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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hassan Shemrani -_- Aka Donkey that tries to be a lion at hyde park's speakers' corner and tries asserting dominance by shouting like an ogre, but never actually has any valid arguments.
  2. In terms of illnesses like arthiritis diabetes, cholesterol problems etc i do believe that people take advantage of drugs in a bad way, so as to simply not change their lifestyle. But imagine trying to change your lifestyle, while you are living with a mind that is trying to die. That's what living with a mental illness is like. What your cousin is doind IS called "numbing problems" that people with mental illness are constantly accused of. However, we also need to put ourselves in your cousin's shoes. Saying something is one thing, doing it is another Of course, referring back to @monad's post, what works for one person won't work for the other. Not every patient will require medication. But some of our brains are just simply unable to produce a healthy amount if hormones.
  3. That is exactly why it is so stigmatized. Everyone thinks they know what's best for a mentally ill patient, when in reality, it is VERY difficult to determine. Drugs work for some people, and for others it doesn't.
  4. 8th out of 11 siblings i aim not sure what classification i come under
  5. Exactly. And to begin with, no one even said that meds "cure" mental illness in the first place. And just like sister @Islandsandmirrors i too have been hospitalized as a result of mental illness, yet faced this stigma and constant guilt from other muslims. Honestly, i believe my mental health would not have been as bad if it wasnt for fellow muslims basically suggesting I was the problem. I was ungrateful. I didn't have enough faith in God. I needed to pray more I was sinning etc... These things from self acclaimed sheikhs turned what was already a dark tunnel into a living hell. I remember for a while it turned me away from religion, because it's people seemed so arrogant, insensitive and most of all BACKWARDS. But alhamdilillah, i found my religion's true colours in its all-loving and all merciful creator.
  6. Unless anyone here is a sheikh and can refute this, which i highly doubt anyone who has been vocal about their ignorant opinions on this topic....
  7. Some of the healthiest people in the world, like athletes for example, can get heart failure. Obviously, by being healthy, the risk is reduced immensely, but it can still affect anyone. Just like mental illness.
  8. I know i keep using this example, and it's tedious and annoying. But next time you get a flu (God forbid) dont go to the doctor. Just pray it away. Baring in mind Allah only helps those who help themselves. As a psychiatric patient just like @Islandsandmirrors the only way i could help myself is by medication. It's so sad that our religion teaches so much compassion and acceptance, but our Ummah seem to be struggling to accept severe, life-threatening illnesses. I don't think you will ever understand, unless you yourself suffer from a mental illness. However, i hope you never do, even though it is probably the only way you could stop being so stubborn. It is an illness that i wouldn't even wish upon an enemy.
  9. I agree with what everyone else is saying. The video is completely injust looking from the viewpoint of a person with mental illness. And it is sad, because people just don't seen to realize the gravity of illnesses like depression
  10. Medications do NOT numb problems. The thing is, when it gets to the point of having to take medication, it means it runs alot deeper than just feelings and speaking about them. This is when it is a genuine medical problem. Your brain is not producing the right amount of hormones. Take a flu for an example. It may last a week, and you hope it gets better. But sometimes, you get those really nasty flus that just won't go away, even after a few weeks. Do you just decide to leave it, or talk about how the flu is making you feel? No. You go to the doctor and maybe get some anti-biotics
  11. Lol this is basically how i was raised constant taunting, aka "character building".
  12. The two go hand in hand. What you call "whiney" conversations may be the solution for severe psychological damage, which in turn is a solution for everything else. It's like a knock on affect
  13. It's important to remember that sadness and depression are two VERY different things. Sadness is a general feeling that everyone feels. It is part of human psychology. Depression is an ILLNESS. not a feeling. Just like any other illness like cancer, diabetes or a flu. Depression is when your body isn't producing/releasing the "happy" hormones. Of course, there are a number of causes and cures for depression. Like nearly every illness, it is a mix of genetic and environmental factors alike. So we can never say to someone "why" or "when". You wouldn't ask a person with cancer why they have cancer, right? The brain is the most complex and arguably vital part of our body. So why is it illnesses involving it are always stigmatized in such away. Stay strong brother. It is nothing to be afraid of, nor ashamed of. Allah is the remover of all burdens. Our thoughts and prayers are with you
  14. Neither. but you are close. It is the north-west frontier of Pakistan, bordering afghanistan
  15. you have to deal with men in any job- including being a doctor. If you can't deal with men you probably shouldn't have job. but it is true. it is quite difficult in terms of long hours (i have a 12 hour night shift) and having to do a lot of running here and there an dealing with people. However, if you prefer to be more practical and have more interaction with patients, nursing is much better
  16. is peshori and hindko not the same thing? i have no clue they all sound the same to me i don't get a word it sounds like such a cool language though. i love it when native Hindko speakers speak farsi or Pashto. it sounds so funny
  17. i understand this. but what about the muslims oppressed in places in Afghanistan, Pakistan?
  18. Jahangirpuray has Pashtuns and Afghans as well but i think they are mainly sunni, I think the Shia community there mainly speak Hindko and punjab, so should work for you inshaallah:)
  19. i think Agha Haider Shah is in Hayatabad. I remember going their as a child and falling asleep because the majlis was held in Urdu and i had no clue what was being said lol. Also Hussaynia Hall (I think it's in Saddar) has a mix of all languages- Farsi, Pashto and Urdu being the dominant
  20. I come from a Pashto/Farsi speaking background so I am not completely sure, but if i remember correctly Yakatoot and Jahaangirpuray has a big Hindko speaking population. It depends which part of Pekhawar you live in. It's usually the more ancient mosques that recite in Farsi, but i'm sure Peshawar has some more recent Husaynia's made for the youth that hold majalis in Urdu.
  21. For me i just don't get it. Yes, we have an obligation to support the oppressed. But by supporting the oppressed, we are bringing harm upon ourselves- the army of God. I am not an expert, but i am quite sure caliph number 3 was killed in a brutal , unfair way. But i don't think hz. Ali (as) protected him. Again, i am not an expert on this, don't quote me lol.
  22. From a moral perspective i can understand this. However, i know hardly anything about politics and millitary strategies. I am sure sayyid Nasrallah (may Allah bless him) knows what he is doing. But surely, by empowering and protecting palestinians, who in turn decide to join ISIS and our enemies, we are kind of damaging ourselves? A bit like an own-goal.
  23. This image of palestinians unveiling a memorial of Saddam the dog is going around. It made me think, we as shias have shown the most support out of any other nation. Hezbollah has sacrificed thousands of men for their freedom. Yet they backstab us by supporting our killers and joining ISIS
  24. CV is a necessity for any job you apply for. As for languages, it isn't essential but it does help when you have foreign patients or for volunteer work abroad.
  25. As for A-levels i did psychology, physics and Maths. However, it is ok as long as you do at least 1 or 2 sciences and maybe a social science. Universities also really like maths a-levels. Before being accepted into nursing courses, you usually have to take a test for vasic numeracy and literacy skills, but it is quite easy. a nursing degree (BSc) is two years plus training. You need to choose one (some unis allow two) of these routes: -Adult nursing -mental health nursing -special needs/ learning disability nursing -child/adolesence nursing it doesn't matter what you do. Nursing, in my opinion, despite its low pay and sterotypes, is so satisfying, fun and you learn so much about yourself. It is beautiful touching patients' lives, while they touch yours as well.
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