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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother my point is that the cut off point for the message was after Muhammad (PBUH). The infallibility principle no longer exists after the final prophet (PBUH). I respect both the companions and the family of Muhammad (PBUH). The message was compiled and it has been delivered to us all. The Qur'an is unchanged and error free as it is under Allah swt protection. The problem I have is that many Sunni muslims who argue against you would allude to the fact that other prophets (PBU them) such as Musa (PBUH) and Isa (PBUH) had companions/disciples that compiled the message. It's not very healthy to start calling a group dirty as you won't convince them to the right path in which you believe brother. A calmer and healthy discussion is always best when speaking with others who believe different to you. As always the hadiths are negated if the Qur'an overrides that which man has reported. Quran Surah 6 verse 159 - "Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, O Muhammad are not associated with them in anything. Their affair is only left to Allah; then he will inform them about they used to do."
  2. Brother this is a portion of a quote. Also, I comprehend the lineage you are referring to aforementioned where Imran pbuh had maryam pbuh and then Isa pbuh miraculous birth. However Brother the Quran makes mention of prophets pbuh who had a shameful family. Astagfirullah I'm not insinuating this in prophet Muhammad pbuh but in the case of prophet Lut pbuh who had to leave his wife and children as they disbelieved. I'm advising that the family of Muhammad pbuh could no longer be infallible (if you believe in the infallible prophetichood of Islamic tradition) as he was the final messenger. After Muhammad pbuh, there is never another infallible human regardless of family or sahabba or khawarjites etc... In the above example of the family of Imran this was specifically references as the message was not complete as Allah swt was not satisfied. One would argue the direct lineage cuts off from Adam pbuh to Muhammad pbuh as the message has finished. There is nothing after the Quran. The politics that ensued were man made that created divisions. Moreover, one could pose the question that if the direct lineage is in Saudi Arabia right now there are too many hypocrisies and contradictions within that family. One for example is to not take the disbelievers as friends as noted in the Quran. Saudi have taken western allies aiding others to kill other Muslims (Yemen for eg). This is my opinion as to why I don't follow Shias or sunnis and don't label myself as anything other Muslim. Alhamdullillah thank you for giving me a greater insight into your opinions which I really appreciate. Please forgive me if I have offended anyone as that's not my aim. Next time I see a Sunni and Shia fight so passionately, I'll keep breaking it up and remind them they could exert that passion by praying
  3. Jazakallah khair for your response. Yes, in my aforementioned I noted the correlation to interpretation of the scholars. The problem is brother I can go to a Sunni where they'll provide me with Hadith bukhari and Muslim quotes referencing these are authentic while the ghadeer and thaqaleen will not be (according to them). If we accept that our Qur'an is the infallible word of god with no amendments and erraneous free, should we certainly not adopt the actions of that is the Hadith. My question here I pose is: those hadiths that Sunni claim are authentic that contradict the Shia beliefs, how do you act and respond to this? For example, I saw a brother on a previous post who rejected that Muhammad pbuh consummated that marriage with Aisha at 9 years old as this brother believed it was a Sunni fabrication. Do you also agree the fact that the hadiths is not infallible as it is compiled in a similar way by our previous Abrahamic brothers with the companions of Christianity and Judaism compiling their books? If so, this narrows us back down to my original point that we are just Muslim that follow the Quran as a primary guidance. The disagreement after the revelations is to do with political views with the successor and rule of the Muslim world. I hope you all appreciate my generosity in extending arms to all Muslims as I hate seeing Muslims kill Muslims (well innocent lives even if non Muslims to be honest) hence my posts and questioning.
  4. No brother not weird. Appreciate your input. I see all sides of the sphere with regards to the succession of Nabi Muhammad pbuh. Jazakallah khair
  5. Thank you for kindly all getting back to me. Jazakallah khair for allowing me to have insight to your beliefs. I have an in depth legal background so like to quote references when showing others. Could someone paste me the above references for this please? My aim here isn't to cause division or to be devil's advocate but there are recorded deaths from both Sunni and Shia against each other. It's not nice to label each other as this as we don't know what's in another brothers or sisters heart or mind. I pray 5 times a day and follow the exact actions that are quoted on how the prophet pbuh prayed. I still don't bracket myself under Sunni or Shia. There was no Sunni or Shia back then so as per the brother above we must accept this as an innovation (in my opinion). This is why I don't say I'm this or that just Muslim. For example, my family get in arguments with Shias but I'll stick up for Shias. I always get told by the Shia Muslim why I stuck up for them when I'm a Sunni. My reply is the same, I'm not Sunni, I'm MUSLIM! My follow up question is, if Ali was alive today, would he really want us to cause so much upset amongst the ummah in him not being appointed? Moreover, the message was delivered from Muhammad pbuh who was the actual messenger, regardless of the political aftermath of Muhammad pbuh death, don't you find it distasteful Muslims go to war? Personally, I find the divide amongst Muslims very petty and childish. Astagfirullah if I have offended anyone in this forum. I have no evil intent and Allah swt knows best. I'm just voicing my concerns about the ummah. Jazakallah khair for your positive replies.
  6. Salaam all Hope you're all well inshallah. I've come onto this forum to comprehend Shia Islam and also to do understand the split with Sunni, sufis and others. I myself don't bracket vocally as a Sunni Shia Sufi wahabbi or any other type. I advise anyone that asks me that I am Muslim. The next logical question I get is - so what does it mean to be Muslim? My reply is one who submits to the Allah swt by reciting the Quran and following the teachings of the prophet pbuh that are compiled under the Hadith. This is where I get confused as I'm aware all Muslims follow this but we all have our different "interpretations" on each writing? Correct me if I'm wrong brothers or sisters? Growing up in a Pakistani hanafi Sunni family environment there were things I didn't agree with but I wouldn't be verbally or physically abusive about it in how modern day Muslims act when we go to war. Please can someone kindly elaborate on the split/divide and why you brothers/sisters would say you're Shia? Please don't do a cut and paste job from wiki or from google as I would like to hear from you. Jazakallah khair May Allah swt guide us all.
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