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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Haha how did you get the idea that I was implying that I'm someone to tell imam mahdi (a.s) what to do? We can't even look into his eyes let alone tell him what to do its interesting how people change words just wait and see I've said enough Salaam alaikum
  2. I have a list from my teacher of 7 of the highest ranking masters who train imam mahdi (a.s) he is training non stop till the command comes from Allah almighty to be shown and now were waiting for those huge signs. He has his 313 awliya with him already we know were his occultation is also.
  3. I have to train like were will be apart of that army not cooks! Otherwise our ego is like yeah take it easy if after that we get other roles then its OK but we should aim a lot higher I'm sure we do in our worldly affairs I don't think any of us in our hearts says yeah I'm OK with a desk job no! Secretly we aim higher after that what happens happens this is why the ummah is so less spiritual and more about politics and what our governments are doing if that's OK with you then I don't wish to say anymore.
  4. Its important to know these details that's what drives us in understanding that golden time just like any other detail in our life like using a computer or mobile or anything it has details in what is required even car on how to use it just like that these details teach us about something important and that's how to prepare and what kind of training is needed if you want to be in that camp then tell me what info do you have about his noble camp me and you both probably be thrown at the back peeling potatoes the imam ( a.s) will have super powered beings with him and people aswel think about it in the battle of badr 7,000 angels came to defend the holy army of Rasulallah ( saw) but they didn't get a chance to fight in the time of imam mahdi ( a.s) they will come to help also holy people from heavens will be aloud to come back and help it will be the greatest trial on this planet 1 angel is enough to kick this whole planet out of this galaxy why do we need so much support? 7,000 ANGELS !Think!.. my brother we need to help each other to become stronger and if you don't believe my words they aren't my own they are words of our high level masters.
  5. I don't like the words sacrifice for Islam we've heard that being used to much by extremists we should train physically mentally and spiritually so that we can handle those times and help everyone even if they are non believers! Otherwise their will be no divine help its not about shia or Sunnis or Muslims its about humanity and he the imam will stand so brightly and firmly with Islam but at the same time extend his hand to all those people who are asking for good black white believing or non this isn't a football match us vs them! Its about never letting shaitaan win! Ever!
  6. I agree that imam will have people who are good at many different tasks but tbh we need him he doesn't need us he has divine sustenance he will be true caliph he will distibrute heaps of gold equally to everyone one he will fees people with his own hands he alone is enough for us as a king and majestic leader but in that time it will be a lot about surviving so skills like you said will be handy carpentry building agricultural skills growing your own food finding clean water these are some of the main hunting skills also technology will finish and if you don't believe me and think the imam will use modern weapons or some sort of a fire proof garment then that's a shame if you still don't believe that then wait till he arrives.
  7. then obviously these people are traitors to their faith Allah will judge them accordingly never mind them anyways that's their path we have to keep moving forward I myself live in the countryside on the edge of a mountain my only friends are birds and sheep lol so I don't really care.
  8. Amal just means work so when a person tries their best to work of Allah almighty then watch what happens why does Allah teach us to purify our soul? Why does Allah want us to do dhikr whether standing sitting or laying? Real purification takes us from being attached to this worldly things which are like sand in the hand just a quick excitement a new car a new piece of clothing a new gadget we get bored and start again all like a mirage real happiness and true freedom of the soul belongs with being close to Allah almighty we are aloud to have gadgets and clothes and eat as we like as long as its halal but don't attach it within our heart and also we can't point fingers just because we pray and fast and we think were holy now no! We lose our spirit power it disperses we need to look at ourselves and focus and keep saying I'm the weakest one! Only then slowly slowly things open up like a blocked sink full of dirt and junk when we truly purify our RUH then Allah becomes our guide then we witness.
  9. They friends of Allah almighty are hidden if Allah wishes to show them he may do so if he wishes to guide yo by their hand he will make them do it even if your in far east and they are far west..but before that we have to control ourselves make a routine daytime to work for dunya after work do work for your body like exercises then late night dedicate it to Allah almighty and ignore people who aren't what your looking for you will waste to much time its not in their destiny just yet to understand these things inshallah it opens for everyone.
  10. You have it still my brother within you within your heart my best answer would be do istikhara ask Allah for guidance don't ask anything else go ask him trust him and cry to him real amal is surrendering to him and best way to do that is read his holy most beautiful names connect with them call Allah almighty through those names if Allah says he is AL WALI think what that means he's saying don't worry I'm your friend I'm your guardian I'm your protector if says I'm AL QAWIY he Allah almighty is saying don't worry I'm your strength I'm endless power I'm with you when your with me..the basic thing we must do is control our desires Rasulallah (saw) slept very little eat very little just bowl of milk and dates maybe fasted sometimes then he would think about Allah almighty a lot on his own in mt hira he is teaching us how to meditate he is teaching us if we let go of worldly desires then spirit desires arise within and make our RUH super powerful but at the same time he traded goods and was with friends And family balance it dont show that your five times praying so make your practise secret cry to Allah when everyone is asleep I promise you you'll see light descending and the coolness of it.
  11. Think about what your asking for..shariah law is followed by everything in existence we must follow it only then will Allah almighty make us his representatives on earth otherwise it immposible!
  12. Ahhahaha that's funny I like the recipe for chicken...but on a serious note its hidden because its risky for the individual who hasn't practiced the foundations of Islam following Allah Almighty's law is super important in fact real power lies in that we have to have to have to! Follow shariah! Then we will use tariqah of following shariah meaning method of how to use the law (tariqah/method) on ourselves for e.g. focus in salah focus when doing dhikr focus is really important don't do salah and start pointing fingers at non believers or even believers an say look at them they don't even pray then it doesn't work focus on yourself say you yourself I'm the weakest one the most lowest one become humble do a lot of meditation/dhikr on Allah's holy names understand what those names mean make a connection with you an Allah almighty know that angels surround you this will lead to higher levels..in salah we always commit shirk we focus on shopping on car repairs house problems etc etc only when that focus is like laser on your recitation and your movement it creates energy an that gets stored in the RUH light of Allah almighty is enhanced within the heart.
  13. Sometimes people can't understand higher spiritual gifts or openings all because of our modern world therefore make a separate group with lock and key and keep the knowledge secure otherwise some people make your true potential decrease especially if your surrounded by people who are like what's that weird talk all of a sudden soon as you mention anything super natural believe me when I say in that time of the holy imam everything will be super natural but in that time it will be just natural I've seen the imam I've seen his holy riders!
  14. Sufi meditation is this most best way to become closer to ahlul bayt then to prophet Muhammad (saw) then leading you to Allah almighty things will unlock inshallah..their are two lines of ruhaani power one comes from the devil and one comes from Allah almighty inshallah try to keep a tasbih with you and do as much dhikr as u can train all 3 aspects physically do body weight exercise then also do mental training when in everyday life be in the moment this will bring you amazing focus power then when u do salah or dhikr whenever a thought comes up keep taking it out of your mind and focus on your dhikr its very important also as much as you can stay away from anything that tempts desire this is the biggest part jihad un nafs is a must fighting ourself internally try to keep a group of people around you who will not let you fall to desire we need to focus on spirit power that light from Allah almighty within us gaurd it!
  15. Thats kinda alarming to be honest to be shia a person must learn to defend themselves we must be a lion with imaan against these hyaenas also as shia if we truly are followers of hazrat Ali when you train and exercise always say madad sahib ul maydaan haydari karar because the gaze of the holy house of the beloved of Allah will land on us dont think they are dead spiritual masters never die so we must remind ourselves of the physical mental and spiritual training always and also make intention to become stronger to help non believers and ordinary people aswel not only our own kind if not then there will be no divine support.
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