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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Heartless & Insane i am heartless & not shy can spread love up the sky & love my love till i die to mitigate some of his pain i am insane & don't care without a brain yet fair that my ONE is so rare for him blood; did rain... i visited IMAM HUSSAIN..... my heart didn't sustain stayed there with my brain so i'm heartless & insane #عبد_الاشتر
  2. Love is the strongest knob in a chain Love is the hot tear in every pain Love is for thirsty like rain Love is the flow in vein Love is Hussein Hussein is Love Flows in veins his Love For thirsty rain is his Love Hot tear & every pain is his Love The strongest knob in chain his Love
  3. A Painting of YOU I took once my colors to paint YOU Truly from where to start I have no clue The images i have are really so few What elements I should have in my view? Let my picture have a sky & let it be blue Also a river with the same color too It will include a sun? yellow! I knew Then four roses standing in a queue Blue will be two while red the other two Finally a white horse with a beautiful cue I started with blue and painted the sky Blue is for YOU and thus it is high The river was wide and I can stand by It also was clear crystal like an eye
  4. HE is my Eid’s gift Every one on Eid,,, and this is indeed,,, expects his own gift Some want this fast,,, to end fast,,, and passes so swift Some no,,, don’t like it so,,, and know what sins were lift I am of those,,, that will soon pause,,, fasting and wait too. I will wait though,,, do not know,,, how my Eid shall be It is for some,,, Eid will come,,, while others will not see Some will enjoy,,, other their joy,,, since long time flee I am with those,,, that have a cause,,, is it Eid without YOU? Search in your heart,,, find the chart,,, that leads to Eid Let yo
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