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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It is still yuck why does all the healthy stuff have to be nasty man. Why can't chocolate be healthy :((((
  2. But how do you even eat it yuck. Most kids i know HATE brocolli. Like the hospital i work in we threw away like a bijillion kgs of brocolli because none of the kids ate it. But maybe i am just a stubborn Kid too XD
  3. What the hell kinda kid likes broccolli????????????????
  4. Yeah and if all else fails shove it down the kid's throat :") my childhood
  5. I'm actually originally Afghan, but i guess western culture might have had some sort of influence. But you get gay people everywhere, Afghanistan is sadly known for same-sex relation, as well as bacha baazi.
  6. Wasalam brother thank you for your kind words, it really means alot I'm lucky I live in London, there is so much support for both of us here. However, I don't think Anti- psychotics are necessarily the problem. I have taken anti-psychotics most my life, i am 100% not gay lol
  7. Those kids in school that used to get 90+% in an exam but still complained.
  8. In terms of Anti depressants, i can understand why people would say this. But you could say that about nearly ANY sector of the medicine sector. Medicine has, unfortunately but inevitably, become a business.
  9. EXACTLY. And @Laayla you still never actually said anything about my personal story of Imam Reza, and how it was he who saved me indirectly with a miracle. Unless you are suggesting you know what's better for me than the infallible imam. You keep using contextless youtube videos, quotes and misinterpreting dr @starlight's posts, trying to get them to defend you
  10. Arbaab man az-zikre to majnoonam sar shikastan ast ishq e to kanoonam dewanetar az hameysha mikhoonam, Ana zawar e Hussain ibn e Ali (a.s)

  11. @Ron_Burgundy @Islandsandmirrors @Sindbad05 @Gaius I. Caesar You know, i think from our last experience, trying to come up with a conclusion on this topic is like a dog chasing its tail. There are just so many elements from nature vs nurture,modernity, feelings vs actions, mental health, culture, It will never end. As humans, the best thing we should do is love one another, just as Amir ul mumineen taught us too. A master loves his servants. The creator loves all his creations, but hates its sins. And the best way to reverse sins is through love
  12. Our imam's are infallible and hence just. I couldn't imagine our holy Imam, the man who nurtured the orphans would do such a thing, unless there was a much bigger motive
  13. One of my favourites by Agha Panahian, May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى give him a long life. This touches the heart so deep.
  14. Exactly. It is an illness. Allah is helping us, because we are helping ourselves. By not being ignorant and accepting the illness
  15. When I was younger i had episodes of mania. No one knew what was wrong. My parents would frequently take me to the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) praying for a cure. Then one day while we were at the shrine i had a breakdown. My mother started crying and crying. Then a lady hugged her and took us to where she lived. She and her Husband were Doctors working at the Hawza. They checked me and even kept me in their house. It was them who had diagnosed me, and suggested medication. If medication for psychiatric illnesses aren't good, why would educated learned doctors, FROM THE HAWZA suggest it. I believe these beautiful people were the miracle of Imam reza. If it wasn't for them, i probably would have been claimed to be inauspicious and chucked on the street to live like a rat. You probably won't read any of this. Of course, i am using the power of vulnerability, and not having enough iman.
  16. No i've never heard of it before actually lol. I'm not much of a theater lover to be honest. Literally, no one likes to watch movies with me because im too impatient and forward half the movie XD
  17. Funny you mentioned it! Me and my sister were watching it just the other day. Personally, for me it was kinda boring but my sister LOVED it. She was struggling a bit but i think denzel washington's acting and the storyline gave her a real mood boost
  18. I would ask why. But i don't want my face to break from face palming too hard
  19. Haha yeah same. And movies like the Green Mile. I have always been a bit of an overly passionate and emotional person. It might just be my Afghan blood lol. As for mood, at the end of the day bipolar is bipolar. I also have BPD, so i do have the odd episode from time to time. But alhamdililah, nothing serious Also, my mood seems to get drastically worse when the season changes, like in october when autumn starts, or May when spring starts
  20. This is true. But that doesn't make them any less important. For example, anti-biotics. Here in the UK there has been a major crackdown on handing them out. They, too were being handed out like sweets, causing bacterial strains to become resitant, like MRSA. However, despite all this, people still need anti-biotics. They are still just as important
  21. And God forbid we are ever left at the mercy of our Brain chemistry. It's mercy has landed me in the psychiatric ward 3 times.
  22. I have never read something so relatable in my life. My manic episodes also began really young, around 6 or 7. @Laayla is this because 7 yr old me did not have enough imaan, or because she was using "the power of vulnerability"?
  23. Honestly, i've been on anti-depressants for a very long time. I can be the most emotional person in the world. I still cry when i watch Shawshank redemption
  24. Ok. What about schizophrenic or bipolar patients? How do you suppose extreme manic episodes can be controlled. Say for example, you have tried EVERYTHING. Psychiatry, counselling, therapy. Everything. But you still are having manic episodes. Now, you are a doctor. You should have some sort of idea what mania is, and that there is very little that can control it in some cases
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