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  1. Im gonna start tomorrow. Finished with the treatment today alhamdulillah.
  2. If you take al-Majlisi is a Hujjah then we have nothing to discuss. He did a great job with compiling Bihar al-Anwar but scholars like Allamah Tabatabai and Sayed Kamal al-Haydari pointed out, to the extent that Allamah Tabatabai complied a commentary of 6 Volumes about Bihar al-Anwar. First hadith: It is narrated from Muhammad b. Ya'qub, from 'Ali b. Ibrahim, from his father, from Safwan b. Yahya, from 'Isa b. al-Qasim, who said: I heard Imam Sadiq say: Do not leave taqwa (fear of) God, the One and without any partners, and watch over yourselves constantly. I solemnly declare that if someone has chosen a shepherd to care for his sheep, but afterward finds someone else who is more wise than the first one for the task, he will leave the first one and employ the services of the wiser one. By God, if you had two life-times, and you experimented with the first one, and were left with the second lifetime, then there would be no difficulty in utilizing the experience of the first lifetime. But the reality is other than this. Every person has no more than one self, for which, if it falls into peril, there is no possibility for repentance or return. Therefore, it is necessary for you to carefully evaluate and select the best way for your selves. Hence, if one among us came to you and called upon you to revolt, think carefully and find out for what purpose he has revolted. Do not simply say [to justify his revolt by saying something like:] "Well, Zayd b. 'Ali also had arisen before!" The reason is that Zayd was a learned and truthful person and had not called upon you to acknowledge his own leadership; rather, he was calling towards a person who would be acceptable and endorsed by the ahl al-bayt. Had he succeeded, he would have acted upon his promise and would have handed over the power to its owner. Zayd revolted against the government so that he could overthrow it. But what is the one who has emerged today calling you? Is he calling you towards a person who is acceptable and endorsed by the ahl al-bayt? No, absolutely not. I am calling you to bear witness that we are not pleased with this person's revolt. This man has not even reached power and he has already started opposing us. And when he does seize power and raises his flag, he would certainly not submit to us in obedience. Hence, accept the call of the one about whom all the descendants of Fatima are in agreement. That person is your Imam and your leader. When the month of Rajab dawns, come to the help of God. There is no problem if you wish to delay it until the month of Sha'ban. And, it is even better for you, if you wished to keep the fast of Ramadan with your family. If you need any signs, it is sufficient to remind yourselves about the rise of Sufyani.[2] The hadith is regarded as authentic because the entire chain of transmission has been accredited by scholars.
  3. I am sure the office of Ayatullah Makarem went threw Tarajih, Dalalah and Isnad. It's just like when you give a Fatwa, they go threw all the procces. Same with this they looked at everything and compiled an answer. If you except me to start commenting on all od that then, you won't get anything since that's what Scholars do. Same goes with Zayd Ibn Ali. I quoted Shaykh al-Mufid and there is manjor 'Ijma among the scholars about Zayd (Rahimullah) being rightous and a martyr.
  4. It is more complicated than thay when it comes to atheists, since they are so stubborn you have to go throw Scientific and Philosophical aspects in order to convince them. Inshallah I will continue later. I shall begin translating a book called "Logic, Science and God" which is currently only in Spanish so that everyone can benefit from it.
  5. To ahmed. The opinion of our biggest scholars was different. Al-Shaykh Al-Mufid called him a pious god fearing man in al-Irshad page 403. Imam al-Baqir also said that no one resembled Ali Ibn Abi Talib more than he did. (bihar al-anwar) Imam ridha said about him: he (Zayd bin Ali) was one of the scholars from the Household of Muhammad and got angry for the sake of the Honorable the Exalted God. He fought with the enemies of God until he got killed in His path. My father Musa ibn Ja'far narrated that he had heard his father Ja'far ibn Muhammad say, "May God bless my uncle Zayd...He consulted with me about his uprising and I told him, "O my uncle! Do this if you are pleased with being killed and your corpse being hung up from the gallows in the al-Konasa neighborhood." After Zayd left, As-Sadiq said, "Woe be to those who hear his call but do not help him!". (Uyun al-Akhbaar al-Ridha) Imam Al-Sadiq said: From God we are and to Him is our return. I ask God for my reward in this calamity. He was a really good uncle. My uncle was a man for our world and for our Hereafter. I swear by God that my uncle is a martyr just like the martyrs who fought along with God’s Prophet (s) or Ali (s) or Al-Hassan (s) or Al-Hussein(s) (Uyun al-Akhbaar al-Ridha). It is said of his brother Imam Muhammad al-Baqir wanted to test his brother on the Quranic knowledge, asking him various questions for which he received answers beyond his expectation, causing to him to remark, "For our father and mother’s life! You are one of a kind. God grace your mother who gave you birth, she gave birth to a replica of your forefathers!" (Al-Amaali pg.103)
  6. Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah. Recently, a profile which I am sure everyone is aware of, that was defending YH and HA presented me with a set of Hadith against revolution before the Qaim: Al-Kafi vol 8, pg 310, Hadeeth number 483: Omar ibn Handhala says, al-Imam al-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam said, “There are five signs before the rise of the Hujja ‘alaihissalam, the heavenly call, Sufyani, the sinking of the earth, the murder of the pure soul and Yamani. I asked, may I be your ransom, If anyone from your House should make an uprise (khuruj: uprise or revolt to topple the government), should we make an uprise along with him? He said, No. If you are a Shi’a, then remember, it is prohibited until you hear the Saiha and that Yamani has appeared, to make an uprise. That is unless the MI6 and CIA had paid Omar ibn Handhala to narrate this hadeeth. Al-Kafi vol 8, pg 264 Hadeeth number: 382 Our master Syed al-Sajjideen ‘alaihissalam said, “By Allah, no one makes an uprise from us before the Rise of the Awaited One, salamullahi ‘alaih, except that he will be like a nestling (baby bird), who flew off his nest before its wings grew, and kids pick him and play with him. Ibid # 383: Says al-Imam al-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam, “O’ Sadir, stay at your home and be a rug of your house (as motionless and passive as a rug of your house). Don’t move and remain absolutely silent so long the earth and the sky are silent (sinking of the earth has not occurred and the heavenly call/saiha has not been heard). When you hear that Sufyani has risen, come to us, even if you have to walk. Al-Kafi vol 5, pg 22 Hadeeth Number 2: Says the Imam ‘alaihissalam, “Make pilgrimage to this House [the Ka’ba]. Does not each one of you like to be [safe] at his house, have his family prosper through his generosity, and wait for OUR RULE. If he should live to see Our Rule, he will be like the ones who were with the Rasool of Allah salla Allahu ‘alaihi wa Aalihi wassalam at the battle of Badr. If he should die, while waiting for Our Rule, he will be like the close companions of the Awaited One ‘alaihissalam who will be with him at his tent”… Al-ibid pg 23, Hadeeth number 3: Bashir al-Dahhan: I said to al-Imam as-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam, I saw you in my dream and I said to you in my dream, Fighting under the banner of someone other than the Infallible Imam, appointed by Allah, is haram like eating rotten dead animal, drinking blood, and pork. And you said in my dream, “It is indeed so”. Al-Imam al-Sadiq alaihissalam replied [in wakefulness], “It is indeed so, it is indeed so”. I can myself comment that some Hadith before Imam al-Sadiq about the Qaim refer to Imam al-Sadiq themselve as Shaykh Hamza Sodagar pointed out. As for the rest of the Hadith's I contacted the office of Grand Ayatullah Nasr Makarem Shirazi (H) on the issue and received the following answer: Answer: We also believe that any uprising in the name of Imam Mahdi before His reappearance is condemned to failure and belongs to the Tyrant. But if an uprising is for the sake of Allah and in order to pave the ground for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS) and to implement the goals of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS), then it is approved and is consistent with jurisprudential certainties and the rulings of Enjoining good and forbidding wrong. According to the certain documents "Islam without government," is a disfigured Islam which is free of content, and in fact is an Islam without Islam. Again, a group resist opposing the issue of Islamic government. The source of this opposition is, in fact, two things including mental aspect, and the aspect of narrations. The mental aspect is that, they have a bitter memory of the governments and they believe that in the current situation no one is able to form a divine government and implement Islamic justice. But in terms of narrative, they follow some narrations in this field which are not restricted to what you mentioned. The concept of narrations is that "every flag, which is set up as a government before the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS), is either a flag of delusions or condemned to failure." Pay attention to the interpretations of these traditions and they are as follows: 1. It means the uprisings which are carried out without the permission of infallible Imams (AS) or religious authorities or the general deputies of the Imams at the time of occultation. 2. It means the uprisings which are carried out to invite oneself and not to invite to the goals of the infallible Imams (peace be upon them), as mentioned in many narrations. The uprisings meant here is restricted to the ones that there was no preparation for such uprisings. So, the Imams (AS) talked in this way to prevent these premature or immature uprisings. Wishing you all the success Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi’s Office / Istifta’at section Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammad Wa Alee Muhammad.
  7. I'm gonna start once I get in better health inshallah
  8. But for now we refer to Tahrir ul Wasilah right?
  9. This is actually a type of ginger. This is Sunset Yellow FCF is a petroleum-derived orange azo dye. Sistani says halal: https://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2079/ This doubtful. It is a water soluble pigment. This is usually produced from vegetable. I cannot bother to go on but our Marjah say for those living in the west only to check the products we find suspicious not everyday items and we should act like general mass of Muslim and not delve into obsession.
  10. Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah. I have seen many Muqallid's of Ayatullah al-Udhma Khamenei thinking that the only set of laws he has are in Leader.ir. So for those who do not know yet let me clarify this. Ayatullah al-Udhma Khamenei says to refer to Imam Khomeini's Tahrir ul Wasilah and then, on stuff that he disagrees with Imam Khomeini to refer to his Q&A. KhudaHafiz
  11. When Imam Khomeini was asked to narrate the virtues of Ali he refused, because no matter how much you compliment him there is something greater than that compliment about him.
  12. Many Hadith about the Qaim before Imam Sadiq can refer to Imam Sadiq himself as Sheikh Hamza sodagar explained in his Biography of Imam al-Sadiq. I have to check the chain of narrators and the actual arabic for the other ones
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