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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi all, Thank you to those kind people that helped me with my history questions. I would like to ask another, if I may. Can someone please explain, are turbahs exclusively used by the Shia faith and if so why? Thank you for your patience and understanding of what may be a very basic question. ~B
  2. Awesome!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much - more brilliant reading.
  3. Thank you Donald - will definitely have a read of this - this weekend. Thank you so much for replying - very much appreciated.
  4. Thank you Marbles - I have done a truck-load of reading and feel somewhat confident I won't go too far astray from the realities of that period. The more input the better which is why I am reaching out here to get as many varied inputs as possible. With each piece of information gathered it adds another texture to the canvas.
  5. I will be finished in October - still weighing up the pros & cons of the self vs traditional publishing routes. I am a member of various writers' groups which have offered very helpful advice.
  6. :-) So I guess horse and carriage for someone from a noble family would be accurate. I think (thanks to your answers) I am on the right track - no pun intended.
  7. Thank you Hameedeh - you have no idea how much I appreciate your reply - thank you. I had no idea banking began then - I can already see I need to make a plot change because of this - you have helped me avoid possibly a very embarrassing situation. I am making the big assumption that younger clerics of that era would spend some time in a seminary. Would anyone know what training would be required in 1880? Where would they typically go for training? My plot takes the central character from Tehran to Karbala on a pilgrimage. What would the transport of that day in that region be like? Other questions I have are around the terms used to describe the clothing a young cleric would wear. Maybe this has changed over the era - maybe it hasn't. If anyone is interested in becoming a test reader I would love to hear from you. It is a lot of work and I cannot afford to pay, so understand if there are no takers.
  8. Hi - I am new here and hoping to find some help. I am writing a fiction novel that takes place in 1880 in Tehran, the protagonist is a young theology student and I would love to chat with anyone that may have researched that era and what life would have been like for a cleric, students, etc.etc. Trying to make the characters as likeable, believable and identifiable as possible. I am Melbourne based if anyone is keen to chat face to face or happy to do the email thing. Very much appreciated.
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