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  1. http://fullmeasure.news/news/cover-story/the-vaccination-debate
  2. @Maryaam You are just reading your biased sources to prove your points. You claim non vaxxers use emotion rather than logic. The first post of this thread is full of logical and scientific studies, and you just throw them in the garbage. Who's emotional? Those who seek for truth are the succesful ones no matter how harsh the reality is. Even if it costs your family, license, money or whatever. You have no critical thinking.
  3. really disgusting to be honest. soceity wants to make us all sick in the head otherwise they would have made that stuff illegal long time ago.
  4. ^ this is why we can't barely trust anyone when it comes to gatherings with non mahrams, when we are with our vulnerables, kids, females etc
  5. There are very few situations were prescription drugs would really be necessary. In todays world if you get a small headache they give you strong painkillers full of amphetamines. They are all harmful. It's just ignorance.
  6. It's funny how people condemn marijuana, yet the very same people have no issues with prescription drugs full of stimulants that affect certain parts of the brain, and all other types of drugs. As long as you have the prescription for it......... Side note: I am not saying marijuana is halal.
  7. George soros son^ Her husband doug emhoff is a jewish attorney and zionist comparable to joe biden. https://www.jta.org/2020/08/11/politics/kamala-harris-is-joe-bidens-vp-pick-heres-what-jewish-voters-should-know
  8. someone getting their medical license suspended doesn't necessary mean they were wrong. There could be many reasons for it. Are you implying that all my sources above are fraudulent?
  9. The same thing could be said about those research that says vaccine don't cause autism. The key point is that there are research that shows connection between brain changes/ autism and vaccines. There are also research that shows no connection between the two. Which one do we believe? Are you willing to use your kids/family members as guinea pig despite the dubious position of vaccines? I would say the one with billions of dollars on stake has more incentive to be fraudulent.
  10. There's a difference between "forcing" your wife to sex and her giving you sex whether she likes it or not.
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