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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. They have no evidence and rely on the word of a person! But its ok. You can delete my account completly please!
  2. Of course he get but there are no chance of cure...but it will stop it. Only with tawassul it will give a chance ...he need all of your duas! thanks for attention!
  3. Salam aleykum brother/sister, One of my friends suffers from MS and I want to help him find a woman. Its really hard to be alone with this life situation. Perhaps somebody know someone with the same problem and we can bring them together... Thank you for your help! Wasalam
  4. Yes i have written messages! I dont know what happens, than i get a message that you have disable it! Please send me your proofs for this action! Thank you for your attention!
  5. @momo_113 Salam aleykum, why is the function to write messages disabled?! Can one of the guys help me? Wasalam
  6. Have somebody experience with simplyshia.com? Is it free? THXXX
  7. momo_113


    Iam really sorry
  8. i would offer religious topics for kids and beeing a help for my neighbours.
  9. My big problem would be my english skills. But i will ask for a english crash course ....if they dont want its also ok for me because this position was found by an headhunter and i have already a job.
  10. Salam everybody, i am living in Germany and have a interview with an American Company. Who can give me some good tips? Perhaps someone can help me via telephonie, to be sure that i introduce my self on the right way I think everybody can see that my english is not so good Thank you.
  11. What do you mean with Iddah? Time? I know that the time can be 1 hour till how old you are. I would tell her for 1 month or something like that otherwise u can stop it everytime u like.
  12. Exact! They are all paid for killing humans as muslims.
  13. An iran will broke both hands inshallah.... You see Saudi Arabs are getting burning now and Israel will get soon burned by themself..... We all bring at the end of the time our self fire in the hell...
  14. What do you think about these names? Yasna Yusra wasalam
  15. The brother of a friend also becomes athiest....all about a girl... Inshallah may Allah swt protect us.
  16. momo_113

    Thank you

    Salam Brother, welcome to ShiaChat und may Allah swt bless you!
  17. Why should ISIS read Quran? I dont think so that they are 0,1 % Muslim? Or Believe in Allah swt. Brother they have Eyes but they can not see and they have ears but cant hear.
  18. Salam, i will ask for u some friends in Zürich an give you a answer if u somebody can help u. Can u tell me where are the couple from and how old they are? wasalam
  19. salam they have houswifes ? All of them are in my eyes rapists and the woman who live freely with them are dumb. wasalam
  20. Salam if you wanna fokus every year on one imam u will learn in 12 years about Imam Mahdi aj. perhaps it would be better when u learn every month about one imam. But your plan is very good if u do it like what u plan...... wasalam
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