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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. For my Marja it's 3.5kg I wonder the same thing.
  2. Salamualaykum Does anyone know how centres and organisations distribute Zakat al Fitr? As in, my Marja says that at least 3.5kg worth should be given per poor person. ALL centres that we have here in the UK follow Maraja who state that 3kg is enough. I have messaged the centre asking them to pay 3.5kg worth on our behalf, but I'm not sure if they will do it. My question is: Does the method in which organisations distribute Zakat al Fitr cover my requirements already? How much do they give each poor person? I have a strong feeling that I'm missing something here. Hope I'm making sense Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated. Wassalam
  3. I'm not trying to understand God through this. I'm trying to understand the qualities that the initial being had to have had. 1) eternal 2) able to produce something else using nothing 3) doesn't have a beginning 4) isn't dependent on sustainance What else would you add to the list and why? This isn't beyond our scope. It isn't beyond our imagination that the one who was present before matter doesn't need an environment to survive.
  4. Some actually do say that there was something, whether it is energy or something else. I want to prove that originally there had to have been a being with so and so qualities.
  5. I think you, as well need to take another look at my question. Atheists believe that there was something. I am aware that the original being is self sufficient. I am looking for other qualities that this "someone" or "something" should have.
  6. I think you need to read my question again. I am aware that God created everything from nothing.
  7. Salamualaykum It has come to my attention that neither Atheists nor Theists believe that there was ever "nothing" to begin with, and that there was always "something". A strong argument of mine has always been the absurdity of something coming from nothing. However, Atheists do believe that something had to have existed. My question is, how do we narrow that "something" down to the God of Islam? What qualities must that "something" have and why? Just to give you an example, one quality I am sure of is that this "something" can exist without an environment. Something that doesn't need air, food or water to exist. That disqualifies every current living thing on this earth. Your input will be very much appreciated. By the way, do not forget about the quantum realm. WS
  8. Thank you for your input. So would it be proper to say that God created us and his desire to be worshipped is so that we can derive benefit from it? Would you say that a "need" in this case is different to a "want"?
  9. Hope you are all well. Hopefully someone can shed light on this topic that I have found elsewhere which I myself would like an answer on too, using Hadith or Quranic verses. My questions are: Why create us to worship him if he doesn't need our worship Why create us to worship him if he doesn't want our worship Why create us to give us him mercy, if he doesn't want to give us your mercy Why create us to give us him mercy, if he doesn't need to give us your mercy That looks like 4 questions, doesn't it? But they all boil down to a single question which is this: Why do anything if you have no wants or needs. According to quran.com/35/15, Allah has no wants or needs, so that means that Allah did not want to give us his mercy and Allah did not have the need to give us his mercy, i.e. if you don't want to do something, why do it? Please note that many who have attempted to answer this question have focused on the "need" part but have neglected the issue of "wanting". Any input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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