad loved um salama more than Aisha and Hafsa and imam Hasan loved um farwa more than Juda and imam ali loved ummulbaneen more than some others . It's in accordance to Thier actions . Why di u think yacoob loved Youso
  18. In reality the truth is far from what you say. Most women love empty and arrogant jerks and this proven you can ask relationship experts In my experience the most arrogant and abusive men got the most women. In my uni there were examples like that. I think when the men is arrogant and shows that he is not desperate and doesn't value her much then she starts chasing him and sticking Men also seem to prefer bimbos because they are also empty. Good people however are very different to this.
  19. Salaam See the problem is the misunderstanding . When I said it's a sin am talking about her statement and falsehood in the selection criteria. Making such statement is surely haraam because that statement is enforcing falsehood and anti Islamic spouse selection criteria. The falsehood is to say that if a man proposed directly that's a sign that he is disrespecting the Muslim woman!!! You are asking me for proof? why should I bring proof ? Was it me who made this statement or the otherside? The prophet said The burden of proof is upon the claimant and the yameen is upon the one who denies
  20. You are unbelievable just read what your saying Your theory of the prohibition of combining two wives of different faith levels and hence different level of love is a false theory Equality in love is not required as the imam said only the material equality is compulsory . If equality of love was required then it would be impossible for any man to combine between two women of different levels of faith as Allah says in the quraan Youll never be equal (in love) between multiple women even if you tried ur best so (do take multiple wives) but do not divert fully to a level where you would leave
  21. Salaam Kaniz Your theory is wrong justice of love is not needed . Imam ali married other women with lower faith levels that ummulbaneen with her so why wasn't he worried about his deeper love for her and hence the inequality in love? Why wasn't yacoob worried about his deeper love for rachael and he still married four? Why wasn't imam Hassan worried about living his favorite wife more than the one that killed him? Zainab Alhawra the sister of alhussain Alshaheed aba Aba abdillah her husbands name was alfadhl. Her condition in her marriage was to allow her to follow the Hussain it wasn't t
  22. i dont know but am not discussing the how ,,, thank god i was never tested with it so i didnt need to find out yet but am no talking about the how... but am sure tehre are certain circusmtances whch might warrant hitting even a slap on the face let me give you an example: if they show in the movie a woman killed the chidlren then the husband slapped her would anyone feel sorry for the woman? so to say nothing woudl warrant hitting the wife is false i heard sunnie hadeeths that say: "do not hit the face becasue god created adam in his image" but this hadeeth is shirk and tajseem and was
  23. salaam you have not made your mind yet i asked you a simple question was her statement wrong and you admitted that yes it was wrong but then you turned around and said " its an acceptable choice and it doesnt go against islam" how could some thing be wrong yet acceptable and not against islam ??? anythign that is wrong is against islam as Allah said " to make lawful the good things and prohibit the harmful" when you say its a choice am not disputing that ... ofcourse its a choice I have no authority over people and am not holding a gun on thier heads but I have to tell them whats right and
  24. some hadeeths are fabricated due to clear contradiction with usool aldeen and gods justice and quraan for example ones that say women are inherently bad contradict gods justice and contradicts the quraan so its rejected , but the concept of hitting as a punishment is a fiqh issue that does not contradict anything can i ask a question: does death sentence apply to females or no ??? if yes which one is more severe death sentence or a slap on the face or a smack with a miswak (toothbrush) ? so if you are going to say hitting is allways bad then you are implying that females can be criminals and
  25. Your selection criteria is anti islamic and sinful the way you presented it and hence it needs to be challenged you are judging people and casting them out simply because they proposed directly it means you are casting many good people out due to the lack of thier ability to have intermediates which makes you falsely assume that they are disrespecting you??? you are calling a mustahab action i.e. proposal and intention to marry as " disrespecful" and these peopel are turning a blind eye to it!!!! who is your scholar of imitation??? i challenge you to send him 2 questions like this... 1) if i
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